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Who created the stones of eternity in Marvel's cinematic world?

BingMag.com Who created the stones of eternity in Marvel's cinematic world?

Eternity rocks are somehow the driving force behind Marvel Cinematic Universe, and there is little information about the creator and why these rocks were created. The six stones of space, reality, power, spirit, mind and time have been unveiled in various Marvel films, and the use of their power together has led to tragic events.

Seekers: Eternal War kills half of all creatures in a scene that movie fans call Breaking Eternity.

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The origins of these powerful and important stones in Marvel's world need to be explained. The only information that audiences have gained from Marvel movies is limited to a few sentences and pictures of the creators of the Eternal Stones at the time of the Big Bang. The great explosion of scientific theories in the valley is about how the universe began and before the formation of stars, galaxies, or any other shape and structure in space. In the Marvel universe, four cosmic beings played a role in creating the rocks of eternity before the Big Bang and the formation of the universe.

BingMag.com Who created the stones of eternity in Marvel's cinematic world?


These four cosmic beings are death, entropy, infinity, and eternity. Benicio del Toro, the character of Collector in Guardians of the Galaxy, points out the reasons for the existence of six eternity stones and uses a hologram to depict four cosmic beings that surround the stones in an ancient, oss-like image. Given these points, it makes sense for Marvel to decide not to portray the creation of rocks. Expressing the concepts of death, entropy, infinity and eternity correctly, accurately and comprehensibly is very complex and difficult. The scene where the collector uses stones in the temple was a good opportunity for the film's audience to find a connection between the events of the Big Bang. It is not clear in the films why and how the four main beings decide to turn the six powers of humanity into stone. Marvel's difficulty in depicting death, entropy, infinity, and eternity; Which are the creators of the stones of time, reality, power, soul, mind and time; It will be almost difficult to show the creation of the world by God on the screen. However, Marvel did not spare his characters in making gods, and Thor is known as the god of thunder.

It will not, because the presence of the angel of death in the form of the concept of death or the infinite sign will not be responsible for the concept of infinity in the film. Just as the human race knows almost nothing about how the human race was created, it is logical that Marvel's world should not have a special plan for portraying the four cosmic beings and how the six Eternal Stones were created on the big screen.

Most likely The films of the Immortals and the Four Wonders of the Future shed some light on how the universe was created, giving the celestial group the opportunity to explain in detail how infinite rocks were created and the cosmic being. In any case, the fact is that the appearance of death, entropy, infinity and eternity on the screen without questioning their very existence is extremely challenging. Will Marvel's cinematic world be incapable of portraying it? It seems that despite the superheroes of Group X, there will be no news of reality.

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