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What is the reason for great directors to criticize the agents of Marvel films?

Despite the positive reviews and commercial success of Marvel movies and TV series, great directors such as Martin Scorsese, Danny Villeneuve, Ken Loach are still in the Marvel movie world. They have a lot of negative views and many of its titles have been criticized, which often confuses fans.

This type of criticism is often due to minor flaws in superhero films that are not seen by others. There is something big hidden behind these sharp attacks.

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Superhero films have been a staple of box office since the late 2000s Today, the entire Marvel collection is worth about $ 23 billion. With the arrival of the Avengers: the end of the game to the third phase, which with its sales of 2 billion and eight hundred million dollars, has become the best-selling film on the release date. In addition to the ticket sales of these films, it received a lot of criticism, and the humorous and action nature of the film, the strong acting of the actors, and its computer special effects have been praised by the audience. In fact, every movie is a new title for Raton Tomitoz, especially if it's the title of Marvel Studios. Who are not in favor of these titles at all. With all the splendor on the big screen, many believe that most of the films are inspired by each other and that there is no creativity in them, some even go so far as to explicitly declare that they are titles copied from another film. Given that there has been a great deal of criticism of the Marvel universe, it is very difficult to ignore them. However, a closer look at these criticisms reveals that not only are these statements not wrong, but they will nevertheless reveal something important about the film industry.

The role of the media in the anti-Marvel Scorsese, Villeneuve, and others statements h2>

BingMag.com What is the reason for great directors to criticize the agents of Marvel films?

Since the number of great directors with a pessimistic outlook is not small compared to Marvel, it is rare that Criticize them and do not provoke a riot. In many cases, the strong criticism of people like Villeneuve, Ridley Scott, and other directors comes from lengthy interviews with journalists. The reason for their successive questions on a subject is also very clear. In the field of commercial and genre success in today's cinemas, superhero films are subject to much criticism. It is obvious that in the art movements, in any field of music, literature and film, the more popular style is more criticized by the people of cinema. This is more likely to come from ignoring the work and efforts of others with a bit of jealousy. It seems very difficult not to react and be jealous of the $ 3 billion revenue of a film that is devoid of any creativity.

Although Marvel is more than a repetitive formula, it is clear that Marvel's freedom in Making your own titles is not to the liking of some directors. The company is known for having multiple timelines and related narratives, meaning that each film is about a larger story. It is clear that this issue brings other directors. Edgar Wright, for example, withdrew from the Ant Man project because his film was not going well. These tensions, in addition to the high public expectations of these million-dollar projects, have made Marvel films a good target for the media. Given the general popularity of the genre and Marvel's unique creative vision, we will still see these conflicts between independent filmmakers and those who enjoy projects with long stories.

Criticisms of Marvel do not seem to be true

BingMag.com What is the reason for great directors to criticize the agents of Marvel films?

The popularity of films and the audience's need for solid narratives has been a reason for directors to be reluctant to make films, but This is not the same for everyone. Marvel has been able to create countless stories in various genres in the same dull industry, the company has proved what success in the film industry means by its unique style and story lines with interconnected narratives in its films.

Insulting Marvel means insulting great directors. h2>

BingMag.com What is the reason for great directors to criticize the agents of Marvel films?

With the success of this studio, getting a sharp edge of criticism towards Marvel for other filmmakers in this industry as well. It gets easier. The misconception that the director is not going to Marvel properly is a clear insult to the talented actors who have contributed to the franchise to date. The notion that Marvel directors are not involved in the end result is not only a humiliating insult, but also very wrong. Iron is formed by Thor director Ken Brana and Taika Waititi. Although some elements of the story are indisputable, the fingerprints of every director, regardless of their gender, are evident on every project. Taika Waititi's Thor: Regnarok, for example, is a hilarious combination of classic superhero action and bizarre humor, all of which have led to the formation of an original film. It hurts. Whitey has said that he was like a guest in making Marvel in the world, but he also had a lot of creative power. This is a strong argument for the theory that a great director can still be successful within the rules of the Marvel universe.

Just as a great director can make a great Marvel movie, a bad director can do it. The success of Marvel titles is undeniable. Every film desperately needs elements of narrative, visual effects and creativity, each of which in some way plays a major role in ensuring the film's success. The only difference between the titles is their connection to the wider world of Marvel. There is no doubt that some directors in this field have a problem with what can or cannot be done with such a difference that dictates to them. In any case, as Marvel progresses, more talented people become more successful over time.

There is no confrontation between Marvel and other films

BingMag.com What is the reason for great directors to criticize the agents of Marvel films?

Marvel's long list of more than twenty films that tell a single story has made Marvel's world a huge success in the history of cinema. Although the difference between these titles and other films is obvious, the main basis for placing each of its components at the core of the main story is significantly similar to other major filmmaking projects, although some other similarities, such as the original narrative and the confrontation of good and evil, are undeniable. These are things that can be seen not only in superhero movies but in the entire film industry. The tension and confrontation between Marvel and other films is nothing more than an illusion. For example, Telemasse director Danny Vilno, who recently called the world of Marvel a duplicate and adaptation, regularly uses themes and elements in his films that fans of superhero films quickly recognize. The story of a film like Blade Runner 2049, which is a self-centered style of law enforcement for defendants in a futuristic world, has many similarities to the story of anti-crime films.

One of Marvel's criticisms is that the idea of making superhero films just The more money you make, the more the proprietary company sees the means to make more profit than the performing arts. Such criticisms, however, have failed to recognize the success of what Marvel's world is known for today, something that the vast world of Disi has difficulty proving. Combining a group of popular characters in the camera lens and expecting a great result is by no means enough, but the unique vision and the superhuman organization must form different and heterogeneous subjects together to make a satisfying and successful story. Marvel's cinematic world, with its various definitions, is very different from other titles in the film industry. Although he has accepted many of the criticisms leveled at Marvel, being specific in this area does not mean failure.

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