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Why could the "Toy Story 3" animation be a glorious ending to this series?

BingMag.com Why <b>could</b> the 'Toy <b>Story</b> 3' <b>animation</b> be a <b>glorious</b> <b>ending</b> to this series?

Toy Story 4 created an emotional situation for Woody and other toys, but many critics believe that Toy Story 3 (Toy Story 3) was the best ending possible and was a great farewell to this movie series.

Most of the popular characters are in the third part and its adventures a few years after "Toy Story 2" (Toy Story 2) is narrated. The Story begins with Andy going to university. Like many of the series' audiences, he has grown over the years, and his childhood toys have given way to new teenage interests. However, Andy was never able to completely abandon his friends and during this time hid them in a corner of the room. They form the main lines of the narrative. When Woody and Baz's frustrated comrades take refuge in the nursery from Andy's carelessness so that they may accompany other children, they soon realize that nothing is as they imagined, instead they are trapped by a naughty teddy bear and must return home anyway. "Toy Story 3" deals with the emotional tests of puberty and depicts the feeling of being separated from the things that were once dear to you in the best possible way. Growing up means trying to continue on the path to the next stages of life, and the third part, as Andy experiments with these concepts, plays an important role in the personality development of Woody and his other friends; However, there are many reasons that make this film the best possible ending for one of the most beloved animated series of all time.

* Warning: In The rest of this Story is part of the movie.

Farewell to Andy

BingMag.com Why <b>could</b> the 'Toy <b>Story</b> 3' <b>animation</b> be a <b>glorious</b> <b>ending</b> to this series?

Andy may not have been the main character in the" Toy Story "franchise, but his presence was much needed and shaped many of the stories. As a child, Andy loved to play with Woody and other toys, and the main emotional arc of the series was formed by Woody's jealousy of Andy's interest in playing Lighthouse. Woody's fear of Andy abandoning him or never returning to him was an important part of his second adventure.

However, when Andy starred in Toy Story 3 as A 17-year-old boy was photographed about to go to university; The feeling was conveyed to the audience that the film could be a great place to end his journey. On the other hand, it was not only the toys that had to part ways with Andy, but also the audience having to say goodbye to him.

Although Andy's role has always been small compared to toys, it cannot be denied that he is one It is one of the most important elements of this popular franchise, and the "Toy Story" franchise would probably not have been formed if it had never been created; He was the beloved Woody and the opener, and like the rest of the children of the planet, he enjoyed playing with these cute creatures.

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skipping toys

BingMag.com Why <b>could</b> the 'Toy <b>Story</b> 3' <b>animation</b> be a <b>glorious</b> <b>ending</b> to this series?

before Going to university made one of the most important decisions of his life; Since he could not take all his favorite toys to university and he did not see the need to keep them in the dark and terrible attic, he decided to leave them with another child so that he too could enjoy playing with the toys.

Andy entrusted his friends to a little girl named Bonnie who, like her childhood, loved to play and had a strong imagination. This decision brings one of the most symbolic scenes of this franchise; Where Andy says goodbye to all his friends one by one and takes the toys out of the box and hands them over to Bonnie, describing the unique features of each toy. Of course, at first, Andy does not intend to give his friend's friend Woody to the girl, but suddenly he thinks that he has no right to separate her from the group, and at the last moment, he decides to pass Woody.

Transferring the toys from Andy to Bonnie Marked a historic moment; Because many of them never belonged to anyone other than Andy. This decision could have been a glorious end to this lovable franchise, by showing Andy moving from the past to moving forward, and the toys that now owe him a new chance at life.

Full animation From Emotional Moments

BingMag.com Why <b>could</b> the 'Toy <b>Story</b> 3' <b>animation</b> be a <b>glorious</b> <b>ending</b> to this series?

"Toy Story 3" from the very beginning of the highly emotional sequences It works and squeezes the heart of the audience. Re-introduce all the toys through the movies that show Andy playing with them and on the other hand show the growth of this boy. be. However, until Woody's creative plan fails, the audience will not have a proper understanding of the tragedy that awaits the toys.

The Story is that Andy has grown up and it is too late. Who does not play with his little friends; So he left them in a dark closet in the corner of the room. Woody devises a creative plan to draw Andy's attention to himself. They pick up Andy's cell phone and bring it into the closet so that he may see them again when he comes to pick up his phone and reminisce about the good old days with toys. At this point, the audience realizes the bitter reality that awaits them by seeing the teenage Andy, who apparently no longer has any desire to play with Woody and his friends.

But this prediction That toys may be thrown out of the house is a powerful emotional catalyst; The Story gets worse when Andy throws all but Woody in the trash bag to take to the attic, but his mother confuses the bag with the trash and puts it in front of the door!

"Toy Story 3" He continues his emotional narrative throughout the film, warning of the ambiguity of the future by raising the possibility of all toys being destroyed. Eventually, while the whole group is ready to die, they are miraculously rescued by a rake and return home, but even this dangerous adventure does not change the reality of Andy growing up and being separated from the toys.

Sequence Andy and Bonnie play with toys, which continues with her long goodbye to her old friends and ends with Andy's last look at Woody, Baz, and the rest of his comrades. Experienced arithmetically affected. This sequence well marks the end of a golden age; Andy and the toys break up and a fresh start awaits everyone.

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Growing Up It is unavoidable

BingMag.com Why <b>could</b> the 'Toy <b>Story</b> 3' <b>animation</b> be a <b>glorious</b> <b>ending</b> to this series?

due to the time interval between the release of "Toy Story 2" in In 1999 and Toy Story 3 in 2010, many viewers who watched the first two episodes as children grew up by the time the third episode was released. However, many of them were either experiencing challenges similar to Andy's character or, in the not-so-distant past, experiencing a sense of detachment from their childhood roots. Childhood makes it even harder. However, it can be the beginning of the next adventure. The creators of "Toy Story 3" cleverly placed Andy's entire character at the end of his adolescence, allowing the audience to understand the connection between him and his toys and to answer the question of why toys were so separate from Andy. He is challenging.

Toys know that Andy has very little chance of playing with them again, but that does not mean they are less important to their owner. On the contrary, when they think Andy calls them rubbish and, worst of all, wants to throw them away, they are devastated and take refuge in kindergarten.

"Toy Story 3" is a bigger challenge for Woody than any other toy. There is almost no audience who doubts Woody's love for his owner, but from time to time he realizes that staying in his owner's life is not a wise decision for Andy, himself and the other toys. Andy has grown up now, and the toys are reminiscent of sweet memories of the past, rather than a good companion. Woody's arc of character eventually allows him to acknowledge at the end of the film that Andy's growing up does not mean the end of toys life, and that they can create happy memories for the little girl who is not unlike Andy's childhood.

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