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Where is Marvel's cinematic world going? Only Kevin Faigy knows the answer

BingMag.com <b>Where</b> is <b>Marvel's</b> <b>cinematic</b> <b>world</b> <b>going?</b> <b>Only</b> <b>Kevin</b> <b>Faigy</b> <b>knows</b> the answer

At the end of the "Vandavision" series (as the opening of the Marvel series after "The Avengers: The Final Game" collectively known as Phase Four) Wanda We see Maximov (Elizabeth Olsen) drinking tea next to a cabin around the lake, resting and thinking after the tragic end of the series.

However, as the camera enters the cabin As we get closer, we see that Wanda actually wants to become Scarlet Witch and is studying Darkhold, a book about dark and corrupt magic. Suddenly he hears the voices of his two missing boys and the picture turns black. When this episode aired in March 2021, we did not know how things would turn out and what Wanda would do next. Where were they then

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  • 7 magic presented in Marvel's cinematic world; Which one is more powerful? Fourteen months later, these questions were answered in Marvel Studios' "Dr. Strange in the Multi-Universal Madness": Wanda hears the voices of different versions of her sons somewhere in the Multi-Universe. Had heard, and this caused him to become a rebel and a rebel in search of a way to reach them.

    BingMag.com <b>Where</b> is <b>Marvel's</b> <b>cinematic</b> <b>world</b> <b>going?</b> <b>Only</b> <b>Kevin</b> <b>Faigy</b> <b>knows</b> the answer

    This type of personality development has been a widespread (and for some controversial) philosophy of Marvel's cinematic world since its inception. The film introduces the emotional elements of a story that was previously limited to television to the audience. Disney is also financially benefiting from the franchise, which produces two to three best-selling films a year and in the process sells more than $ 22 billion at the box office worldwide.

    Phase 4 has increased and will release 11 series and movies in less than 18 months, but all of these works lack the sense of a larger coherent narrative. Despite the gradual escalation of the infinite epic, it is still unclear Where Phase Four will go. Of course, if it really moves in a certain direction.

    The multi-world that started with the "Loki" series at DisneyPlus has played an important role in several phase four titles. The series was divided into an unlimited number of alternating realities with a single timeline. This concept is immediately added to the animated series "What if?" The films "Spider-Man: No Way Home" and "Dr. Strange in the Multi-World Madness" also spread. So far, so good. Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) was learning about multiverse five years before "Loki" in his first feature film in 2016, but the concept currently has no role in any of the other Phase 4 titles (except as mentioned). No.

    Instead, Marvel's cinematic world has created 10 separate narrative disciplines that have no clear relationship to each other, and Only two of them have survived to other titles. First, Wanda's aforementioned storyline between Vandavision and Dr. Strange in Multi-World Madness. Second: Yelena Belova (Florence Pew) at the end of "The Black Widow" who is ordered to kill Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) but does not carry out this order "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" with several anti-heroes (John Walker as White Russell, Sharon Carter as Emily Van Camp, and Valentina Allegra Dufontine as Julia Lewis Dreyfuss) and a vague story in the heart of the government. The United States ends without any obvious goal. Valentina is the one who orders Yelena to kill Clint in The Black Widow, but we still do not know who she works for or what she intends to do.

    BingMag.com <b>Where</b> is <b>Marvel's</b> <b>cinematic</b> <b>world</b> <b>going?</b> <b>Only</b> <b>Kevin</b> <b>Faigy</b> <b>knows</b> the answer

    " Loki "ends with the introduction of Kong the Conqueror (Jonathan Mygers), a character with ambitions as great as Tanus for multi-world rule. We will not meet him until the release of "Ant and the Bee: Quantum Realm." The film is currently set to release in February 2023 (in fact, the death of this version of Kong will create a multi-world).

    Wong (Benedict Wong) tells Shanghai (Simo Liu) that the rings are alien and even older than he thought. It turns out that he causes another celestial being named Arishm (David Kai) to emerge from Earth and announce that he will try the whole planet. Does anyone other than the immortals on earth know about this trial? Do none Do the Avengers know about the huge stone statue that suddenly came out of the sea? Nothing is clear yet! It goes without saying that Harry Styles is also portrayed as Tanus's attractive brother, Starfax.

    Ends. Fisk has a detailed past with Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox) who is working on a Disney-Plus spin-off series called "Echo," but we still do not know if Fisk will be in the series or not, and we do not even know that Daredevil ( Charlie Cox), who appeared in the entertaining scene in "No Way Home", is it related to other works in Marvel's cinematic world?

    At the end of "Spider-Man: No Way Home" He erased the multi-world memories of Peter Parker with Tom Holland, but he did not erase the memories of Spider-Man himself. Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) also appears in the Marvel movie world with a drop of Venom alien symbiote portrayed in the film. It ends with Marvel's cinematic world, and in Episode 3 there is Only a passing reference to Madripur, the city of thieves "Falcon and Winter Soldier". In fact, the series even shows that Oscar Isaac's superhero may be the product of his own sick mind. This storyline is a bit vague and we have to wait for now.

    BingMag.com <b>Where</b> is <b>Marvel's</b> <b>cinematic</b> <b>world</b> <b>going?</b> <b>Only</b> <b>Kevin</b> <b>Faigy</b> <b>knows</b> the answer

    Kelia ends with a character Charlize Theron who we have never seen before. He sits on a street in New York City next to Strange, opening the door to darkness and persuading Strange to accompany him. "Mrs. Marvel" and "Thor: Love and Thunder" are at the top of them, and will be released in June and July, and can bring more suspended storylines into phase four. Kamala Khan (Iman Valani), Marvel's new hero, will appear in "Marvels" in July 2023, and Guardians of the Galaxy will also star in "Thor: Love and Thunder."

    Compare Marvel's cinematic world management in Infinity Epic: We met Tanus in the sixth film, Avengers 2012. In the tenth film, Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014, we first heard the phrase "stones of eternity" and fully realized that Tanus is trying to collect all six stones of eternity. All subsequent films took the story in different ways, and with the release of "Captain America: The First Avengers," we realized that some of the gems of eternity were hidden from public view.

    Or two films) reached its peak, and each Marvel movie's film, while having new and unique experiences at its heart, conveyed a constant sense of moving forward toward a general goal: Tanus wants those stones, and His access to them will be catastrophically bad, and our heroes must stop him. ) Are in phase 4, but Marvel Studios has not yet determined whether there is a grand plan to link all of these disciplines together.

    BingMag.com <b>Where</b> is <b>Marvel's</b> <b>cinematic</b> <b>world</b> <b>going?</b> <b>Only</b> <b>Kevin</b> <b>Faigy</b> <b>knows</b> the answer

    This could be a feature, not a bug. As the content of Marvel's cinematic world expands on DisneyPlus, there are many titles that can be integrated into a single storyline, but Marvel does not intend to do so at this time. Even the introduction of the multi-world concept emphasizes this point: If an unlimited number of Wandas and Strangers and Peter Parkers live, how can an audience or storyteller follow them all?

    This has so far hurt Marvel's end result. Has not entered. Marvel's works have been almost the Only box office bestseller to date during the epidemic, selling more than $ 3.6 billion worldwide. DisneyPlus series have also been estimated to be popular. At least some of the previous successes have created audience loyalty, and they believe that investing time and money in Marvel's cinematic work with a major Avengers movie will pay off.

    Marvel Studios has yet to release an Avengers movie. The Only person who knows for sure whether this will happen or not is Kevin Faigy, Marvel's chief production officer. Based on previous records, it may be said that Marvel's first such film will be released on May 3, 2024, and will likely be released at the San Diego Comics in July or at the D23 Exhibition in September.

    However, one issue There is a possibility that it could bring together all the lines of Phase Four: Young Avengers. Enthusiastic viewers of Marvel's cinematic world know that several young superheroes or characters who become superheroes in Marvel comics over the past year and a half The world of cinema has been introduced, including America Chavez (Juchitel Gomez) in "Multiverse of Madness", Kate Bishop (Haley Steinfeld) in "Hawkeye", Kid Loki (Jack Will) in "Loki", Eli Bradley (Elijah Richardson) In "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier," Billy Maximov (Julien Hilliard) and Tommy Maximov (Jet Client) in "Vandavision" and Casey Long (Catherine Newton) in "Quantum Realm" are mentioned.

    They also make up the young avengers in the comics, and one of their enemies is the conqueror Kong. Therefore, this story line is one of the possibilities and final results of phase four. We do not yet know anything about the Trial of Arish, the Valentina Plans, the Shanghai Rings, the Venom, the Kingpin Conspiracies, or the Darkness of the Church, but Faigi certainly knows that he needs Marvel youth to build the future of this cinematic world.

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