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What if Hawkai died instead of Quicksilver in the Age of Ultran?

Quicksilver died at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron, but if Hawkai had died in his place, Marvel's cinematic world would have looked completely different.

The film shocked viewers in 2015 with a threat posed by Ultran, and many speculated that one of the heroes would die. The official announcements of Marvel Studios Phase 3 and the general popularity of certain characters ruled out the possibility of the deaths of people like Iron Man, Captain America and Thor. However, several other Marvel movie heroes were considered candidates for death.
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  • Where were they then? It all ended in a moment in Sukovia. The Avengers were on the verge of defeating this evil AI created by Tony Stark. Many of the heroes drove the last civilians out of the city. Hawkai walked away from the aircraft carrier at the last moment to rescue the boy who was in Ultran's range. He and the boy were subjected to a gunshot, and at the final moment Quicksilver rushed in to rescue them. The sequel was a heroic ending for Quick Silver that broke Scarlett Witch's heart and saved Hawkai from the death that many viewers expected. There are also those whose story may have gone differently. QuickSilver's death eventually played a major role in shaping Scarlett Witch's growing storyline in Marvel's cinematic world, and Hawkeye became a key player at the end of Phase 3 and the beginning of Phase 4. For these reasons, it is certainly interesting to consider the possibility of Hawkai's death instead of QuickSilver. Marvel Studios may never consider this scenario, but it is certainly an interesting scenario that changes the reality of Marvel's cinematic world in many ways.

    Why Quicksilver (not Hawkeye) in The Age of Ultron Was he killed?

    BingMag.com <b>What</b> if <b>Hawkai</b> <b>died</b> <b>instead</b> of <b>Quicksilver</b> in the <b>Age</b> of Ultran?

    Marvel Studios seems to have a lot of options for Ultran's victim in this There was no movie. Their plans kept Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor out of the fray, and the Black Widow, the Hulk, and Hawkai played a key role in their role as the main avengers. Director Joss Veyron even admitted that he was worried that Disney and Marvel executives would not even let him kill QuickSilver.

    However, it was decided that Ultran would kill one of the heroes for excitement. Raise Marvel and surprise the audience, and this is where Quicksilver enters the scene. Jeremy Renner's character may have been a more realistic candidate for death, but he had become Loki's helper in most of the Avengers plot, and it seemed a bit difficult. It was finally decided that instead of shortening the story of Quicksilver in Marvel's cinematic world, he would leave the narrative altogether. His death affects various characters and surprises Marvel's audience, as they expected Petro Maximov to play an important role in Marvel's cinematic world. Spoiled

    BingMag.com <b>What</b> if <b>Hawkai</b> <b>died</b> <b>instead</b> of <b>Quicksilver</b> in the <b>Age</b> of Ultran?

    Marvel's decision not to kill Hawkai in "Avengers: Age of Ultron" likely It was largely because they knew that killing him would ruin his storyline in Marvel's cinematic world. The "Avengers" sequel was Hawkai's third appearance in the series. He had not done much in the previous two episodes. He had only a brief stint with Thor before starring in The Avengers and helping Loki. Thor was not very popular with Jeremy Renner, and he even repeatedly suggested to Marvel that Hawkeye be removed from the storyline in Avengers 2012. He felt that Hawkeye was not important in Marvel's cinematic stories.

    Marvel could have fulfilled his request in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but instead kept him from developing Clint Barton's story. Hawkeye went on to star in "Captain America: Civil War" and "The Avengers: The Final Game," and also starred in his own Disney-Plus series. These films and series proved the importance of Hawkeye as one of Marvel's greatest superheroes (despite his lack of special powers), but it would not have been possible if he had died.

    Quicksilver could have joined the new Avengers

    BingMag.com <b>What</b> if <b>Hawkai</b> <b>died</b> <b>instead</b> of <b>Quicksilver</b> in the <b>Age</b> of Ultran?

    When he died, Pietro was added to the list of new avengers. He understood the positive side of the Avengers in the third act and, along with the other heroes, tried to stop Ultran. Scarlett Witch and Vision both joined Captain America and the Black Widow's new Avengers team, so it made sense for Quicksilver to join them. Made that revived Quicksilver. This shows that the chances of surviving Quicksilver and joining the new Avengers were not zero. If that happened, he would have established himself on the team, and the hero would have played a key role in "Captain America: The Civil War" and beyond.


    BingMag.com <b>What</b> if <b>Hawkai</b> <b>died</b> <b>instead</b> of <b>Quicksilver</b> in the <b>Age</b> of Ultran?

    Bishop was in Marvel's cinematic world. In Phase 4, Haley Steinfeld plays the Hawkeye fan, and Clint Barton tries to make her the next owner of the Hawkeye costume. But in the event of Hawkai's complete absence after Avengers: Age of Ultron, Marvel Studios could have introduced Kate Bishop in Phase 3, making him the first hereditary superhero. He was even the youngest of the Avengers veterans, and probably played a role similar to Spider-Man. So this hero could have been added to this collection sooner than that.

    According to the above, will the black widow still die in the "final game"?

    BingMag.com <b>What</b> if <b>Hawkai</b> <b>died</b> <b>instead</b> of <b>Quicksilver</b> in the <b>Age</b> of Ultran?

    Hawkai's death in Avengers: Age of Ultron could also change the fate of the Black Widow in Avengers: The Final Game. Clint and Natasha, due to their friendship and intimacy, were together during the robbery and carried out Vermeer's mission to obtain the soul stone. The mission ended with the sacrifice of the Black Widow to keep Hawkai alive and reunite with his family after rescuing the world. There is between them. However, it was possible that the Rousseau brothers would keep Natasha away from Operation Vermeer and keep her alive so that "The Black Widow" would be the start of a new franchise dedicated to her.

    Changes in the story The Tragic Scarlet Witch in Marvel Cinematic World

    BingMag.com <b>What</b> if <b>Hawkai</b> <b>died</b> <b>instead</b> of <b>Quicksilver</b> in the <b>Age</b> of Ultran?

    Quixiliver's Death is also Scarlet Witch's sad story in It will change Marvel's cinematic world as well, but it may not completely overturn it. Wanda and Pietro's deep bond was Scarlett's key relationship during Phase 3, during which time she fell in love with Vision. The truth is that Vision's death had a greater impact on Scarlet Witch's storyline than Quicksilver's death, but Hawkai's death in Avengers: Age of Ultron could have affected her as well.

    This could have happened before They can become close friends, but if Hawkai died shortly after his motivational conversation with Wanda, he would have had a greater impact on the hero. In this way, in many ways, Scarlet Witch's heroic deeds were done in honor of Hawkai and because of her words.

    BingMag.com <b>What</b> if <b>Hawkai</b> <b>died</b> <b>instead</b> of <b>Quicksilver</b> in the <b>Age</b> of Ultran?

    If Quicksilver survives the Age of Ultran, it is likely to help fight Tanus in movies. "Eternal War" and "Final Game" were present. Thanks to its extraordinary speed, Quicksilver adds to the Avengers' power and skill in fighting Tanus. If there was one hero among the heroes who could surprise Tanus and steal the stone of eternity, it was a quicksilver.

    Even if the heroes were still unable to prevent Tanus from breaking, it was possible. If Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, or Quicksilver survives after the break, look for their lost brother or sister. Regardless of Quicksilver's fate when he breaks, his speed will certainly be useful in the battle against the great army of Tanus in the "Final Game".> 4 changed

    BingMag.com <b>What</b> if <b>Hawkai</b> <b>died</b> <b>instead</b> of <b>Quicksilver</b> in the <b>Age</b> of Ultran?

    And the shift in the fate of Hawkai and Quicksilver in "The Avengers: Age of Ultron" fundamentally changed the appearance of Marvel's cinematic world in Phase 4. Scarlett Witch's grief in Vandavision, with her brother, at least diminished and changed her situation. In addition, Ralph Bonner's troubles did not happen at all with the presence of Aaron Taylor Johnson in the role of Quick Silver.

    It was not produced today. Maybe instead of introducing Kate Bishop to Marvel's cinematic world, this series would address another issue, because Kate Bishop was probably part of the Marvel universe until then. The series could have been a special story for him, similar to "Falcon and the Winter Soldier", after several side adventures. If Clint Barton were to die, the series would likely become a showcase for Marvel Young Avengers and a large part of the Kit Bishop Phase 4 story in Marvel's cinematic world.

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