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Who is Marvel's smartest avenger?

BingMag.com Who is Marvel's smartest avenger?

There is no denying that the avengers of the Marvel movie world are smart, but who is the smartest among them? To find the answer to this question, we must look at the main avengers and rank their intelligence.

To do this, we consider the characters portrayed in the comics as the Avengers and in the Avengers missions. They have played a greater role in Marvel's cinematic world, and not just in Infinity Epic. So there is no mention of Guardians of the Galaxy or Dora Milage and sub-characters such as Pepper Patz, Hop Van Dine or Shura (for now). Nick Fury is not on the list either, because when he was Shield's manager and when he became the founder of the Avengers, he was never technically an avenger (anyway, if he had been on this list, he would have been among the top)./p>

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15. Clint Barton/Hawkeye

BingMag.com Who is Marvel's smartest avenger?

Honestly Confessed Let's say that Clint Barton or Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) is not the best force in the Marvel movie world. He's a sharp shooter, but he's definitely not the smartest. He is a man who fights with bows and arrows against aliens and robots. Clint also in the past decided to bring the Avengers who were fleeing from Ultran (James Spider) directly to his secret home where his pregnant wife and two children were hiding. Do you think this move is smart? In addition, Clint decided to destroy the cartels in Mexico and the Yakuza in Japan after Tanus' sudden blow, but it seemed difficult to fight these groups at home. None of these actions make sense. Spin-off Hawkai may change our minds, but for now, Clint is at the bottom of the list.

14. Thor

BingMag.com Who is Marvel's smartest avenger?

You may disagree with this decision But anyway, this blonde hair superhero is at the bottom of the list. Thor (Chris Hamsworth) has more muscular strength than mental strength. This team is successful only because the rest of its members are smarter than him. Thor has proven time and time again that he first acts and then thinks. He was almost the same throughout Thor.

Thor has low intelligence, which is why his brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) never considered him his equal. What makes Thor successful is his stubbornness, and he has proven this trait over and over again, especially when confronted with the force of the sun to build a weapon similar to a hurricane. This does not necessarily mean high intelligence, but it is a sign of Thor's determination to protect the people.

13. Wanda Maximov/Scarlet Witch

BingMag.com Who is Marvel's smartest avenger?

Wanda Maximov or Scarlett Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) should be better, but she's here, because Wanda is still suffering a lot and her mental health is influencing her decisions. Everyone in West View can confirm this. However, Wanda's strengths are her compatibility.

She's war-torn Sukovia, the death of her parents, her becoming an advanced being, the death of her brother QuickSilver (Aaron Taylor Johnson), the death of her husband Vision (Paul Bethany), His own death, the accidental killings of innocent Wakandae (following the events of Captain America: The Civil War), the revelation of his identity as Scarlet Witch, and the awareness of the impact of his actions on the residents of West View have all come as a shock to him. And they are very hard for a person to bear. Wanda is a fighter who does not need strange magic to win, but in terms of intelligence, despite all these disasters, she has not had enough time to learn and grow.

12. Steve Rogers/Captain America

BingMag.com Who is Marvel's smartest avenger?

Steve Rogers Or Captain America (Chris Evans) is a good man and a great leader. There is no denying that he is an extraordinary strategist, but this ability is often wasted, because he is always influenced by his emotions, especially Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan). In Captain America trilogy, every time someone mentions Bucky, Steve loses focus and tries to save his friend.

This is great for Bucky, but to the detriment of Steve's responsibility as Captain America or leader of the Avengers ends. Steve is so idealistic that it negatively affects his worldview skills. Captain America makes more sense in Avengers movies, but he still needs other leaders to help him deal with difficult situations. Captain America does not necessarily deserve to be at the bottom of the list, but he is very slow in his decisions and actions.

11. James Rhodes/War Machine

BingMag.com Who is Marvel's smartest avenger?

Anyone To endure the actions of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), to survive and still consider him his friend, he is an intelligent man. James Rhodes or War Machine (Terence Howard and Dan Cheadle) is a character with high emotional intelligence who can see the potential abilities of others (especially Tony) and also cope with his shortcomings.

For any character in the world of cinema Marvel finds it difficult to deal with a lifelong injury, but after Vision accidentally hits and knocks Rhodes down during the Civil War, Rhodes adjusts to his new circumstances and refuses to drown in his past. . Looks like we haven't seen the best Rhodes yet. He was a U.S. Air Force colonel, and Iron Man films only mentioned his tactical abilities. The upcoming series of military wars can show us more of Rhodes' skills and intelligence.

10. Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel

BingMag.com Who is Marvel's smartest avenger?

If Carol Danners or Captain Marvel (Barry Larson) will have a higher place in this list if he is more present in Marvel's cinematic world. Of course, he is currently in the top 10, which is not too bad. He is certainly an intelligent person, but it has taken him a long time to reach this intelligence. Carol has long been involved in a number of wrongdoings, including the killing of many innocent scrolls. On the other hand, at a time when women were not given many opportunities, she applied to become a pilot in the United States Air Force and went through a difficult path that shows her high intelligence and determination. In the end, it should be said that Captain Marvel uses both his excellent intelligence and the help of his unbearable coach Eun Rag (Jude Law) in his missions.

9. Scott Lang/Ant Man

BingMag.com Who is Marvel's smartest avenger?

Scott Lang Or the ant man (Paul Rad) has a master's degree in electrical engineering that is not easy to obtain. He used his credentials to become a digital Robin Hood, which shows that he has good intelligence in this area, but he is not wise, because he got a little caught up in the sequel. Despite all his failures, Scott is determined and consistent. He was a popular figure in prison, and after his release, he took on a family and team job with his ex-wife and his current wife and his new partner, Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lily).

Scott He always uses his scientific expertise as a support force when he is on the verge of despair. It must be honestly said that if Scott in Avengers: The Game was not final, the Avengers would not have won. Scott's best trait is that he is so smart that he knows when it is best to leave the decision to someone else.

8. Vision

BingMag.com Who is Marvel's smartest avenger?

The only reason that Vision is in the rankings Not at the top of the list is that he has a big heart. This feature is not necessarily a bad thing, but his feelings are so distracting that he almost killed Rhodes in the Civil War. Vision is an artificial composition created by one of the smartest people in the Marvel movie world, Tony Stark, and his very intelligent robot Ultran. So obviously the vision is a smart creature and literally a computer. Vision is extremely intelligent and detects the reason and time of the presence of evil people very well and first of all. However, he has the greatest skill in recognizing human behavior.

He knows why people react with fear to Wanda's power, and he also understands the importance of grief. Vision intelligence is very high, but he has to use his brain more than his heart. Of course, all these features are related to the former vision, and we have no idea about the vision that will be revived.

7. Natasha Romanov/Black Widow

BingMag.com Who is Marvel's smartest avenger?

Natasha Romanov Or the Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) is a superhero and literally a spy. Spying requires a lot of intelligence and Natasha is smart too. He played a minor role in most of Marvel's cinematic stories, but his ingenuity was clear. He easily tricked Tony Stark into Iron Man 2 and extracted vital information from the villains (especially Loki) in Avengers. Her deceptive ability, especially in Captain America: Winter Soldier, required a lot of planning and thinking, and Natasha had to do a lot of improvisation. Natasha's improvisational skills became more prominent in The Black Widow, especially when confronted by Draikov (Ray Winston), and her emotional intelligence was greatly used when managing the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) or defeating Taskmaster.

6. Stephen Strange/Dr. Strange

BingMag.com Who is Marvel's smartest avenger?

Let's be the first Let's explore the obvious: Dr. Stephen Strange or Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is a neurosurgeon, and this job requires a lot of mental ability. He is also a person with the ability to learn quickly and, as we know, very quickly became a master of mystical arts and witchcraft. The main reason Strange is not among the top five is his pride. This man has a self-satisfied and overconfident personality that has cost him dearly in at least one world. We probably haven't seen Strange's best performance yet, but for now, it's clear that Strange is incredibly good in any field he wants. His strange calmness when abducted by an alien in the movie Avengers: Eternal War is proof of this claim.

5. Peter Parker/Spider-Man

BingMag.com Who is Marvel's smartest avenger?

Peter Parker Or Spider-Man (Tom Holland) is just a teenager but he's incredibly smart. He can put together and combine technologies that are not useful and create an efficient technology. He has successfully created his own shooter and has a dual life as Peter Parker and Spider-Man. As soon as he got access to Tony Stark technology, he easily mastered it, so much so that he made his own clothes. Peter is also smart at school. So doing homework for this kid is boring.

Peter's only problem is that he has an unbalanced personality. It takes a long time to forget that he handed over the world's destructive technology to a virtual stranger in Spider-Man: Away from Home, because that person reminded Peter of Tony, who had recently left. However, Peter's treatment of Quentin Beck or Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) at least makes him smarter than other people's treatment of this villain.

4. Sam Wilson/Falcon/Captain America

BingMag.com Who is Marvel's smartest avenger?

Sam Wilson or Shaheen (Anthony Mackey) has shown his greatest trait, his incredible emotional intelligence, to the Avengers since he appeared in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Obviously, Sam was a successful person before he decided to leave the US Air Force. He has an extraordinary understanding of people that is more efficient than all his skills. It was moments after meeting Steve Rogers that he realized which part of his normal civilian life was bothering him. Sam knows when to join a battle (fighting Hydra in the Winter Soldier) and when to leave it (at the airport during the Civil War). And the Winter Soldier knows that Carly Morgenthau (Erin Kleiman) is more than just an ordinary terrorist, and ultimately uses his skills to counter his enemies. As Captain America, Sam has another advantage, and that is recognizing his feelings about how he treats blacks in the United States. He knows full well that his job is to keep the world safe.

3. Bruce Banner/Hulk

BingMag.com Who is Marvel's smartest avenger?

Dr. Bruce Banner He is a scientist who is respected for his work in various fields including biochemistry, nuclear physics, robotics, computer science and of course gamma radiation. Currently, Hollywood likes the main characters in movies to have a large number of doctoral degrees, which it considers a sign of their intelligence, and the banner has seven degrees. In fact, no one really needs that many credentials or even enough time to complete them all. However, it is clear that Bruce is extremely intelligent.

He is the all-rounder of the Avengers team and works on everything from locating the location to building one or two different robots. Bruce even figured out how to combine his human face with that of the Hulk, and Professor Hulk built his own super-smart, super-powerful version. In addition, he helped build the time travel device and the Glove of Eternity, which eventually led to the defeat of Tanus. Bruce knows things that make us believe that he is smarter than most people.

2. Tony Stark/Iron Man

BingMag.com Who is Marvel's smartest avenger?

Tony Stark Trapped in a cave and severely injured, he made his first Iron Man costume from everything around him. We all have to accept that this man is the real mastermind of the Avengers. Tony created a completely new element to make sure his arc reactor did not break. He equipped his various Iron Man costumes with the ability to speak and improved them, as he was able to do so. He decided to try the idea of traveling in Scott's time and succeeded.

There are very few things that Tony Stark could not achieve. The biggest problem is that Tony is a morally flawed hero. He spent many years building lethal weapons for the US government until he was almost killed by his own ammunition, and it was here that he changed his mind. His overconfidence in his abilities led to the creation of Ultran, which destroyed the country of Sukovia, and Tony's selfishness did much harm even after his death. Intelligence is not enough without human qualities. That's why Tony is not at the top of the list.

1. Tichala/Black Panther

BingMag.com Who is Marvel's smartest avenger?

Other We will never see Tichala or the Black Panther (Chadwick Bozeman), but this character has left an indelible mark on Marvel's cinematic world. Tichala's scientific intelligence was also evident in comic books, although it is less evident in films. His general intelligence is very high, because he follows his only reserve, Bucky Barnes, well during the Civil War. Tichala has an all-round intellect that makes him a wise, understanding, rational and shrewd person. He knew that the hatred between Tony and Steve separated them, and at the same time, he did not express his anger at Helmut Zemo (Daniel Bruhl) even though Zemo had killed Tichala's father, King of Taka. He tried to convey the same understanding to Eric Kilmanger (Michael B. Jordan) when he tried to rule Wakanda. Tichala had a broad vision, and when he realized that the world needed Wakanda technology, he decided to open his country's borders. Tichala is not smart in just one world. What happens to him in the series if? With his high intelligence, he changed the mind of the crazy Tanus (Josh Brolin) about genocide. Tichala is definitely the smartest of all the Avengers. Of course, in this respect, Tichala is always in his family, after his extraordinarily intelligent sister, Shura (Letitia Wright). We leave the ranking of the members of this family to them.

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