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Why are some of the best films of 2021 divided into several chapters for storytelling?

BingMag.com Why are <b>some</b> of the <b>best</b> <b>films</b> of <b>2021</b> <b>divided</b> <b>into</b> <b>several</b> <b>chapters</b> for storytelling?

If you look at all the top critically acclaimed films in a given year, you will find that certain trends appear in cinematic works every year. Maybe a lot of movies in a given year are black and white, maybe a lot of movie stories happen in Florida, and maybe just one actor appears throughout the movie.

Of course, none of these tendencies are pre-planned. They are not. Certain interactions take place in the hearts and minds of filmmakers, and we have the chance to enjoy watching their work. 2021 also has films with a common tendency. For example, many films such as "Belfast", "Hurry Up", "Crossing" and "Macbeth Tragedy" are all presented in monochrome and black and white.

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Another trend is to use multiple chapters to tell the story. films such as Western Jane Campion "Dog Power", the romantic drama Joachim Terrier "The Worst Man in the World", Wes Anderson's latest film "The French Report" and Ridley Scott's "Last Duel", instead of using the traditional linear structure that most films The narratives they use are all centered around specific and numbered chapters. Of course, narrative chaptering is a tool of storytelling that is also used in novels, but it is rarely performed in the form of cinema. Why is this trend booming now, and what are the benefits of storytelling and storytelling when a film is divided into several chapters?

BingMag.com Why are <b>some</b> of the <b>best</b> <b>films</b> of <b>2021</b> <b>divided</b> <b>into</b> <b>several</b> <b>chapters</b> for storytelling?

Quentin Tarantino is one of the many filmmakers to emulate in the way he tells his story. He was not the first filmmaker to focus his films on distinct seasons, but the impact of films such as "Damn Bastards," "Popular Story," and "Kill Bill" made this method stand out to many people. The creation of these sequences, which in a way acted as short films and at the same time continued the story based on what the previous chapter had narrated, opened up other ways of making a film. Works such as Oscar-winning film Barry Jenkins, "The Moonlight", the thriller Park Chan Wook, "The Servant" and even "Zack Snyder's Justice League" have used this idea in their own style and context.

The Last Duel uses the same method in the same way as the Maid. Both of these films fragment their narratives in order to change their perspective. Each of the three seasons of "The Last Duel" is narrated from a different character perspective: the first by Jean de Carouge, played by Matt Damon, the second by Jacques Lou Grace, played by Adam Driver, and the third by Margaret de Carouge, played by Judy Camer. In a story about the subject of truth, and a personal perception of events that can obscure that truth, it is crucial to separate these three perspectives for the viewer to observe the process and understand why the characters behave. If the film were constantly moving between the three, we would completely lose control of the story and the truth it wanted to reveal, and our understanding of the characters would be conflicted. Thus, "The Last Duel" requires three different parts to make its drama a success.

Similarly, "The French Report" uses a chapter-by-chapter structure to focus on its different characters. The difference between the two works is that Anderson's film is an explicit ontology. Instead of being part of a larger, all-encompassing story, each chapter of the French Report tells a complete and comprehensive story. Combining stories that each have their own unique style and concern is absolutely meaningless. The structure is inspired by the experience of a person reading an issue of the French fiction magazine The New Yorker weekly. The omission of the chapters destroys the entire purpose of the film, which is a romantic homage to the glorious days of journalism. And it does not seem necessary. These chapters do not change the perspective, location or story of the film much, but the film actually executes its chapters with a more original approach. The five chapters that make up the film all help to deepen the relationship between each of the supporting characters (Kristen Dunst, Jesse Pelmons and Cody Smith McFee) and Phil Burbank (Benedict Cumberbatch) as the main characters. A conflict and incompatibility arises in one of the chapters between the elephant and another character, and when the film moves to the next chapter, we can see the passage of time and how that conflict is incorporated into the interactions between the two. During the seasons, Cumberbatch and Knowledge characters first suffer from each other's presence, then become aggressive, and finally, become isolated.

BingMag.com Why are <b>some</b> of the <b>best</b> <b>films</b> of <b>2021</b> <b>divided</b> <b>into</b> <b>several</b> <b>chapters</b> for storytelling?

" Dog Power "also uses an old serialization trick called suspension and ambiguity. Each season presents you with a big suspension and you are forced to go to the next season and be aware of what is happening. Between this and her previous film, The Shining Star, Jane Campion made two seasons of the 2009 TV series Above the Lake. Suspension and ambiguity in TV series is a key element. Otherwise, why would one have to wait a week for a story to continue? "Dog Power" also uses this format and, due to its seasonal structure, constantly maintains the audience's attention and empathy by promising to answer their questions about the motivation and background of people and future events.

Finally, we have "The Worst Person in the World" which has the longest possible season among all these films and consists of 12 chapters (plus an introduction and an ending). Joachim Terrier's latest work takes on an episodic structure similar to The French Report, with each chapter referring to a specific incident or moment in the love life of Julie (Renate Rinso) in a romantic manner similar to that in Dog Power We saw the narration. One chapter is about a party and the beginning of her love affair, and another is about her separation. To bring you to a better understanding of Julie's character as a perfect human being. Such a style forces the terrier to focus too much on a chapter as a whole, instead of creating scenes that can be fully functional pieces for the whole plot, and turn it into a satisfying effect. These chapters also help to expand the story's timeline, making a relationship look as if it has been going on for years, if not.

Need to break the traditional structure of three more curtains Fiction films have different reasons. The mechanism of the story or characters may require the use of several chapters, we may use such a structure to tell a large story, or perhaps a filmmaker just wants to change the usual formula. It does not matter, but the performance of these seasons requires skillful and reliable construction and payment in order to present the right structural change to the cinema audience. Fortunately, in 2021, we have four outstanding filmmakers who have done well.

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