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Why are "Mafia Nights" more popular with men than women?

BingMag.com Why are 'Mafia Nights' <b>more</b> <b>popular</b> with <b>men</b> <b>than</b> women?

The reality show "Mafia Nights" has been one of the most popular young, popular and popular home show network programs in the last two years. This program, which entered our homes, in fact our smartphones and computers, at the same time as the Covid virus spread, was able to attract a large audience in a short period of time; So much so that it led to the continued production of the program and even a few innovative steps in the design and execution of the game. The hidden charm of the Mafia game, the style and context of a reality show with the presence of celebrities among actors, presenters, singers and athletes, directing and good performance, along with the audience's home has been the reasons for the popularity of this program. One of the positive points of this reality show was the presence of women independently and in the finals of each season (with the best of each group), which of course has been controversial.

They have questioned the "Mafia Nights" and taken them away for a thousand and one reasons. The new season, which has been released with the presence of women, is not different from the previous series of Women's Mafia Nights in terms of the quality of play and performance, and the general atmosphere of the program, and may have introduced several new subjects to the audience. Meanwhile, the Gentlemen's Mafia Nights, which aired on Nowruz 1401, was able to both attract the attention of the audience and introduce us to some new stars from the home show network.

And formally, although they had little, but here they found an opportunity to show a different, more real and more accessible image, which is based on the nature and one of the reasons for the attractiveness and popularity of such programs; And they had the intelligence, either instinctively or premeditatedly, to take advantage of this opportunity. In any case, intelligence and talent are the main pillars of this game and it can be said that it is basically all games; Like the game of life itself, which ironically is not optional. Man or woman, intelligent or unconscious, gifted or untalented, inevitably condemned to perform it.

BingMag.com Why are 'Mafia Nights' <b>more</b> <b>popular</b> with <b>men</b> <b>than</b> women?

If A few hours of mafia games can be considered a part of the whole life that has a ruler (God) and citizens, with the laws and plans that each of these citizens have, can well understand how the social happiness of citizens, male or female, which is the victory of good On evil, evil on good, the citizen on the mafia, depends on the unity of society; Which includes other factors such as gaining trust, support, mutual recognition and understanding, effective communication, accuracy, sharpness, speaking and listening skills, observance of law and order, and so on. A society that lacks these factors, even with a few caring conscious citizens of all genders, is doomed to failure. This can be clearly seen in the Mafia game.

It does not matter if it is a man or a woman; The defeat of the citizen against the Mafia is always and in any case (if we do not consider the element of chance or fraud) a direct result of the disintegration of society; A society that does not have the necessary factors for success and does not strive for it. It is obvious that a society consisting of both men and women will be stronger and more successful in practice. And the Mafia game has no gender restrictions; It is not in conflict with the homosexual community. The tribune is freedom, which is the opposite of a life of choice. So whoever steps on it has taken the courage to take a big risk, especially on the "Mafia Nights" program and not any other reality show. This game is like a touchstone; A kind of confrontation with oneself; A famous person, or on the verge of fame, who participates in this program, discredits himself and shows it to the people.

For obvious and hidden reasons, the creators of "Mafia Nights" decided to make the program gendered. Build in the initial stages and then merge in the final stages. That is, they made one in the middle of the program for men and women, and then for the final games, they placed a number of women, in a ratio of approximately one to three, next to the men. These are the favorites of the previous games, each of which is selected for a reason for the final game. Since we are on the side of a show program, the correct and intelligent performance in previous games is not necessarily a reason to choose. Of course, the creators of "Mafia Nights" have tried to choose the best ones to participate in the final games according to popular polls, but other factors have also been involved in increasing the attractiveness of the program and raising its audience. Like a character's irony or just fame, regardless of the quality of his play. It can also be considered as an opportunity for self-reflection and self-evaluation of men and women. And he found the reason for this imbalance more rooted. Aside from the individual and collective performance of the male and female actors in the play, and the shortcomings that arise due to the limitations of such a program for women, the biggest question and critique that arises in the minds of the audience of this program is why the male mafia Is it more attractive and popular than the women's mafia? What causes Could it be that men, more than women, together, regardless of the outcome of the game, have the ability to present a more engaging mafia game and even a more attractive and tolerable social one for the audience?

Anyway, we are here with a side show. Which is intended for entertainment; Although the audience instinctively wants the citizen to win, it also praises the mafia that wins the game beautifully and, of course, correctly, not with the help of the citizens' idiocy. If these players, ironically, have good acting abilities, they have both performed their professional duties and completed the meaning of entertainment for the audience.

BingMag.com Why are 'Mafia Nights' <b>more</b> <b>popular</b> with <b>men</b> <b>than</b> women?

Statistics show, and it is quite obvious, that until now, in" Mafia Nights ", men have been more attractive than women, and of course more popular. Of all the women who have ever participated in this program, only a few names, some bolder and some fainter, have been noticed. Bahareh Afshari, Asha Mehrabi, Maryam Mo'men were among these prominent names who, of course, could not make full use of their full potential in all-female games. The Gentlemen's Mafia Nights, on the other hand, had several names that may not have been well known before, and in one particular case highlighted a footballer as a mafia phenomenon. Hamed Ahangi, Majid Vashghani, Hossein Mehri, Amir Ali Nabaviyan, Hossein Soleimani, Khodadad Azizi and are just a few of these names. It was not a sabotage plan. On the contrary, among the many men who have ever participated in the program, some not only diminished the program's appeal and misled the game, but also questioned their acting ability and competence; Intelligence and talent to stay. After all, not everyone in a game or show is supposed to be a genius. But in general, the comfortable, intimate, and dynamic atmosphere that men can create in any society through more biological experience in a society almost entirely of their own kind, and situationals, familiarity with teamwork and teamwork, more risk-taking, relationships. A stronger society, more self-confidence and more freedom of action to express oneself and get closer to the real self can make all male communities creative, purposeful, pragmatic, and make them comfortable in their own body and naturally attractive from the outside.

Because much (if not all) of social life, policy-making, and decision-making are sometimes forced and sometimes voluntarily in the hands of men, men are primarily able to take life and all aspects of the outside and the community seriously. Plan for him, divide the tasks, try and achieve their goal. Women, on the other hand, due to living in patriarchal societies and being confined to closed homes and communities, can not take any society of women so seriously that they want to set a goal and fight for it, except for the lack of collective and group skills. Because in such societies men and everything related to them is given priority, women generally either remain passive or do not see their homosexuality as a friend, a teammate or a clan who is only a rival.

That is, women with power express their evolved human spirit, which manifests itself properly and effectively in society, and appear creative, purposeful, pragmatic, and outwardly attractive. If we put the male participants of this program in front of the women, we will see that the men who have succeeded in advancing the Mafia game with the right intelligence and adding to the program's charm, have taken the game seriously in the first place, paying attention to other players' professions and performances. They have analyzed and argued the process of the game according to the rules and reading, whether they have spoken well, seen, heard, trusted themselves and each other as citizens or the mafia, have taken risks, have preferred collective action to individual action, have not been monotonous. , For their side, regardless of the outcome, they have fought, they have learned from their mistakes, and in the meantime they have ridiculed to add to the attractiveness of the program and of course their own popularity.

Women, on the other hand, Basically, for ancient reasons in the community and even sometimes in their body, they are not comfortable here, especially in front of the camera, each time they become two poles, the group is disintegrated. That is to say, they have made it so that the Mafia group can safely sit in a corner watching the struggles of the citizens who have died, and even easily position themselves among the misguided citizens or the so-called "ax" mafia game and gain trust. This includes monotony, competition with jealousy, distrust, personalization, self-will, irrationality, carelessness, ignorance, and in some cases inability to hear, eloquence, and even simple human communication with the least amount of talent and intelligence in anything to attend a program. This is necessary in front of the camera of any medium, they have inflated their side and made watching the program difficult and sometimes unbearable.

BingMag.com Why are 'Mafia Nights' <b>more</b> <b>popular</b> with <b>men</b> <b>than</b> women?

In the new series of "Mafia Nights", except for Maryam Mo'men, who has already proved her intelligence and talent in this game and program. Others did not have anything special to offer and add to this stream. A few other actors who had more instinctive and dramatic intelligence than others, such as Shohreh Soltani, Kamand Amir Soleimani and Flamek Junidi (whose frankness and realism and of course his irony are remarkable), did not have the opportunity to make an impact, either during or in the overall charm of the game. . (Perhaps it can be said that they had a little influence in the second part; Shohreh Soltani's ability in the role of the Mafia and the controversy she had with Maryam Mo'men and incited the citizens against her should not be simply overlooked.)

Other collections of They showed off everything that could detract from the fun of a fun show, a game, and a Mafia game, and the result is a dull show that even casts its own actors, like the rest of the female cast of "Mafia Nights," and of course the tension Added. But why is that? Why, in most cases, women can not create a healthy and useful integrated community focused on the goal, together and away from men? And more precisely, why can't some of our female actors make programs on "Mafia Nights" even once? With the exception of the restrictions that bind both themselves and all the agents of the production of such a program (or any women's program) and now there is no choice but to accept it, why does the element of creativity not crystallize in women to make up for shortcomings? What is the solution to this?

Bell Hawks, the late American feminist writer and theorist, says that in order to overcome the limitations of a patriarchal society, women must first overcome the obstacles posed by female society through the same patriarchal laws. , Lets them get in the way; Which is a difficult task and requires an effort the size of a jihad. It wants awareness first, then practice and change. He believes that women are doomed to first go through sexist behaviors in women's communities so that they can then address such behaviors in men's society and move towards reform and justice. Among these sexist behaviors that occur in women's communities is the lack of seriousness of women and women and the preference of men and men, which results in borrowing, jealous competition, consequentialism, pragmatism and lack of purpose.

men in the final games of "Mafia Nights" were able to make the most of their abilities. It does not matter whether it affects the outcome of the game or not. The extent to which this realization of potentials can be influenced by gender mainstreaming is also not a matter of debate. Every society is in its rightful place by maintaining and balancing the masculine and feminine aspects. But in societies where the scales are tilted to one side, here it is the male community, women first need to learn what to do to achieve balance, collective well-being, and closer to the believable true self. . Obviously, it is not possible to change a part of society without another heavyweight part, and cooperation is necessary. Maybe a program like "Mafia Nights" is a good opportunity to practice and even model.

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