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Why is the army of thieves different from the army of the dead?

BingMag.com Why is the army of thieves different from the army of the dead?

The first preview of the Netflix Thieves Army movie has been released, which is different from the Dead Army movie. There seems to be a good reason for this distinction.

The army of thieves has a very different savage temperament than the army of the dead, and here the question arises why? The Army of the Dead was released in May 2021, and Zack Snyder seemed to be taking his avid fans to Netflix to watch a zombie robbery in Las Vegas. Since then, The Army of the Dead has become one of the greatest films in the field, and it was fortunate that a number of films and sequels were being prepared. Published

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  • First of all, The Thieves Army is a production centered on Ludwig Dieter's first film (More or less in the opening sequence of Army of the Dead) which was shown six years before the main story. The next episode is currently being filmed and will air on Netflix on October 29, 2021 (November 7, 1400). The existence of this film will be denied. Aside from Ludwig himself, the actors in this film are completely new, which is a passing reference to the zombie uprising in the United States (which could be due to the elimination of people). The tone is softer, there is a European frost in the visual effects, and romantic elements flutter throughout. There may be no connection between the army of pirates and the army of the dead, but there is good reason that the production is very different from its predecessor.

    BingMag.com Why is the army of thieves different from the army of the dead?

    First, there is a different director in the group. Like it or not, Zack Snyder uses a very different style of filming, and this was made more prominent by his dual presence as a cameraman in The Army of the Dead. Matthias Schweighoffer (who plays Ludwig Dieter in both films) sits behind the camera of the Thieves Army film, which naturally brings a different visual approach to the process. Obviously, Zack Snyder's influence is still strong (he's still present as a producer), but there's a metallic, silent palette in the Pirates that you can hardly find in Snyder's work.

    In terms of change Style, it is important to know that the army of pirates tells a completely different story, in which zombies are just an environmental element. The Army of the Dead combines the fear of zombies with old robbery quests. The army of thieves maintains the focus of the robbery but completely distracts the zombies. In the absence of the horror element, it summons a comedic prelude (as you uniquely expected from Dieter) and introduces a romantic relationship.

    This is an inevitable consequence of the zombie uprising in Las Vegas and It stays there. If it had spread around the world (like the animated series The Walking Dead, for example), the army of pirates would have been much more in tune with the army of the dead, but since the incident is different from a specific place and time, stories that took place elsewhere , Should be compensated by entering other genres.

    BingMag.com Why is the army of thieves different from the army of the dead?

    According to the latest movie preview, Army of Thieves It's just a robbery movie. The characters at the heart of it want to become myths by stealing from big banks, and since the story of the film is set before the events of Army of the Dead, it will most likely be used as Ludwig's main story in the world of robbery. As shown in the preview, Gwendolyn (Natalie Emmanuel, Game of Thrones) recruits Ludwig in a competition (theft of a safe).

    His first attempt is to steal money using his skills. What is clear is that Ludwig's character is a comedic role in the film, which is more akin to the style of Ocean Eleven than the Army of the Dead, which makes sense given the latter's focus on zombies and the characters' state of death or life during the time of their robbery. The Army of the Dead was successfully built in Las Vegas with most of its limitations, but the Army of Thieves, based on its German box-opening team, has a natural desire for global movement in films. This is something that Matthias Schweighofer has taken full advantage of, as this preview has been remarkable compared to James Bond in using several regions of the world, including Paris and Poland. There is no denying that the Army of the Dead and the Army of the Thieves have a literally and semantically different world. Keep alive the right to vote for the army of the dead.

    Source: Screenrant

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