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Who are the smartest three Blade characters?

BingMag.com <b>Who</b> are the <b>smartest</b> <b>three</b> <b>Blade</b> characters?

Most viewers may think of the characters' impressive fighting ability or hunting skills when thinking of the "Blade" trilogy, but it is worth noting that Humans and intelligent creatures were also present in these films. From the clever Nisa to the ingenious Summerfield, there are several clever characters in this trilogy. These people use their knowledge in meaningful ways. Jared, for example, is trying to achieve his goals, and Whistler is trying to help others. And a spectacular TV series about the British royal family

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  • 10. Deacon Frost

    BingMag.com <b>Who</b> are the <b>smartest</b> <b>three</b> <b>Blade</b> characters?

    Deacon may be a powerful figure in This may be triple, but it is definitely not the smartest. His desire to attain the power of immortality causes him to turn a blind eye to anything that may be wrong. He is so arrogant that he thinks that using the Twelve Pure Bloods to summon Lamagra will have no consequences, and this is the decision that will ultimately hurt him.

    His poor understanding of the hierarchy of the underworld once It turns out that he is killing the vampire king and thinks that this will somehow put him in charge. The film's sequel proves that this power vacuum is being filled by something more sinister. With this in mind, he was able to translate seemingly unrecoverable ancient texts, but it is a pity that he was not intelligent enough to be able to purposefully manage the knowledge he possessed.

    9. Drake/Dracula

    BingMag.com <b>Who</b> are the <b>smartest</b> <b>three</b> <b>Blade</b> characters?

    The most violent and action scenes This trilogy belongs to Dracula, played by Drake in the modern age. As the first vampire, he's apparently has thousands of years of knowledge and experience that will not be shown at all.

    He is more than anything an aggressive violent person Who even threatens a baby somewhere in the film. Blade uses. One of the few things that shows that he is an intelligent person is where he realizes that he is the Blade of the future of the vampire race and lineage, and even admires him for his remarkable fighting skills. Drake strategically becomes a Blade at death so that the protagonist remains anonymous.

    8. Nisa Damaskinos

    BingMag.com <b>Who</b> are the <b>smartest</b> <b>three</b> <b>Blade</b> characters?

    fans will find out very soon That Nisa is a powerful person, because after her epic action sequence with Blade, the protagonist is forced to use her thirst immediately. His argument about Blade's true identity may be incorrect, but he is a clever thinker anyway.

    Throughout the film, Nisa shows that he is no longer as stubborn as vampires. It takes a while for Nisa to realize that her father is cheating on her, but she soon realizes that this situation is not right and eventually makes the right decision.

    7. Abigail Whistler

    BingMag.com <b>Who</b> are the <b>smartest</b> <b>three</b> <b>Blade</b> characters?

    Abigail is just like her father The vampire killer is a villain and could possibly be the star of his own vampire movie. He has been trained for years to hunt vampires and continue the Whistler family tradition. Be a blood farm. However, he does not do anything extraordinarily brilliant, and fans should not blame him for that, as Abigail is often busy compiling her hunting roster.

    6. Hannibal King

    BingMag.com <b>Who</b> are the <b>smartest</b> <b>three</b> <b>Blade</b> characters?

    Hannibal Who once bled It was considered a vampire, spending the rest of its life wiping out these creatures from the earth. Hannibal's humor shows that he is a thoughtful and at the same time funny person, but there is a scene in these films that shows special dimensions of his character.

    Fans may remember that he was a few minutes old. Spent talking about Dracula. He thoroughly explained the history of this vampire and talked about theories about his potential power. He is obviously an important part of the film, but unfortunately he is not very bright and has little time to show off.

    5. Blade

    BingMag.com <b>Who</b> are the <b>smartest</b> <b>three</b> <b>Blade</b> characters?

    Blade for killing thousands of blood The vampire is skilled at hunting them. He is smart enough to track the symbols they use to mark their hiding place and also quickly learns to use the new tools of Whistler and Scud.

    He is also seen in several fight scenes. , Is a strategic individual. His actions, such as killing Deacon and using Drake's distraction against himself, are very clever. However, he relies on those around him to do heavy work and design weapons and strategy. Blade often fails to understand the context and background of events, and we see this when he ignores Whistler's concern about the vampires Who have waged a general war.

    4. Squad

    BingMag.com <b>Who</b> are the <b>smartest</b> <b>three</b> <b>Blade</b> characters?

    Squad is one of the most lovable three characters "Blade" is not, but it is definitely one of the smartest. The Squadron, which enjoys hearing his name in an interesting way, gains Blade's confidence by showing his ability in Whistler's absence.

    Somewhere in the film, Whistler warns him that the UV bomb Do not do it, because he could not do it himself, but the Squad mocks him and completes the weapon in a few hours. The only obvious sign of his stupidity is that he associates with the wrong people, which ultimately hurts him.

    3. Abraham Whistler

    BingMag.com <b>Who</b> are the <b>smartest</b> <b>three</b> <b>Blade</b> characters?

    Whistler is confronted by a multitude of vampires, the spectators witnessing and enjoying the epic struggle. This old man always has Blade air. He is usually in charge of guarding the base, equipping it with advanced technology that can repel vampires. Has years of experience in implementing complex projects. He is so intelligent that he stays with him despite Blade's stubbornness and knows that he must keep his good friends to complete the mission, even after his death.

    2. Dr. Karen Jenson

    BingMag.com <b>Who</b> are the <b>smartest</b> <b>three</b> <b>Blade</b> characters?

    Karen, very lucky And he enters Blade and Whistler's life just when they need him. This hematologist can do something Whistler can't do for Blade and build a stronger serum. Saves the main character of the film to reach that fight. He had been attacked by a vampire in the hospital before, but he easily came to terms with his new reality, which is very interesting in its own way.

    1. Summerfield

    BingMag.com <b>Who</b> are the <b>smartest</b> <b>three</b> <b>Blade</b> characters?

    Summerfield is undoubtedly the smartest character in this It is threefold. He is a memorable sub-character Who plays an important role in the development of Distar's powerful environmental weapon that completely kills vampires.

    He is even smart enough to realize if someone enters a cell If they attack, there must be an alternative plan, but unfortunately Drake arrives and kills him. Fortunately, he provides precise instructions that will eventually allow the other team members to defeat Drake. Without him, death and darkness would probably have taken over the world and the ancient vampire's wish would have been fulfilled.

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