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Why did the expensive movie Water World fail at the box office?

BingMag.com Why did the expensive movie Water World fail at the box office?

Water World failed at the box office in 1995, but what was wrong with Kevin Costner and why did it happen? Costner was one of Hollywood's top actors in the early 1990s.

Academy Award, Dance with the Wolves, which he also directed.

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Costner and film director Kevin Reynolds were regular collaborators, and after Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, they were looking for their next suitable project. They continued their collaboration in the form of Water World, an action-adventure film that is heavily influenced by Mad Max films. The film tells the story of the apocalyptic future in which all the continents on Earth are underwater due to the melting of the polar ice caps, and the remnants of humanity live in floating communities surrounded by pirates. Costner plays a lone sailor who is reluctant to help a girl and her guardian who may know the mythical mystery of the dry land. , Be realistic and with epic dimensions. At the time, their influence in Hollywood was at an all-time high, and even Universal Studios was sold based on their insights. However, the film did not succeed and almost ended their career and friendship.

What a problem in producing the water world

BingMag.com Why did the expensive movie Water World fail at the box office?

Steven Spielberg warned Reynolds and Custer not to shoot in the open water before filming began. Spielberg went through a nightmare situation 20 years ago to make the film Jaws. So he had special experiences. However, his advice was not heeded, and Costner and Reynolds were still looking for an accurate and realistic film, and felt that shooting in the ocean was necessary to achieve such a goal. Spielberg's warning was somewhat divine, as the storm disrupted production three weeks after filming began. The delays caused by this incident, along with the problems of filming in the ocean, led to a long production process and, as a result, an increase in budget.

Numerous random events and fatal mistakes also plagued the film. A stuntman in the production process jumped very fast from a height and was close to dying. Jean Triple Horn and the film's child actress, Tina Majorino, were about to drown when they were thrown out of a sailor's boat (rescued by a team of 12 divers), and even the film's star, Kevin Costner, was injured. When he was in the boat and at sea, he hit the mast of the boat when the storm started.

Along with the pressure of production, it affected his collaboration with Reynolds. During the production, they had fierce and endless arguments over decisions. Reynolds left the project, leaving Costner (the Oscar-winning director for Dancing with the Wolves) to finish the rest of the filming. Nevertheless, Reynolds is still known as the only film director.

Why the Water World Costs So Much

BingMag.com Why did the expensive movie Water World fail at the box office?

Universal Studios initially allocated $ 65 million for the film, which increased to $ 100 million due to the film's particular vision and the creators' obsession with realism. Reconstruction of complexes and other production delays turned a project planned for 96 days into a 157-day process. Likewise, the budget rose again to $ 135 million, eventually reaching a record $ 175 million at the end of the film. To understand the magnitude and scale of this cost, it is good to know that Independence Day was made at a cost of $ 75 million the year after the release of Water World.

$ 175 million in the mid-1990s for a film The original, sequel to the franchise was an incredible number. Given the rate of inflation, this budget will be approximately $ 300 million today. Such budgets for this version of Crazy Max on the Water (the total cost of George Miller's Crazy Max trilogy by then had totaled less than $ 15 million), plus its tumultuous production process, caused a great deal of media hype. Even before the film was released, the press called it Fishtar and Quinn Gate, and in a way referred to the remarkably broken films at the box office, Ishtar and Gate of Heaven.

Why the world of water in Box office failed (if it should not have happened)

BingMag.com Why did the expensive movie Water World fail at the box office?

after release The film had different opinions. Critics praised the film for its action scenes and the difficulty of filming at sea. Most of the criticism, however, was of the slow speed, the not-so-interesting characters, and the (intentional) derivative themes of the water world from Mad Max. Eventually, the film was called an ambitious mistake. However, it topped the box office with $ 88 million in domestic revenue, which is not a bad thing compared to the mid-1990s. It also grossed another $ 176 million at the international box office, grossing $ 264 million worldwide.

But box office sales for such a film seemed catastrophic because of the astronomical cost involved. (Another $ 65 million was spent on marketing, distribution, and screening). Total box office sales exceeded total costs, but the standard threshold for a film's financial success is usually double its budget, although depending on the percentage of contracts between cinemas and studios, this can be three times or more. Increase that varies from place to place. The World of Water, along with another unsuccessful maritime work of the same year, Catroth Island, is a broken film.

The film had the worst actor and worst director, and Dennis Hopper won the Golden Raspberry for Worst Supporting Actor, but the same year, Girls of the Year, with 13 nominations and 7 Raspberries, garnered the most attention. The World of Water, along with the 1997 film The Postman, are the works that destroyed Kevin Costner's career as a prominent movie star.

How the World of Water finally came to fruition

BingMag.com Why did the expensive movie Water World fail at the box office?

Selling at the box office is just one way to make money on a movie. Renting and selling home videos, as well as television rights, eventually managed to pull the film out of this black situation so that it would make a small profit after a few years. Universal is developing a TV series from the water world directed by Don Trachtenberg to continue the story. Also in the same year the film was released, a recreational attraction opened with several stuntmen based on the movie Water World at Universal Studios Hollywood and other parks around the world, and continued to entertain the crowd with its amazing tricks for 25 years.

The pride of the builders in accepting such a huge risk did not work at the time. However, the efforts of Kastner and Reynolds to be more realistic and to capture as many interesting scenes as possible have made the water world of high quality. Other expensive films in the mid-1990s are full of graphic and computer special effects, or they are forgotten or outdated, but the world of water is interestingly better off. The action scenes are well designed and filmed and the music of James Newton Howard adds tremendous quality to this adventure. The full-length version of Water World, which lasts about three hours, adds more depth to the story and characters, and needs to be looked at again.

Reynolds and Kastner finally improved their relationship years later, They teamed up again to make the TV series Hotfield and McCoy in 2012. Costner also made a name for himself as a supporting actor in various films as well as a starring role in the successful television series Yellowstone. In general, the world of water is known in cinema as an example of the proverb that if you are too ambitious, you get so close to the sun that you burn, but the reputation of this work as a broken film is only one side of the story.

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