Why didn’t the movie “Uncharted” directly adapt the story of the games?

Uncharted was criticized for not being faithful enough to the original source material, but for obvious reasons, it couldn't directly adapt its video game story. .

BingMag.com Why didn’t the movie “Uncharted” directly adapt the story of the games?

Uncharted was criticized for not being faithful enough to the original source material, but for obvious reasons, it couldn't directly adapt its video game story. .

After the huge success of the Uncharted video game series, everyone expected a film adaptation. The action and adventure nature of "Uncharted" and the exciting and different story of these games felt like a cinematic experience from the very beginning, and it seemed that Nathan Drake's character was made for a big movie from the beginning. However, even as the game franchise was released part by part, the development of the film adaptation of "Uncharted" was repeatedly faced with various obstacles.

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Over the past years, many actors were linked to the Uncharted project to play the role of Nathan Drake, but finally Tom Holland joined Mark Wahlberg in The role of Victor Sullivan was chosen as the main actors. The story of Uncharted also underwent significant changes, and with the passage of time, the film told a special story that took place years before the events of the first game. In addition to narrating an adventure with the theme of world travel and treasure hunting, which is reminiscent of video games, Uncharted movie recreated how Sally and Nate met and established a different friendship between the two, and at the same time told a story that borrowed elements from each of the games.

The film recreated elements of the game's storylines to better fit its narrative, leading to criticism that the film was an unfaithful adaptation. However, the way the Uncharted games were told and the story of Nate and Sally was such that this seemed inevitable. These games had already largely rewritten the history and past of the characters, and the film tried to strike a middle ground between a faithful adaptation and a new, exclusive image of them, taking advantage of the essence of the Uncharted franchise as a whole. Additionally, the Uncharted movie was meant to be the start of a franchise and couldn't be directly adapted from any of the Uncharted game stories, which was actually the best course of action, despite the criticism.

The games themselves had rewritten Drake's storyline (so the movie had to do the same)

BingMag.com Why didn’t the movie “Uncharted” directly adapt the story of the games?

The first Uncharted game introduced a treasure hunter named Nathan Drake and his best friend Sally, who were old friends unknown to the audience. In later games, it is revealed that Sally found Nate as a teenager after discovering that he was living on the streets of Cartagena, Colombia. Uncharted 4 also introduced Nathan's brother Sam Drake (who was previously unnamed and Nathan himself thought was dead) and cleverly rewrote Nathan's past by including a lost brother in his storyline. This enriched the character's story and meant that the flashback scenes in Uncharted 4 were a precursor to the rest of the game's story.

Most of this background was used to inspire the story of the Uncharted movie. The movie has a special story for Nathan Drake played by Tom Holland and that's why it was important to mention his past with Sam and also Sally, but this past was slightly reworked to better match the story of the movie. The film made some changes in order to summarize the story of the four games at the heart of its narrative. Of course, the nature of the game made this inevitable. The only major difference between the stories is that Nathan meets Sally in a movie almost 10 years later than his version of the game, and the story of this movie is their first joint adventure. is

BingMag.com Why didn’t the movie “Uncharted” directly adapt the story of the games?

The movie Uncharted tells an exclusive story independent of the games and this in It is actually the best way to create a separate franchise. The movie could have simply adapted the story of the first game, but that storyline wasn't technically the beginning of Drake's story, as the later games continued to explore his interesting past. The timeline of the Uncharted series (especially in its approach to Drake's past) is not set up to become single-film adaptations. Provide flexibility for future adaptations. Drake's past changes could allow for more freedom and creativity moving forward, which is actually much more promising for a movie franchise. Instead of simply adapting each of the stories of the games, the Uncharted film franchise, thanks to the story line created by the first film Uncharted created, it can take on other narrative lines.

Uncharted is a more faithful adaptation than it seems

BingMag.com Why didn’t the movie “Uncharted” directly adapt the story of the games?

Uncharted has been criticized for its apparent lack of fidelity to the original source material, but it is actually much more faithful than it appears. It tells a unique story while borrowing elements from each of the games, capturing the essence of the video game franchise. This is evident in the sequences that the film takes directly from the games, as well as in the broader sequences of the original story.

Characters from various Uncharted games appear in the film, and certain action scenes are clearly inspired by various moments in the game. A number of scenes are reminiscent of Uncharted 4, and the plane sequence is taken directly from Uncharted 3, but it's clear that the movie isn't just based on a game. Uncharted is not a direct adaptation of a story, but it has hidden messages, secondary characters, and references to the games that make it much more faithful than it seems.

Uncharted movies in the future can be more faithful. (but they better not be) launch, it is possible that future films will directly adapt the story of the games. Of course, it is better if they don't do this. Many of the game's characters also appeared in the first film, and there are many potential sequels to further explore other storylines in the cinematic universe, and Nate's co-stars could join his adventures in the future. The post-credits scene of Uncharted kind of sets up the story of the first game, where Drake and Sally are searching for El Dorado. So maybe the sequel is a more direct adaptation. However, due to the specific story of the film, it seems better that the sequels expand a bit more and go beyond the existing boundaries. and it also destroys the freedom, creativity and originality of films. This movie tells a different story for Nathan, and actually a better idea is to explore the implications of this story and bring Nathan and Sam back together for another adventure. If Uncharted 2, regardless of its approach, directly adapts the story of one of the games, it may face the problems of video games and it would be better to follow the Uncharted movie itself and only depict the essence and spirit of the game franchise while telling the story of Nathan Drake. kill.

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