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Why does Shang Chi have to break away from the Ten Rings in the next film?

BingMag.com Why does Shang Chi have to break away from the Ten Rings in the next film?

Although Simo Lu had a lot of exciting computer effects as the protagonist, he will probably miss 2 dozen reels in Shang Chi. Possession of these weapons at the end of Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings clearly showed the transfer of Venovo power to Luo's character. With these weapons, he had the upper hand in the fight against the dark-dwelling character. Now that these circles recognize Shang Chi as their owner, the power of this Kung Fu master is in the category of heroes like Thor and the Hulk. Marvel has made Shang Chi one of the strongest members of the Avengers with the power of ten rings. With these rings and team membership, Shang Chi can do even greater things in Avengers 5 than competing with the strongest heroes on earth.

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Despite Shang Chi To what extent does he use the power of these rings in the fourth phase, Marvel must take these weapons from him in Shangchi 2. It is true that Shang Qi had the upper hand in the battle against the Dark Inhabitant by using the power of ten rings, but these rings have several negative effects on the character during conflicts. Its biggest negative effect is the change in intensity and the way Shang Chi fights. He has always been known as the master of kung fu, so having these rings in the long run increases the risk of losing one of the most important foundations of this character.

BingMag.com Why does Shang Chi have to break away from the Ten Rings in the next film?

A big part of what makes Shang Chi character special in movies and comics is his ability to be a superhero without any special powers. With his high martial arts skills, he can easily defeat several large enemies, including powerful enemies such as the Razer Fist. This personality trait is very similar to Captain America, both characters who can fight superheroes and evil characters with a much higher level of power than themselves. In most of the scenes in Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, this ability of the character has received a lot of attention, but Shang Chi 2 will be unable to show this power by retaining these weapons.

It is also important to know that martial arts Shang Chi was actually the reason for the success of the film's action scenes. The excellent performance of the roles and the clashes inside the bus and the skyscraper are some of the most prominent scenes of the film. Marvel was able to differentiate the film's conflicts from other Marvel titles just because of Shang Chi Kung Fu style. But with ten Shang Chi rings, he did not need to rely on the power of his martial arts. His struggles with these circles are no longer special and fascinating, and will be like other Marvel superhero action titles. If Marvel finds a way to separate him and the Ten Rings in Shang Chi 2, he will have more opportunity to shine as Marvel's kung fu master.

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