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What is the chance of "Spider-Man: There is no way home" for the Oscar for Best Picture?

BingMag.com <b>What</b> is the <b>chance</b> of 'Spider-Man: There is no <b>way</b> home' <b>for</b> the <b>Oscar</b> <b>for</b> <b>Best</b> Picture?

Since the final list of 10 Oscar nominees announced on Tuesday, the third season of Tom Holland's world in two categories of sound and special effects It's time to have a serious talk about the Oscar-winning film.

Unlike most superhero films, critics and audiences are close to "Spider-Man: No way Home" (94 respectively). % And 99% on Rotten Tomatoes site). The film also managed to join the club of films that managed to get an A + rating from CinemaScore. The club, which has only 91 films and "There is no way home", has become the fourth live-action superhero on this list after "The Avengers" (2012), "The Black Panther" (2018) and "The Avengers: The End of the Game" (2019).

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I Never Go to "Follow Money to Predict Winners "I did not believe it." But in these two years, with the outbreak of the pandemic, the box office break (which now has any meaning in closing down cinemas) has had less of an impact on the awards campaign than ever before. Yet, as Web Salinger has said, great success can boost the chances of winning the award. On the road to success. The film is expected to sell for at least $ 90 million over the Christmas holidays. "Matrix Resurrections" sold the final nominee for both sound and special effects.

BingMag.com <b>What</b> is the <b>chance</b> of 'Spider-Man: There is no <b>way</b> home' <b>for</b> the <b>Oscar</b> <b>for</b> <b>Best</b> Picture?

With a change in the voting system and 10 seats on the ballot, a film like "No way Home", like the years when there was a sliding judging system, does not need to be number 1 and vote 5% of the academy. To be ranked one. Instead, he could run for office with eight, nine, or 10 ballots. This theory explains the dazzling arrival of a film like "Blind Side" (2009). However, this will not be easy either.

It is no secret that superhero movies are not very popular with the academy. Unfortunately, even critical acclaim did not allow films such as "Iron Man" (2008) or "Spider-Man: Towards Spider-Man" (2018) to qualify for the Academy. for this reason, when Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight" was nominated for Best Picture in 2008, the Academy leadership voted to increase the number of nominees from 5 to 10, hoping that more popular films would have a chance to compete. It took a decade for Chadwick Bozeman's stellar machine to enter the Dolby Theater as the final nominee, eventually winning three statuettes for stage design, costume design and soundtrack. "The Joker" (2019) Todd Phillips topped the list with 11 nominations, with Wakin Phoenix and Hildor receiving Best Actor and Gundadotir receiving Best Soundtrack. Guanadotir was the first woman to win the award (when composers were tired of losing to Disney movies and the academy split the music academy by genre, Rachel Portman for "Emma" (1996) and Anne Dudley for "The Complete Monty" (1997) (original music and comedy won) . So let's see how many nominations he can really win?

There has been a strong connection between special effects and stage design over the past decade. Therefore, this film may be considered as a replacement for the movie "Dune" in this part of the competition. Writer Mark Johnson always points to an interesting statistic: 18 films from the previous 21 Special Effects category winners were also nominated for stage design. The three exceptions are "Spider-Man 2" (2004), "X-Machine" (2014) and "Jungle Book" (2016).

BingMag.com <b>What</b> is the <b>chance</b> of 'Spider-Man: There is no <b>way</b> home' <b>for</b> the <b>Oscar</b> <b>for</b> <b>Best</b> Picture?

Oscar-winning cinematographer Mauro Fiore (" Avatar ") may face a tough battle that seems to be the most competitive in the competition since 2007, with Harris Zambarlokos in attendance. Black and White is "Belfast" and Ari Wegner for "Dog Power." They are kinder to artists from other branches of the academy with genre films. But the thing to keep in mind is that an MCU movie has never been nominated in this category. Of course, the results of ACE Eddies (American Cinema Editors), which begins voting on the nominees on January 11, could help nominate the film in this category as well.

2017) was among the comic book adaptations among the candidates. But screenwriters Chris McConaughey and Eric Summers have a better chance of winning the shortlist because of the shortlist of contenders. We should not think that Holland or Zendaya (who I believe is a leading actor in the film) can be nominated in the relevant categories, but "Save the Cinemas" is a powerful message that can be used when filling out ballots, even if it means voting for actors. , Resonate in the minds of the judges.


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