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Why did Marvel take 20 years to make Shanghai Chi?

BingMag.com Why did Marvel take 20 years to make Shanghai Chi?

After 20 years, Marvel finally showed the story of Shanghai Chi in the form of Shanghai Chi and the legend of the Ten Rings in cinemas, but why did it? How long did this project take?

This is the first Marvel martial arts film and an effective step towards diversifying Marvel's cinematic world. Simo Liu will play Shanghai Chi, Marvel's master of martial arts. He is a character who was created in the 70's and has been significantly redesigned to fit Marvel's cinematic world. Farsi subtitles)

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  • This is Shanghai Chi's first work, but naturally everyone is curious to know how this character fits into the overall narrative of Marvel's cinematic world. Liu himself is excited about this and would like Shang Chi to appear in an Avengers movie. "I have to say about the future of this character that what is on my mind is what is on the minds of others and I do not know much more," he said in an interview. I hope Shanghai Qi has a place in the Avengers in the future. "Anything can happen, but as a big fan of the franchise, I know he's a golden star." Shanghai Chi movie has lasted so long. Interestingly, there is even a scenario in which Shanghai Chi could have appeared long ago in Phase 1 of Marvel Cinematic Universe, but things did not go according to plan.

    Shanghai Chi was originally in Phase 1/ 1 Marvel was in place

    BingMag.com Why did Marvel take 20 years to make Shanghai Chi?

    It may be hard for modern viewers to believe, but there was a time when making a Marvel superhero movie was a big gamble. In fact, Stan Lee spent his life trying to persuade Hollywood studios to buy Marvel superheroes, including Shanghai Chi. Eventually, however, it was not until the late 1990s and early New Century that Marvel finally achieved great success in cinema with such works as Blade, X-Men, and Spider-Man. Those early Marvel films were produced by more experienced studios, and Marvel only sold the rights to those films, and in 2001 Stephen Norrington signed with DreamWorks to direct a film called Shanghai Chi Hands, but the work was not made and the rights were given to him. Marvel remained, and Marvel decided to make the most of the opportunity.

    In 2004, Marvel members thought they had enough experience to make their own films and to finance their first 525 million films. They borrowed dollars. They literally bet everything for this purpose and used the loan to secure the first 10 films of their franchise that they hoped to get results. In 2005, Marvel announced the first 10-man lineup in the Marvel movie world: The Avengers, The Black Panther, Captain America, Klok & Deger, Dr. Strange, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Powerback, Shanghai. It is fascinating to look at this initial mix and compare it to the franchise that is currently being formed. Only two of these projects were built as part of Marvel Phase 1, and both were not produced until 2011 (Captain America: The First Avengers) and 2012 (The Avengers). Shanghai Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was first introduced as part of Marvel's cinematic phase 1 in 2005, but was not made until 2021. Introduced in 2012. At the time, the studio was hoping to enter the Chinese market, with the idea of collaborating with a Chinese-based film and entertainment production team to produce some of the films. They wanted to start the collaboration by introducing a Chinese character (or Shang Chi or Mandarin) in the scene after the film's credits. "We thought that putting a Chinese person in a film was a guaranteed way to enter the lucrative Chinese market," said Chris Fenton, then chairman of Diamoji, recalling the business practices of the time. "So the studios did the same." Later, Diamoji missed the opportunity and Shanghai Chi was forgotten for another nine years.

    Why Shanghai Chi was delayed

    BingMag.com Why did Marvel take 20 years to make Shanghai Chi?

    It is not really surprising that the original Shanghai Chi Hands project failed. At the time, Marvel was trying to portray all of its characters in one film, and the vast majority of these programs did not continue. But the remarkable thing is that this master of martial arts did not appear in any film even when Marvel started financing himself, and Marvel's cinematic world continued its trend. This is because Marvel acquired the original rights to several other characters in 2006, the most important of which was Iron Man, and the plans changed. Marvel assigned a number of focus groups to decide which characters to prioritize. These focus groups consisted of children, as the studio wanted to see which superhero was more popular among children and had commercial potential value. The children chose Iron Man to start Marvel's cinematic world, which later proved to be a wise decision. The Avengers were introduced as the culmination of Phase 1. Marvel focused on the Avengers, especially Captain America and Thor, and other projects were scrapped. Shanghai Chi was not the only character to be hit, as Ferrari, once described by Kevin Faigy as one of Marvel's best new characters, was dropped altogether. As we have seen, Marvel intended to enter the Chinese market with the idea of prioritizing and placing Shanghai Chi after the Avengers, but these plans failed and the character was forgotten again for a while. Marvel's administrative policies changed from 2012 to 2015, and this transformation was a key element of the dispute between Faigi and Marvel's CEO, who was prolific, and Shanghai Chi was certainly not a priority at the time. Marvel's restructuring in 2015 was fraught with problems, but the Phase 4 program was generally approved at the time. It is worth noting that Shanghai Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings are currently being released at the beginning of Phase 4, indicating that Faye, who is now the head of Marvel Studios, considered Shanghai Chi one of the top priorities at the time.

    Shanghai Chi Early Introduction How Marvel's Cinematic World Changed

    BingMag.com Why did Marvel take 20 years to make Shanghai Chi?


    Surely this is an interesting idea, and certainly making Shanghai Chi at an earlier date could have completely changed the shape of Marvel's cinematic world. There was probably less emphasis on the Avengers, and most of the characters were the original cast of Marvel movie heroes who appeared in a common world, and a group film was made of those characters, and it is reasonable to assume that Tanus was probably in the franchise again. . Joss Whedon asked agents to put him on the scene after the Avengers movie titration, and since then, Tanus has become a key figure in Marvel Phases 1-3. This means that there is certainly another hypothetical timeline in which Shanghai Chi has been a member of the Avengers in Marvel Cinematic Universe and has even tried to defeat Tanus.

    But this does not necessarily mean that It is not that the previous Shanghai could have succeeded. Marvel Modern Studio is much more confident and committed to diversity, and Faigi has given its writers and directors the space to create the best work with their creativity, a situation that never existed before in Marvel. If Black Widow was made in 2013, it would probably have become a weak and over-sexist film, and if Shanghai Chi had been made earlier, it would probably have had many cultural flaws and even become quite problematic. As a result, the franchise went out of its way, and Marvel tried to change its overall course, as it did in Thor films. Modern Marvel Studios is definitely a better place to produce Shanghai Chi and the Ten Ring legend, and it seems that the decision to postpone Shanghai Chi was a good choice.

    Source: Screenrant

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