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What is the reason for the superiority of the Madagascar franchise over the Shrek series?

BingMag.com What is the reason for the superiority of the Madagascar franchise over the Shrek series?

What turned DreamWorks's Shrek character into a monster was the cultural issues at the time of its release and the type of comedy it contained. The film focuses primarily on creating a satirical, mock-up-of-the-myth tale that the audience was unaware of at the end of Disney's heyday. Its ironic and adult tone compared to other Hollywood animations in 2001 made it one of the most popular animated films in the world. Disney's anti-cultural animation title turned into a new millennium and caught the attention of viewers. At the opening of the Oscars, the Green Giant Company and its friends won the Best Feature Animation Award, which was the reason for making its new series. The award quickly led to the formation of DreamWorks as a studio. Despite the cultural issues, the company changed the field of animation and painted a complete portrait of the growing animation studio of the time. But if Shrek invented the comedy language at DreamWorks Studios, Madagascar improved it in 2005.

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After a decade of sequels and spin-offs, the popularity of the company name declined in 2010. In addition to the overwhelming popularity of Shrek 3 and Shrek Forever, the brand of legendary comedy films over-imitated in family movies, such as the happy ending animation, had lost its freshness. The red cape and even the Disney parody animation with the enchanted name were in this category. Madagascar, meanwhile, has become the second DreamWorks franchise to tell the story of a zoo animal returning to New York Central Park. During various movies and spin-offs, the zoo's wild animals engage in adventures that show their wild temperament, and their friendship is tested. The Madagascar trilogy leaves behind shirk films that, in a comedic tone, tell a comprehensive and coherent story without taunting anti-cultural issues and with a greater focus on the relationships and reactions of its characters.

Comedy in Shrek animation was a mockery of a cultural genre, but Madagascar draws its humor from the situations and the way its clumsy characters react in that situation, which makes it easier for the general public to understand. The characters Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman portray New Yorkers, each film that takes them out of the comfort of American urban nature and into the hustle and bustle of islands, African savannah planes, and even the streets of Europe. The cultural differences of serious American characters living in another land are reminiscent of comedies such as the Hangover 2 movie or the National Lampon European Vacation. It kills, as if tourists are helpless. Alex is a lion that has never hunted and is a giraffe that cannot live without Western medicine. Although they are animals that Mother Nature evolved to survive in nature, they are not as ready as they should be to live in nature.

BingMag.com What is the reason for the superiority of the Madagascar franchise over the Shrek series? Shrek movies follow a demon's gradual path to starting a family, but the Madagascar series uses a sequel in each episode to find a way to show a complete and comprehensive ending to the story. Regardless of the status of the relationship between Shrek and Fiona as a couple and the royal family, the events of each episode of Shrek, especially Shrek 3 and Shrek Forever, have little effect on each other because the series is based more on the life events and timing of Shrek and his family. Is. Madagascar has a better narrative as a series because each film begins exactly where the previous events in the story end. Returning to New York is an important goal at the heart of every movie and the characters' efforts to achieve it. The first film shows the differences between them by placing them on remote islands, the second film completes the characters' flourishing in the African wildlife, and the third film completes the puzzle by returning them to the zoo, and all the efforts they made to achieve these experiences. Destroys. Shirk films have largely isolated narratives, but the Madagascar series tries to build its narrative from the beginning to the end of the story.

Madagascar builds most of its comedy during its animation. The design, physics and animation company has established its characters in a more believable way to strengthen its dialogue-based comedy nature. Madagascar is an animated cartoon. These characters are caricatures of animals with geometric anatomy designs, to enhance the exaggerated tone and physical comedy of the cartoon. Before the Hotel Transylvania animations, or Cloudy with the possibility of dumplings, Madagascar films had excellent computer graphics with classic hand-drawn designs that performed well with abnormal facial expressions. The speed with which the characters and facial expressions change makes seeing the animation itself as much as using the dialogues makes the audience laugh. If it's a public comedy company, Madagascar is a superhero comedy. This was accompanied by the explicit taunts of Shirk animation to Disney, the world of Mickey Mouse character, and largely determined the high power of Shrek character as the narrator of a non-traditional legend. Madagascar also helped explain the studio's non-Disney identity. Madagascar's films were a pioneer and a better example of contemporary storytelling animation at DreamWorks Studios than Shrek, which won an Academy Award. Madagascar grew with its characters in each episode, producing comedy that is visually appealing and entertaining to the general public.

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