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Why doesn't anyone watch Ms. Marvel even though it's great?

BingMag.com Why <b>doesn't</b> <b>anyone</b> <b>watch</b> <b>Ms.</b> <b>Marvel</b> <b>even</b> <b>though</b> <b>it's</b> great?

The new Disney Plus series, "Ms. Marvel" met with positive reviews. So why do so few people watch it? The series that introduces the character of Kamala Khan to the Marvel Cinematic Universe currently has a rating of 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, making it the best-reviewed show in the series.

The series is also in It has been very successful among viewers and the average score of viewers is 82%. However, its viewership has been poor, especially compared to the performance of previous Marvel Cinematic Universe series on Disney Plus. The series "Ms. Marvel" has 775,000 viewers.

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While this figure for the series "Loki" is 2.5 million, the series "Falcon and the Winter Soldier" and "Moon Knight" is 1.8 million, "Wandavision" 1.6 million and "Hakai" was 1.5 million. Given that "Ms. Marvel" has broken ground for new audiences on a variety of topics and is still unfinished, why isn't it getting good ratings and ratings? Here are some reasons that show why this series is not performing as well as it should.

BingMag.com Why <b>doesn't</b> <b>anyone</b> <b>watch</b> <b>Ms.</b> <b>Marvel</b> <b>even</b> <b>though</b> <b>it's</b> great?

First of all, it's clear that Ms. Marvel had competition from the start, as Obi-Wan Kenobi was also airing when it officially premiered, which had the biggest opening of any Disney Plus show. "Ms. Marvel" was shown at the same time as the new episodes of the series "Boys" and the series "Strange Things". All three of these series had qualities that helped them succeed, and Ms. Marvel did not. For example, the audience was familiar with the characters of those series and knew what to expect. In contrast, the character of Ms. Marvel is not a well-known hero to many viewers.

Iman Velani is great in this role, but she is not famous. Also, there are no famous stars as villains in this series. Meanwhile, before the broadcast of "Obi-Wan Kenobi", the promise of Darth Vader's appearance in this series was rumored along with the big and successful star, Ewan McGregor. This helped boost its ratings.

Another thing is that unlike other shows that aired at the same time, no one knew what to expect from Ms. Marvel. Marketing for the series went beyond billboards and bus ads featuring Ms. Marvel in full superhero costume. Also, in the previews, the series seemed to be aimed at a younger audience, so older audiences may not watch the series because it is a Disney network product.

BingMag.com Why <b>doesn't</b> <b>anyone</b> <b>watch</b> <b>Ms.</b> <b>Marvel</b> <b>even</b> <b>though</b> <b>it's</b> great?

Also, "Ms. Marvel" has its own performance style. For example, the text messages displayed as part of the decor or background on the screen are inspired by styles similar to the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. So the appearance of this series will disappoint some people, because they will not take it as seriously as "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" and "Moon Knight". Despite the low number of viewers, it is clear from the good reception and positive comments of the people who watch it that they enjoy this series a lot.

This series is highly rated among the younger generation viewers. So that people aged 20 to 24 watch it more than other programs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians are also more likely to watch the series than others, which means that Ms. Marvel has found its audience where it needs to be because it's broader. Considering that "Ms. Marvel" is the background of the next movie "Captain Marvel" titled "Marvelies" and despite the positive reception of the critics, it seems that this series will gradually open its place among the audience and become extremely popular.

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