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Why has Hollywood brought Tom Cruise and the rest of his veteran stars back to the big screen?

From Tom Cruise to Michael Keaton, veteran movie stars can not resist the temptation to recreate the important roles that determined their careers. For now, this is the return of veteran movie stars to important roles in their careers, a ploy by Hollywood to bring back an audience it no longer likes, especially after the epidemic. Use your smart to see through online streaming platforms. But is it enough to use the weapon of nostalgia to bring people back to the cinema?

Imagine you went into a coma at the beginning of the century and just woke up today. What year is it? Take a look at the movies that have been released and you will see that Keanu Reeves has a new "matrix" on the screens, Tom Cruise is going to soon with the sequel "Top Gun" (also known as "Top Gun"). Top Gun: Maverick is back, Jimmy Lee Curtis is still working on another sequel to the "Halloween" movie series, and Michael Keaton returns to the silver screen as Batman. You think to yourself that you have probably only been unconscious for a few months. However, if you look at the faces of these veteran stars, you can see that decades have been added to their age, with the exception of Tom Cruise, which is even more confusing.

The reality is old, welcome. Everywhere you look now, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. This is exactly the opposite of the culture of exile; A culture that removes a celebrity from online or offline social circles by word or deed is a form of public humiliation. They used to play to cover the cost of their new home or divorce, but recently the situation for these stars in Hollywood has evolved to remind one of the Eagles's famous song "Hotel California," which says you can whenever you want. ] You settle accounts, but you can never give up. But now, after the Covid epidemic, it is no longer clear whether this situation will continue or not. The mainstream of the entertainment industry is apparently regressing instead of moving forward; Going back to the old days, old characters, and possibly when blockbusters were more guaranteed in terms of sales than they are today.

BingMag.com Why has <b>Hollywood</b> <b>brought</b> <b>Tom</b> <b>Cruise</b> and the <b>rest</b> of <b>his</b> <b>veteran</b> <b>stars</b> <b>back</b> to the <b>big</b> screen?

Sam Neil, Lara Dern and Jeff Goldblum reunite for the first time since" Jurassic Park "in 1993." Jurassic World: Territory ".

The coming year will obviously be a big Deja Vu. We've already experienced some of that in the superhero spin-off of "Morbius". Ordinary audiences may be surprised or even confused in the scenes after the film's final credits, which suddenly introduce Michael Keaton to the audience as having nothing to do with these seemingly bloodthirsty characters. In fact, the creators of "Morbius" intended to set the stage for the return of Walcher, the villain that Keaton last saw five years ago in "Spider-Man: Homecoming", the first episode of the Spider-Man movie series. Provide him with Tom Holland as Spider-Man. In the soon-to-be-released Disi Comics Flash, Keaton is set to return to the screen as Batman after thirty years; Even though Robert Pittinson has just appeared in the role of the new Batman. It was last year that Marvel Studios used exactly the same trick. In "Spider-Man: There's No Way Home," Tom Holland plays the new Spider-Man alongside Toby Maguire (who last dressed as Spider-Man in 2007) and Andrew Garfield (who last appeared as Spider-Man in 2014). ) And the classic villains starring Willem Dafoe, Alfred Molina and Jimmy Foxx. Both Marvel and Dys are playing "multi-world" storylines in their cinematic productions, which provide a good platform and excuse to bring back famous actors that older audiences may be more familiar with.

Of course, this back to the past is not limited to superhero movies. In May, Tom Cruise returns to theaters after thirty-six years with "Top Gun: Maverick." "Jurassic World: Dominion" is set to release in June. It is a collection of several display dinosaurs and several computer dinosaurs, along with veteran stars Sam Neal, Lara Dern and Jeff Goldblum, who, for the first time since the first episode, the famous "Jurassic Park" of 1993, are back on the silver screen or screen of your smartphone. , Are placed together. Jimmy Lee Curtis, who returned to the Halloween movie series in 2018 after a 16-year absence, is currently working on another sequel to the franchise. And Patrick Stewart (who, after a 20-year hiatus), except for his brief return to the role of Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek, will once again play Charles in the upcoming Doctor Strange project. Javier appears in the "X-men" movie series, after twenty-two years in which he first played him.

The veteran stars recreate their old roles on the silver screen. This is not a new phenomenon, at a time when any product that has been produced at great cost must make money again in the best possible way through reconstructions, sequencing, and spin-offs. But apparently something has changed. Take Harrison Ford, for example. In 2008, after twenty years, he reappeared as Steven Spielberg's Indiana Jones, to actually flog Dr. Jones to the next generation of Shia Labov, who played his son in the film. After that, Ford appeared in 2015 with Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher in the role of Han Solo in "Star Wars", where he actually played the role of a bridge between the main trilogy and the last trilogy. A little earlier in 2017, after thirty-five years in "Blade Runner 2049" (Blade Runner 2049), the character of Rick Deckard revived the Blade Runner movie series, and here, too, he gave a sense of continuity to this long-delayed sequel.

BingMag.com Why has <b>Hollywood</b> <b>brought</b> <b>Tom</b> <b>Cruise</b> and the <b>rest</b> of <b>his</b> <b>veteran</b> <b>stars</b> <b>back</b> to the <b>big</b> screen?

Jimmy Lee Curtis 2018 After Sixteen Absences The year-old returns to the Halloween movie series with "Killing Halloween" and is currently working on another sequel to the franchise.

Excuse me, he was not very successful here. The Indiana Jones franchise allegedly made the wrong investment in LaBeouf, whose career path has since strayed from top-notch charts, and has since declined on sexual assault charges (which LaBeouf denies). As a result, Ford, turning 80 this summer, is currently filming the fifth installment of Indiana Jones, which will be released next year. Even Star Wars does not seem to have enough potential for further adventure with its new generation. Instead, the franchise is set to release a mini-series based on the character of Obi-Wan Kenobi, starring Ivan McGregor and Hayden Christensen, who will be back in disguise after a break of almost 20 years.>

It seems that the Hollywood franchise films want to go ahead with their stories and get past the epidemic, just as if the cinema audience is not with them. The only real blockbuster post was "Spider-Man: No Way Home", which was actually "buy one for three tigers". The film became the sixth best-selling film in the history of cinema with global sales of $ 9.1 billion. Marvel's other sequel products, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Eternals, both of which introduced a whole new set of characters to their audiences, each costing less than $ 500 million. They had global sales, which is much lower than Marvel's high standards.

Is that a problem for young cinema audiences? Eighteen to twenty-five-year-olds have long kept the pulse of cinema alive, but even before the Kuwaiti epidemic, there was evidence that young cinema audiences were declining. According to Stephen Fallows, a film industry researcher, the presence of 15- to 24-year-old audiences in cinemas decreased by 20% between 2011 and 2017, while the presence of older cinemagoers increased during the same period. The situation has been similar in the United States and other countries. In this study, Fallows sometimes met teenagers who had never been to a movie theater before. "Going to the cinema has become much more expensive than in the past, and its negative impact on young audiences is much greater," he said. "Because they have less (disposable) surplus revenue."

In addition, the epidemic accelerated the expansion of online streaming platforms. For the first time, major film studios have released their films either only online or simultaneously with public screenings in cinemas. The movie theater market has gone bankrupt and is unlikely to be able to rise again. In the digital age, no one, at least young people, has to go to the cinema to watch a movie.

BingMag.com Why has <b>Hollywood</b> <b>brought</b> <b>Tom</b> <b>Cruise</b> and the <b>rest</b> of <b>his</b> <b>veteran</b> <b>stars</b> <b>back</b> to the <b>big</b> screen?

"Spider-Man: There is no way home" only for sale 1/9 The billionaire blockbuster was the successful post-Corona, which owed much of its success to putting the three Spider-Man men together. They remember the cinema, it makes sense. It is still too early to predict the shape of cinema in the post-Corona period, but it may never return to the peak days of 2019. "If in 2022 we reach 70% or 80% of pre-Cacrona audiences in North America, I think it's a good place, but we really need something more to bring the industry back to its former power," said Paul Dargar Abedian, a media analyst./p>

Dargar Abedian adds that the future of cinema does not depend only on demographic statistics. "Applying nostalgia and the cast is only good when the film is good," he says. "Spider-Man: There's No Way Home" was successful not only because of its actors, but also because it truly satisfied the crowd. "If the actors are going to be the catalyst for people returning to cinemas to watch a movie, let it be," says Gargar Abedian. That's great. "

Looking back, we conclude that bringing veteran movie stars out of retirement with the goal of making more money and profitability is at best a short-term solution. If the audience sees it as a desperate attempt to shake up a money-hungry Hollywood that has run out of other ideas, then the decline is only faster. But are we talking about the decline of cinema or just the decline of blockbuster cinema? The franchise cinema has now taken over the cinema market and isolated the rest. In 2019, franchise films will account for 83% of the global box office of Hollywood films. If these films step back a little and open the space for other films that are in a tight spot, it may equate to a lower salary check for a few professional actors, but it will be very important for the future of cinema.

Source: theguardian

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