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Why Can't Pirates of the Caribbean Get Rid of Jack Sparrow?

BingMag.com Why Can't Pirates of the Caribbean Get Rid of Jack Sparrow?

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise can not leave out the character of Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp, and his presence or absence in the sixth episode is a problem for the film's agents. In 2003, with the release of the first series of this series called The Curse of the Black Pearl in cinemas, the beloved and anti-hero character Johnny Depp became an inseparable symbol of the film. This had worried Disney agents before the release because they thought that Johnny Depp's cute character would not sit in the heart of the film's target audience.

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But it soon became clear that everything was against their imagination, and even a few negative reviews of Black Pearl made this Johnny Depp character one of the best in the movie. Be. He received a lot of positive reviews and was warmly received by the audience, giving the essence of the film a proper and accurate look. It turned out that the series focused more on Jack's character than before. This went so far as to remove stars such as Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom from the scene in the third part of the series. And Bloom brought much worse reviews to the series. In 2011, the release of the fourth series of the film called Riding on Unknown Waves at the box office sold more than one billion dollars and became the most expensive film. This made Johnny Depp the pioneer of the film before the crisis of his personal family problems and continued to be present in it. The lack of success of the dead does not indicate that in 2017, compared to previous series, and Johnny Depp's legal disputes with his ex-wife Amber Heard, Disney thought about eliminating his character in the film. Although we may not see this anti-hero character again, but this series certainly can not kill him, which will cause problems in the next series of the film.

Death is not eternal in the world of Pirates of the Caribbean

BingMag.com Why Can't Pirates of the Caribbean Get Rid of Jack Sparrow?

The most obvious reason the series can't kill Jack Sparrow is that in terms of the film's history, it hasn't been able to kill anyone forever. . Returning to the death of Captain Barbosa at the end of Dead Man's Chest, Jack Sparrow in the opening scene of the end of the world, and Davy Jones in Do Not Tell the Dead show that Pirates of the Caribbean do not take death too seriously. Worse, since the death of no character is eternal, leaving out an important character like Jack Sparrow would mean bad things to fans. The return of Captain Barbosa at the end of Dead Man's Box was a surprise to the audience because they did not expect the film's negative character to play a major role in the series. In any case, the return of an important character like Jack Sparrow would be natural even if his death was off-stage.

Jack's death gives his fans hopeless

since Jack's presence He is very prominent in every series of the Caribbean world and everyone has heard the notorious reputation of the captain of the Black Pearl, his death will only make his fans useless. Jack's death off stage makes his fans think that this is part of the script and they will see his reappearance, which if such an appearance in the film is not planned, will become a reason for their unhappiness. Trying to cover up his absence may call the whole series into question.

This series still needs Jack

BingMag.com Why Can't Pirates of the Caribbean Get Rid of Jack Sparrow?

Given his crucial role in the Sea of Thieves video game, the franchise still needs Jack to quench the thirst of its audience. The series will score without the presence of his strange character, which means that there will still be the possibility of his presence in the series. So the Pirates of the Caribbean is in a strange predicament. The franchise is known for not being able to mention characters due to his absence, as has happened for famous roles in other spin-offs. There is no middle ground and no third choice. Certainly, if Margo Robbie's presence in the Pirates of the Caribbean remake is correct and Kate Richard plays Captain Tigo, he will be indirectly mentioned, even in the absence of Jack Sparrow. The main world of movies has created a place where the burden of all international piracy falls on a lovable character and his absence will be annoying in any case.

The sixth episode will not go anywhere without Jack

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