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Who is the Matrix 4 anti-hero? Examine all possible options

BingMag.com Who is the Matrix 4 anti-hero? Examine all possible options

Who is the villain of the Resurrection Matrix movie? Released in mid-1999, The Matrix was a cinematic masterpiece that changed the situation and used new millennial elements to revolutionize the science fiction genre. The film's story is about a future in which humans are enslaved by machines and tied to a complex artificial simulation. Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, who wakes up through Morpheus as Lawrence Fishburne and Trinity as Carrie Ann Moss, is recognized as the chosen one and enters this dangerous digital world to give mankind a second chance and the war between flesh and blood. Finish the steel.

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The 2003 film The Matrix Revolutions definitely brought the Neo story to a definite, albeit unpleasant, conclusion. The Matrix franchise is still culturally important, despite two not-so-interesting sequels, and the fourth film took only a short time to make. After years of speculation about this possible remake, Lana Wachowski finally confirmed the production of The Matrix 4 in 2019, and Reeves and Moss will both play the same role in the play. Since then, filming has ended and a trailer has been released, but practically nothing is known about the Doomsday Matrix design. This is a franchise. Who will Neo and Trinity face when they return? Many rumors and theories have been put forward due to the limited details available. Hugo Weaving has also denied his presence in the film. But who can most likely play the anti-hero of the Resurrection Matrix in the new age?


BingMag.com Who is the Matrix 4 anti-hero? Examine all possible options

The matrix has little to do with philosophy, and Ockham's razor is a common principle among philosopher thinkers, and generally states that the simplest explanation is usually the best explanation in any situation. . Using this concept in The Resurrection Matrix, machines can once again be the villains of the new film. These metal-conscious, machine-controlled machines acted as a major threat in the Matrix Triangle, but Neo forced them to submit to a black peace treaty. In the final scene of the Matrix revolutions, the architect reluctantly promised to abide by the new agreement. Start over and use their infinite computing power to find a gap in the neo deal. These annoying machines are resuming their old habits, which explains why Neo has been revived (he's the one who has more power than them anyway). Oracle had pointed out in the Matrix revolutions that the harmony and equality of the different races would always be temporary. In the trailer, we see that the Matrix simulation has been reactivated, which raises the possibility that the machines are evil.

New Smith with Jonathan Groof

BingMag.com Who is the Matrix 4 anti-hero? Examine all possible options

Hugo Weaving signed a contract to play in The Doomsday Matrix, but after Lana Wachowski's plans changed, he could not prepare for the project. Slowly Unfortunately, Viving will not be able to reappear in the film, but that does not necessarily mean that Smith will not be in the film. Agent Smith, apparently at the height of the original Matrix trilogy, could be somehow rebuilt and perhaps use a recovery window to bring his operating system back to the past. Smith, who has a new physical appearance in The Resurrection Matrix, is at the border of the franchise's mythology, and the new actor must play the role of this symbolic villain. He is now back to take revenge on humans and machines at the same time. This could justify the resurgence of Neo. But who is capable of confronting Agent Smith?

It should be remembered that in the Matrix revolutions, Smith learned to access the real world and conquer the mind of a human being. It is not clear exactly how the villain did this, but Smith's ability to cross the digital realm could help him escape death. Perhaps before Neo and the machines emptied him of the Matrix Recycle Bin, Smith hid in the human mind and lurked to appear in the sequel.

Many believe that if Smith in The Doomsday Matrix returns to the cast, with Jonathan Grove replacing Hugo Weaving. This mysterious character shows the reconstruction of the Matrix, and his exchange with Neo in the trailer shows the theme of the original film. The scene where Groof points his gun at Neo also goes back to the past and shows that Groof is actually Smith in new clothes. Fans think he's talking about Neo, but Groff's talk of returning to the Matrix may point to Smith's own return.

Other agents

BingMag.com Who is the Matrix 4 anti-hero? Examine all possible options

If Smith was not the villain of the Resurrection Matrix, then perhaps his old colleagues, the agents, would play the role. With the confirmation of Daniel Bernhart returning as Johnson, agents will clearly play an important role in The Matrix 4, but in a world where humans are free, what role can these people play? The machines designed agents for the matrix to ensure that the people connected to the simulation did not wake up and return to their true nature. In the final scene of the Matrix revolutions, the architect promises that according to the neo-fire with the god of machines, all the inhabitants of the matrix will be released from captivity, but this will make the officers unemployed. Smith had previously shown his hatred of humanity, and now agents can reappear in the demonic plans of the Resurrection Matrix and express their utter resentment of the people they once hunted. Agents may spiral out of control, and humans and machines may unite against this common threat. Although we see agents chasing the characters of Jessica Hanwick and Yahya Abdul Matin, it is not clear whether they are only pursuing their original goal, which is programmed by the machines, or whether they currently have their own agenda. p>

Blue Pill People

BingMag.com Who is the Matrix 4 anti-hero? Examine all possible options

One of the most popular theories of the resurrection matrix is the new villains of flesh and blood, not bolts. The Matrix franchise loses its meaning if it is not innovative, and the re-emergence of machines or agents as anti-heroes runs the risk of repeating the same old story. Instead, the new film can destroy the usual good and bad dynamics and turn humans into bad characters, and this is the main plot that the Matrix film planned for in 1999. In the first film, it is revealed that Cypher is a traitor and he sided with the agents and against other Zionists. He believed that taking the red pill and disconnecting himself from the Matrix socket was a mistake, and that a stupid life in simulation was better for everyone. Cypher's betrayal of the Matrix is a separate issue, but his beliefs can be extended to the Matrix of the Resurrection. This means that people with family, friends, home and life suddenly returned to their being and moved to an environment of poverty and hardship that remained after the war. It's a difficult experience, and certainly not everyone was as happy as Neo and Trinity woke up. The Doomsday Matrix may have a wave of Cypriots who want to go back to simulation and fight the Red Pill fans who choose reality.


BingMag.com Who is the Matrix 4 anti-hero? Examine all possible options

The presence of Morpheus in the role of the evil Doomsday Matrix He recalls that it is unimaginable, but the absence of this actor in Matrix 4 is very suspicious. Before the release of The Matrix 4 was officially announced, rumors were circulating that Warner Bros. was planning a breakthrough with the younger Morpheus, and that Fishburne's removal from the new cast only fueled speculation that the character's past may play a central role in the Matrix's future. . The theory that the villain is the Matrix 4 Morpheus largely implies the etymology of the character and his connection to real-life myths. The name Morpheus is inspired by a Greek god, and the name of his ship, Nebuchadnezzar, refers to the kingdom that conquered the land of the Zionians. These hidden meanings further indicate that Morpheus is an enemy rather than the protagonist, leading some to believe that he was constantly thinking of miserable and destroying corners during the franchise.

In The Matrix Trailer Resurrections Morpheus appears to be fighting alongside Neo and other heroes, helping Keanu Reeves see the light. In fact, many of Morpheus' images are reminiscent of moments from Lawrence Fishburne's 1999 performance. However, the trailer images are not sufficiently documented to refute Morpheus's evil character theory. /2109/25/12539-7.jpg ">

More inconceivable than that Morpheus becomes a bad character is that Neo is an evil character in the Resurrection Matrix. The franchise is known as a progressive and bold series, and it is strange that Neo and Trinity return to it after so many years. As a result, some believe that Keanu Reeves is playing a villain in The Resurrection Matrix, and there are several ways in which this horrific scenario can be realized. Since each reboot of the Matrix creates a new embodiment of the chosen person (which may or may not be physically identical to its predecessors), it is likely that the Keanu Reeves 2 will play a completely different role. The Thomas we see in the trailer seems considerably formal and unfriendly as a chosen one.

Even if they do not look like Keanu Reeves, there are still indications that The chosen one can be an evil character. The chosen one can easily be corrupted without the guidance of a coach like Morpheus and without a clear purpose. It makes sense for Neo to be summoned to resolve this crisis, because no one else can stand up to the power of the chosen one.

Therapist Neil Patrick Harris

BingMag.com Who is the Matrix 4 anti-hero? Examine all possible options

In the Doomsday Matrix trailer, we see Neil Patrick Harris holding a therapy session with Thomas, played by Keanu Reeves. Thomas is skeptical of the truth and finds it false, but the therapist tries to dispel these insecure thoughts with blue pills and counseling. These scenes could indicate that the therapist is a potential villain. On the one hand, he may be nothing more than a non-sensory programmed person designed to keep the neo in an illusion, but Harris can also be a sensitive programmed person like Smith, or perhaps a blue-matrix, matrix-obsessed human being. Who wishes humanity to remain enslaved by dreadful machines at all costs. There are clues in this therapist's office (a black cat, a book about denial, blue pills) that all show that he knows the truth and deliberately leads Neo down the wrong rabbit hole, and all of this, motivated and They point to his black target.


BingMag.com Who is the Matrix 4 anti-hero? Examine all possible options

Mervignin, played by Lambert Wilson, was just a complementary villain in the Matrix sequels, so it would not be uncommon for him to have the same main anti-hero status in the new film, but nevertheless, this underground troublemaker could be in today's Matrix. , Be much stronger. As the leader of all the planned people, Merovingian was forced to work secretly and hide from machines and corners, but with the departure of humans from the matrix and the lack of agents, Merovingian could establish his free kingdom on the new matrix and influence Expand this whole digital level and summon all the remaining planned individuals to form a great criminal empire in the Resurrection Matrix.

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