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Why did "Treasure Planet" become one of the most costly breaks in Disney history?

BingMag.com Why <b>did</b> 'Treasure Planet' <b>become</b> <b>one</b> of the <b>most</b> <b>costly</b> <b>breaks</b> in <b>Disney</b> history?

Walt Disney is a big film company and today it is almost impossible for them to make a film and that film will fail, but the lesser known film "Treasure Planet" in The year 2002 is one of Disney's most costly breaks.

Walt Disney Company now consists of Pixar, Locasfilm, Marvel Cinematic World, and several other collections, and has also launched its own distribution service called DisneyPlus. The company has almost a monopoly on the filmmaking world, earning billions of dollars annually from several different projects, and succeeds in almost every project it produces. However, this was not the case for "Treasure Planet".

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"Treasure Planet" is based on "Treasure Island" but with some modifications. The story of the film takes place in space and Jim Hawkins (voiced by the young Joseph Gordon Levitt) is a young and energetic boy who leaves his father, him and his mother. From a young age, Jim becomes involved in the adventures of pirates and is determined to find the treasure planet one day. An old pirate crashes near his mother's inn, and Jim helps him, and the pirate gives him a strange ball before he dies. Jim discovers that the orb is a secret map of a planet that contains the hidden treasure of legendary pirate Nathaniel Flint. Jim and Doppler hire a ship's crew and travel there, unaware that they have hired Long John Silver and his crew to take over the treasure.

The "Treasure Planet" after The release failed so much that its pre-scheduled sequel was canceled almost immediately. Unfortunately, the audience did not show interest in watching the latest Disney animation and the film did not meet financial expectations. Although this animation is admired by audiences and critics today, it is one of the most expensive and costly Disney breaks.

Why was it so expensive for Disney to build "Treasure Planet"?

BingMag.com Why <b>did</b> 'Treasure Planet' <b>become</b> <b>one</b> of the <b>most</b> <b>costly</b> <b>breaks</b> in <b>Disney</b> history?

This animation is actually a broken work, because it is the most expensive traditional animation in history with about 140 million Dollars cost. Investing all this money for this film should have been very profitable. The "Treasure Planet" animation style was a unique combination of traditional Disney 2D animations with new 3D computer animations to create a wonderful science fiction world. Long John Silver's character was literally a combination of these two techniques. He is a cyborg in this film and his human parts are traditionally designed by hand and his cyborg parts are designed with graphic and computer works. This animated evolution and the combination of different styles to create something new and more mature was certainly not cheap. In addition, the creators wanted "Treasure Planet" to look something like Steven Spielberg or James Cameron, so it cost Disney dearly to produce the animation.

Why "Treasure Planet" Failed at the box office (and how much Disney lost)

BingMag.com Why <b>did</b> 'Treasure Planet' <b>become</b> <b>one</b> of the <b>most</b> <b>costly</b> <b>breaks</b> in <b>Disney</b> history?

Disney was still trying to find its place at the beginning of the new century. The Disney renaissance had just begun in the 1990s with works such as The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and The Lion King. The success of these films put serious pressure on Disney to continue the growing trend of these works. Unfortunately, the tastes of the audience were changing. Traditional hand-drawn animations were declining, and graphic and computer animations were evolving, and animation technology was updated. The use of Treasure Planet by both techniques did not prevent this failure, and the animation was technically obsolete, and all of these factors led to Disney's failure. The film was also modified three times before it was finalized, and not all of Disney's big letters were interested in the idea. At that time, there were many adaptations of Treasure Island, and the audience was a little too familiar with its story. Disney gave the go-ahead for Ron Clementz and John Musker to complete the "Hercules" project. "Treasure Planet" was also released at the same time as "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets", which had an impact on its sales, and Disney lost a total of about $ 74 million.

Why "Treasure Planet" Deserves more attention

BingMag.com Why <b>did</b> 'Treasure Planet' <b>become</b> <b>one</b> of the <b>most</b> <b>costly</b> <b>breaks</b> in <b>Disney</b> history?

"Treasure Planet" was out of fashion at the time It had fallen, but this animation is really a beautiful effect. There are stunning images of space throughout the film, and the variety of colors around the ships is unparalleled. Silver's movements and characterization are also impressive, and his arm mechanism is quite stunning and spectacular. Murphy, along with his funny, is a very entertaining and interesting character. The script has its ups and downs, and its only completely graphic character, Ben, is also very humorous. However, the relationship between Jim and Silver seems to be better than all the elements of the story.

Silver is one of the most underrated Disney villains (if we consider him a villain, of course). His storyline begins as a simple villain with simple motives. Silver is a pirate in search of treasure, but in an interesting turn, he becomes Jim's trainer. Silver finds out that Jim's father has abandoned him and decides to take his father's place and calls him "Jimbo". The musical "I'm Still Here" in the middle of the film is incredibly impressive, and Silver portrays a grumpy and arrogant character well. The images of this musical piece are a great combination of different animation styles and the story lines of both characters are more visible. Jim gains more confidence and Silver gradually changes her rough appearance. The two find common ground and fully understand each other, even when Silver's true intentions are revealed. In fact, Disney is blurring the line between heroes and villains. Silver goes through his treasure to save Jim, and Jim somehow helps Silver return safely to his ship and escape from law enforcement. The story of the film takes place in space and includes a large number of strange aliens and dangerous cyborgs, but it seems that human motivations and affiliations are at the core of this story. Be related and that project fails, but "Treasure Planet" was unfortunately one of those projects in the past. This film is a clear example of how financial failures do not necessarily mean that a film is weak, because "Treasure Planet" is an animated masterpiece and a really heartwarming story, but it came to the attention of viewers a long time later. However, this animation is considered one of the classic and fascinating works of Disney.

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