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Why did it take so long to make the next episodes of Avatar?

Nearly nine years have passed since the world of Pandora was first introduced to the audience in the avatar, and now it takes about a year to complete the first version of The four sequels to this exceptional film remain. Why has it taken so long for James Cameron to produce one of the greatest films in history?

Avatar is a sci-fi epic full of computer scenes and special effects that soon became one of the most lucrative films Become Hollywood history. At the time of its first release, the film was able to transform the world of Hollywood all at once, leading to more fantasy films being produced since then.

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Immediately after its huge success and gross of $ 2.788 billion, Cameron announced that he would be producing two more versions of the film. This, of course, was not surprising given Cameron's 2006 interview and talk of turning the film into a franchise. But shortly after, the shooting of the second version was slightly delayed. However, the first two sequels of Avatar are finally in production.

Initially, Cameron announced that he would release the second and third editions of the film in 2014 and 2015, but these dates are shortly until December 2020. And 2021 have been postponed, and the release date for the film, December 2022 and 2024, has already been announced, and that date may still change. Filming for Avatar 2 ended in September 2020, so fans can expect to see the film in theaters these days. The details of the story are still unclear, but Steven Lang, who played Miles Kovaric in Avatar 1, said that not only is the filming of Avatar 2 over, but the filming of Avatar 3 is in its final days, which shows that Cameron has done well since the production of the other two versions. Get rid of the avatar.

All these rumors suggest that avatar sequels will be coming soon, but we certainly can not ignore the director's long delay in the release of later versions. In fact, it can be said that there is a gap of more than a decade between the production of these sequels, which is even greater than the distance between the production of the next versions of Star Wars: Seth Revenge and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Will the delay in producing the next versions of Avatar be a problem?

BingMag.com Why <b>did</b> it <b>take</b> so <b>long</b> to <b>make</b> the <b>next</b> <b>episodes</b> of Avatar?

The question of whether Avatar sequels can shine like the original, and whether audiences and fans around the world are still excited about future releases over the years is an issue that can not be answered with certainty, but usually in the film industry, when It takes a lot of time to produce a copy of a movie, it attracts more audiences, but there may be some initial excitement. So filmmakers usually have two choices. Either rush to market a commercial product to meet the demand of the audience and endanger your reputation by producing a bad film, or take the time to present a desirable and impressive film, and of course consider that the passion may be And lose the initial excitement of watching the movie. These are issues that Fox is definitely looking into, but everything will be known soon and it will be clear what caused all the delays.

However, it seems that James Cameron has been able to overcome the demands of the studio and the directors. And put his word in a chair. He is one of the few directors who, as the saying goes, does whatever he wants and seems to have decided to spend his time producing impressive and audience-friendly sequels and not pay attention to the company's demands to produce a film as soon as possible.

Of course, this has always been the case. Cameron's big projects like Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Titanic, or the original version of Avatar have always been criticized by Hollywood as expensive nonsense that is going to face a disgraceful failure, and each time, he easily turned to Hollywood. Which is very wrong and has silenced the mouths of critics by attracting a large audience and winning various awards.

James Cameron wants special effects Run the submarine properly

BingMag.com Why <b>did</b> it <b>take</b> so <b>long</b> to <b>make</b> the <b>next</b> <b>episodes</b> of Avatar?

One of the main reasons for this expectation long for avatar sequences, it could be Cameron's over-interest in special effects. This is what set Avatar apart from other movies of its time. He is a perfectionist, so there is no doubt that he wants to spend his time on unique special effects and make the best use of technology.

In 2011, Cameron stated that he wanted to rate avatar sequences at a rate Shoot higher frames, something that was not common until Peter Jackson filmed The Hobbit trilogy. In 2016, he talked about the possibility of shooting the film in 3D but without glasses to watch, although he later admitted that the use of such technology is not possible at present.

Today, special effects in The year 2009 was considered a miracle, considered a typical feature of cinema, so surely Cameron could show more amazing things in his film. If creating a world like Pandora is now a common theme in mundane films, he has to go one step further. But he may have to wait a few more years to create such special effects. Underwater special effects have always fascinated Cameron, and he has always made this clear in his films, so it would not be surprising to see more of such scenes in Avatar 2, but this is something to keep in mind. It has always been difficult to create underwater special effects in any form. Even underwater cameras have their limitations, let alone filming, which will definitely be very difficult.

Produce four sequences for Avatar

BingMag.com Why <b>did</b> it <b>take</b> so <b>long</b> to <b>make</b> the <b>next</b> <b>episodes</b> of Avatar?

But this delay does not only apply to Avatar 2. In fact, over the years of making this film, so many different issues and topics have become so intertwined that Cameron predicts that the production of Avatar 5 will be postponed until 2028. In fact, turning the film into a franchise led Cameron to decide to finish the script for all four episodes before production began and then prepare for filming.

What is clear is that the fate of Avatars 4 and 5 was largely a success. Parts 2 and 3 depend. Cameron has even admitted that he will not produce other episodes if his box office revenue is not justified, although reports suggest that the screenplay for Avatar 5 has been completed. With all that has happened to date, the director of this exceptional film is optimistic and thinks that these delays will not harm the success of the film and that the film will attract positive reviews from fans. In a recent interview with Cameron, he compared the Avatar 2 to his work on films such as Aliens and Terminator 2. He said that those films were also very commercially successful, and that their later versions, which were produced several years after the original films, were also able to attract positive reviews from audiences and critics. But what everyone knows is that different eras and times have changed and today's cinema is far from the cinema of the 80's, the competitions have intensified and the audience has more expectations and the number of cinema spectators is decreasing day by day. In any case, it will soon be clear whether Cameron is right or not. Of course, if the release date of the film is not postponed again.

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