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Who are the Marvel Illuminati?

BingMag.com <b>Who</b> are the <b>Marvel</b> Illuminati?

The official trailer for "Dr. Strange in the Multi-World Madness" was full of thought-provoking images and hints of a global conflict involving the great wizard played by Benedict Cumberbatch and Scarlet Witch Starring Elizabeth Olsen.

But the biggest moment is when Strange wears a bracelet and robots that look like upgraded versions of Ultran escort her into a room. A mysterious voice in the pictures says, "We have to tell him the truth," and a face enters the frame. The figure remained in the shadows, but fans attributed the voice to Patrick Stewart, best known for his role as Professor Charles Javier in the twentieth-century Fox "X-Men" franchise. But Stewart's (possible) presence in the film is a Marvel comic book team that may change the future of Marvel's cinematic world: the Illuminati.

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Illuminati members Who First introduced in issue 7 of the New Avengers comic book, designed and written by Brian Michael Bendis and Steve McKinnon, including Strange, Javier, Iron Man, Nimour, Black Bolt, and Mr. Amazing. They first came together when Iron Man suggested to the superhero community that they form a UN-like body following the Kerry-Scroll War. The six eventually decided to meet secretly and keep their identities secret as members of this group of friends, family and teammates.

BingMag.com <b>Who</b> are the <b>Marvel</b> Illuminati?

The Illuminati initiated a number of Marvel events. For example, they decided to send Bruce Banner into space because one of the Hulk attacks had razed Las Vegas to the ground. They also tracked and divided the gems of eternity so that no one could use their power to harm others. These heroes persuaded Binder to leave the world and declared to the scroll empire that the land was their forbidden zone. Eventually, it was over, and the group split after the Hulk was exiled and a draft of the Superman Registration Act was drafted. The registration law was divided into two fronts, and this led to the story of the "Civil War". The Scrolls had a chance to repeat their actions after the battle with the Illuminati, and plotted to conquer Earth after Galactus destroyed their home in a secret invasion. Hulk, Who landed on the planet Sacr and was forced to fight in fierce gladiatorial battles, eventually returned to Earth to avenge the Illuminati in Hulk World War. The stones of eternity prevailed, leading to friction and conflict between Captain America and the Iron Man, and the Guardians of Freedom learned of the Illuminati. Almost all of these stories have influenced projects within Marvel's cinematic world. Civil War was the mainstay of "Captain America: Civil War," and is currently being filmed for DisneyPlus' "Secret Invasion." Elements of "The Hulk World War" story lead to "Thor: Regnarok" because Thor goes to Sacrifice and is forced to fight the Hulk in gladiatorial battles.

BingMag.com <b>Who</b> are the <b>Marvel</b> Illuminati?

But the recent storyline, which includes an illumination that fits perfectly with the events of the current series, may point to a future storyline that Marvel's cinematic world must adapt to. In the new series of The New Avengers (Jonathan Hickman and Steve Opting), the Black Panther, Who initially warned the Illuminati that their actions would have devastating consequences, left the Illuminati surviving members when a mysterious attack led to the collision of two different planets. And brings together the (twenty) X-Men monsters. The Illuminati are determined to manage future attacks in any way (even clearing the mind of Captain America). Eventually, this leads to Hickman and Asad's "Secret Wars" miniseries, in which Dr. Duom destroys several worlds. He had acquired god-like powers after encountering creatures called Binder.

All of this leads to the possible return of Stuart as Javier, and raises many questions about the Illuminati's presence in Marvel's cinematic world. Do they know anything about multiverse? Who else can join the X-Men Founders? There have been many rumors about the presence of Tom Cruise (who was first hired to play Tony Stark and Iron Man). The Ultran robots that accompany the Strange in the trailer are certainly made by Stark. Could Reed Richards appear as a member of the Illuminati as well as a member of Marvel's Four Wonders?

On the other hand, there may have been a secret war in Loki. In the first episode, The Magnificent Goal, where the god of evil, played by Tom Hiddleston, is taken to the Variance organization for trial, Miss Mintz (Tara Strong) shows a video of a multifaceted war that leads to the creation of a "table." It becomes a "sacred time." This multi-faceted war could be the prelude to a film that is an adaptation of Hickman and Asad's epic "Secret Wars," and we should also note that Michael Waldron, the executive producer of "Loki," wrote the screenplay for "Multi-World Madness." Joe and Anthony Rousseau have also stated that "Secret Wars" is one of their favorite comic books, and if given the opportunity, they will make an adaptation of it for Marvel Studios, and perhaps the Illuminati presence in Marvel's cinematic world will lead to this adaptation.>

Source: collider

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