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What path did the 4 main actors of the Seinfeld comedy series take after its end?

Popular Sitcom Seinfeld was, in a way, the beginning of the career of its main actors, and each of the four main actors, after the end of the series, had separate paths in the world. They made a movie and a series.

Seinfeld is a lovely series that is not about anything special and follows the life story of Jerry Seinfeld in the fourth and fifth decades of his life as a semi-fictional character. The series details his love affair and daily life with his best friend George Castanza (Jason Alexander), his ex-girlfriend Eileen Bens (Julia Louis Dreyfuss) and his bizarre neighbor Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards). The series lasted 9 seasons and is usually in the top 10 series of each list and was nominated for 68 Emmy Awards, winning 10 awards.

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In addition to starting their main cast, the series includes characters from the 90's It was a year that they are very famous today. Brian Cranston is a prime example, appearing in six episodes from 1994 to 1997 as Jerry's dentist Dr. Tim Watley, and is best known for his role as Walter White in Breaking Bad, for which he won an Emmy. . Another prominent Seinfeld star was Wayne Knight, who played Newman, Jerry's main enemy. The actor is still remembered for his role in Seinfeld. Jerry Stiller has long been a major member of the comedy community, but Seinfeld made a name for himself again late in the actor's career. He played George Castaneza's father George in the series.

Since the last episode of Season 9 aired in 1998, the sitcom's main cast has reappeared on television once again. Jerry, Julia, and Jason appeared separately in their own roles in a few episodes in the early seasons of Larry David's "Don't Taste," and the four main actors reunited in Season 7, Season 7. David revealed that he was never interested in making a real series with the reappearance of Seinfeld actors. So reuniting the members of this group to build just one special part was the best alternative. But what did the main Seinfeld actors do after the end of the series, apart from their public appearance in the series?> BingMag.com What path did the 4 main actors of the Seinfeld comedy series take after its end?

Jerry Seinfeld, after spending 9 seasons in the series in which he played his role, is largely on TV And the cinema went away. Of course, there are exceptions to this, and the most notable is his appearance in the 2007 animated Barry the Bee as the voice actor of Barry Benson. He went on to play the role of Frick Masterstroke as a guest actor on a part of the Mystery 3,000 Science Theater series, and also had a brief stint in his own roles in Rock 30 and Louis.

Since Jerry first appeared. Known as a comedian, it is not surprising that his career continued in the same old, original way after Seinfeld Season 9. From 2010 to 2011, he hosted a television show called Marriage Referee, in which celebrities chose the winner of real-life marital disputes. Host Jerry Seinfeld, executive producer and creator of the comedy show, was drinking coffee in the car in 2012, which won him several Emmy Awards. Jerry individually invited each of his main teammates on the Seinfeld series as guests. Returning to the stand-up comedy career after the series ended, Jerry Seinfeld performed several comedies, including Jerry Seinfeld in 2017 and 23 Hours to Murder in 2020.

Julia Louis Dreyfuss (Elaine)

BingMag.com What path did the 4 main actors of the Seinfeld comedy series take after its end?

Julia Louis Dreyfuss with 9 seasons playing the iconic role of Elaine By the end of Seinfeld, Bance had undoubtedly had the most successful career among the other actors since the last episode of Sitcom. Luis Dreyfuss has appeared in many television series to date and is considered one of the most iconic actors in the history of television, with a record eight Emmys among all television actors, a record equal to that of Cloris Richman. His first major project after Seinfeld was starring in a sitcom called The New Adventures of Christian Pierre, which aired from 2006 to 2010 and was canceled after five seasons. The series took Julia Louis Dreyfuss to another Emmy, and she soon landed the lead role in the TV series Vice President, where she played Vice President Selena Meyer from 2012 to 2019. Played. The series won six Emmy Awards, making her the highest-grossing Emmy-winning actress for a landline role. It was Pixar in 1998. Dreyfuss has joined one of the most popular franchises in the history of cinema and television after appearing in the movie Downhill (2020) and the animation Will Ferrell and Disney called Forward. Julia Luis Dreyfuss plays Valentina Allegra de Fontaine in Marvel's cinematic world, appearing for the first time in the fascinating and mysterious character in Disney Plus's Falcon and Winter Soldier, and later in the scene after the credits of The Black Widow. Fontaine is expected to play a more important role in the franchise, which means that Louis Dreyfuss will be accompanied by a host of projects in the near future.

Jason Alexander (George) >

BingMag.com What path did the 4 main actors of the Seinfeld comedy series take after its end?

Jason Alexander seems to have fallen victim to a popular term called the Seinfeld curse, which is a superstitious belief It is said that Seinfeld's great success has prevented the main actors of this series from appearing in new and prominent series. Obviously, Julia Luis Dreyfuss is an example of a significant violation in this regard, but Alexander has certainly gone through a difficult time to cut ties with his protagonist, George Castanza. Alexander's first post-Seinfeld TV series failure was in 2001, when he starred in the IBS TV series Bob Patterson, which was canceled after five episodes. The former Seinfeld star then had another chance to revive his comedy career on Listen, but the series was canceled by CBS only after a season.

Hall of Fame and Drama Hatchi: The Story of a Dog in 2009, after the final season and the ninth Seinfeld, played the role of voice actors in DVD movies. After not appearing in a regular series, Alexander has been routinely used as a guest on successful TV series. The actor also played George Castanza in Seinfeld in a 2001 episode of Friends. He went on to play the villain in Criminal Mind, Poseidon in Hercules, Chris Borgman in Harley Quinn, and Jane Landy in Sheldon Young Sibius./p>

Michael Richards (Kramer)

BingMag.com What path did the 4 main actors of the Seinfeld comedy series take after its end?

It's hard to break away from a weird character like Kazemo Kramer at Seinfeld, and Michael Richards will always depend on his Emmy winner. Like his Seinfeld teammates, Richards began his career as a comedian in Hollywood, appearing in several special comedy shows and talk shows. After Seinfeld, Richards, like Jason Alexander, tried very quickly to pursue his comedy series. Anubius canceled it. The actor of Kramer character in Seinfeld, after the end of this series, had a relatively low career and played small roles in projects such as Barry the Bee with Jerry Seinfeld, Faith, Love and Hope and the canceled series of Christie.

Richards apologized through many media outlets in an attempt to make up for the mistake. But this incident was widely reported and tarnished his reputation. In one episode of the comedians' comedy show, while drinking coffee in the car, the Seinfeld star blamed the mistake on leaving his stand-up comedy career.

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