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Why did Viggo Mortenson change his acting career after "Lord of the Rings"?

BingMag.com Why <b>did</b> <b>Viggo</b> <b>Mortenson</b> <b>change</b> <b>his</b> <b>acting</b> <b>career</b> <b>after</b> 'Lord of the Rings'?

If you're a fan of The Lord of the Rings trilogy directed by Peter Jackson, then this is probably one of Aragorn's memoirs. Are you (Aragorn), or a friend of Legolas? In the Lord of the Rings trilogy, these distinguished gentlemen are both equally impressive and influential. Remember when Legolas rode himself on a moving horse? It was very impressive! But if we want to be completely honest, Aragorn is the real king of this franchise. You may think I'm Aragorn (who I am!), But that 's not the point, the point is that Aragorn is literally a king, you know that.

With the brilliant play of Viggo Mortensen ), Aragorn becomes the embodiment of all the charms of the Middle-earth. Although he is violent and slaughters orcs, he also has a sweet and gentle face that makes you want to lie down next to him in the shade of the trees in Lothlrien and let him whisper whatever he wants (in the beautiful language of the elves, of course). . Aragorn is in every way the ideal man of the Middle Ages; When a man can best ride a horse and summon an army of the dead to help him in battle, he may have little to lose? Take Mortenson on a path that has nothing but the variety of blockbuster movies. Many people have no problem with this route, they may like it too. But if you look at Viggo Mortenson's cinematic career after The Return of the King, you see that blockbuster blockbusters have no place. Instead, Viggo Mortenson chose films to play roles that bore little resemblance to The Lord of the Rings. When Mortenson is asked how he was able to reshape his profession after the great success of the Lord of the Rings, the discoverer is surprised to find that the answer to this question is no more than one word: commitment. Is the loyalty of kings to their thrones

BingMag.com Why <b>did</b> <b>Viggo</b> <b>Mortenson</b> <b>change</b> <b>his</b> <b>acting</b> <b>career</b> <b>after</b> 'Lord of the Rings'?

just like Aragorn and Arwen who They are constantly committed to each other and it does not matter to them that they may spend a lot of time together before reuniting, Viggo Mortensen is committed to the plans that excite him. In an interview, Mortenson explained his approach to choosing his plans. "The first and most important point is the story itself and its elements," Mortenson said. Stories that, when I read them, I say to myself, "Well, that's what makes me decide to go to the movies and see this movie." And in the end, that's the only thing I can count on (that I'll love to see whatever comes out of the water). Whether or not it shakes Hollywood, no, Mortenson likes to star in films that he has interacted with and (both the film and the role he is going to play) are personally interesting to him.

Viggo Mortensen also explained how the fame he gained through Lord of the Rings gave him the ability to own some maps without any hassle. This has led to several blockbuster films in addition to smaller projects. However, his commitment to low-noise, non-blockbuster films has prevented him from always playing these roles. "Even if the filming takes two or three years, I will continue, I will not give up," Mortenson said. If Mortenson is playing in a movie and is offered a better role in the middle of filming with a lot more money, he will not accept it and will continue to play in the same project. Mortenson went on to say: "Somehow, under these circumstances, I will not give up the project. That's why I missed the opportunity to be in some big movies, just because I was doing another project at the time, because I was "committed" to something.

He admitted that Viggo Mortensen's loyalty to the projects he personally likes and interacts with is admirable, even though they are not very expensive compared to other projects. It is one of those qualities that makes him look like Aragorn. Perhaps it is because of these similarities that Mortenson played the role of Aragorn so well that he retained the character of Aragorn all those years. When it comes to commitment to passion and profession, Mortenson is as loyal as kings are to their throne; Which can be very, very much!

Source: SlashFilm

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