What if Bill and Nolan made a fourth Batman movie?

Christopher Nolan's "Batman" movies are considered among the best superhero works in the history of cinema. Nolan's Batman trilogy ended with The Dark Knight Rises, but what would have happened if he had made the fourth Batman movie with Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne?

BingMag.com What if Bill and Nolan made a fourth Batman movie?

Christopher Nolan's "Batman" movies are considered among the best superhero works in the history of cinema. Nolan's Batman trilogy ended with The Dark Knight Rises, but what would have happened if he had made the fourth Batman movie with Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne?

Batman as one of the most popular and The most beloved comic book characters have appeared in movies and television for years and have had a turbulent history on the silver screen. It all started with two films made in the 1940s, followed by a film adaptation of the 1960s Batman TV series starring Adam West and Burt.

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After that, in 1989, the movie "Batman" was made, directed by Tim Burton, and it was followed by the movie "Batman Returns" in 1992. A movie that is known as one of the best superhero movies in the history of cinema. After that, our hero in black became one of the most enduring characters in Hollywood with the films "Batman Forever" and "Batman and Robin" by Joel Schumacher, but it was the year 2005 that became an exceptional year for this outstanding character because Christopher Nolan's "Batman Begins" film, which explored the origin of this character and pitted him against the villainous character Ras Al Ghul played by Liam Neeson and Jonathan Crane or the Scarecrow played by Cillian Murphy, could become a turning point for him. Nolan beautifully depicted Gotham as a corrupt city and showed a much darker and more realistic Batman to the audience, and the success of his films led to the creation of two more sequels, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, the first to It is known as the best film of this trilogy.

Nolan's "Dark Knight" trilogy led to the creation of superhero movies with a darker theme and redefining the superhero genre, and especially "The Dark Knight" became one of the most influential superhero movies so far. it was made. The Dark Knight Rises ended the trilogy by separating Bruce Wayne from Batman and focusing on his new life with Selina Kyle, played by Anne Hathaway, far away from Gotham City, but the question remains. What would happen if Nolan and Bale teamed up again for a Batman movie, and what impact could the fourth film have on other superhero movies?

Batman Bill should have appeared alongside Robin


BingMag.com What if Bill and Nolan made a fourth Batman movie?

The events of the movie "The Dark Knight Rises" eight years after the events of the movie "The Dark Knight" in It is happening and in this movie we see Bruce who has faced the consequences of the death of Rachel Dawes and Harvey Dent and has become a full-fledged recluse. Although crime has been eradicated in Gotham City thanks to Dent's laws, when a new villain named Ben, played by Tom Hardy, attacks Gotham, Bruce is forced to take on the mantle of Batman again. The one who helped Batman and James Gordon played by Gary Oldman was John Blake played by Joseph Gordon Levitt, a rookie officer who discovered Bruce's secret identity long ago.

At the end of the movie "The Dark Knight Rises" , Batman realizes that the only way to save the city from the plans of Bane and Talia Al Ghul played by Marion Cotillard is to use his plane, the Bat, to carry a bomb far away and drop it where it can easily detonate without causing any danger. but it also meant risking his own life. After that, everyone assumed that Batman was dead and Wayne's mansion was turned into an orphanage, and Bruce's estate was handed over to Alfred Pennyworth, played by Michael Caine. The Dark Knight Rises ends with Alfred running into Bruce and Selina in Europe, Blake resigning from the police force and receiving a package from Bruce that leads him to the Idol Cave.

Furthermore, The Dark Knight Rises revealed that John Blake's first name is actually Robin, leading to speculation that he would most likely replace Batman in Gotham City and possibly For this reason, the black knight has guided him to the cave. If the fourth Batman movie is made by Nolan and Bale, we will definitely see Blake become Robin and team up with Christian Bale's Batman. Of course, the biggest question that was raised was what would happen in the city of Gotham when Bruce and Blake team up and cause Wayne to abandon his new and peaceful life to return to a city that has always offended him.

Are Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle still together?

BingMag.com What if Bill and Nolan made a fourth Batman movie?

Selina Kyle was introduced in The Dark Knight Rises as a thief, a thief, and Bane's partner. The one who wanted to trap Batman. But she eventually supported Bruce and helped him defeat Bane and find a way to save Gotham City and prevent the explosion of the bomb that Talia had prepared.

Then Selina and Bruce developed a good relationship and moved away from Gotham City to start a peaceful life together after everything that happened to them in this city. If Bruce decided to return to Gotham City and become Batman again and form a team with Robin, Selina could also accompany him and the three would become a powerful team against the villains and different departments according to their expertise. And their art to cover and make the villains can't even think of evil anymore.

Who could become the villain of the Dark Knight Rises sequel?

BingMag.com What if Bill and Nolan made a fourth Batman movie?

Perhaps the biggest question about Nolan and Bale's fourth Batman sequel was who would be the villain this time around. And will steal the peaceful sleep from the eyes of the people of Gotham City? As mentioned above, "Batman 4" had to do something to give Bruce a good reason to return to Gotham City and don the mantle of Batman, so this movie definitely needed a unique villain. The Dark Knight Trilogy introduced and told the stories of many of Batman's enemies, such as Carmine Falcone, Ra's Al Ghul, Scarecrow, The Joker, Two-Face, and Bane, but there are still plenty of unique villains on the waiting list that a fourth sequel could have. Use them.

The best options most likely to appear in the fourth sequel were the Riddler and Viktor Zesz, who were very subtly hinted at in both Dark Knight Trilogies. Victor Zesz was a ruthless and bloodthirsty serial killer who carved marks into the skin of each of his victims and appeared in Batman Begins as a former mob leader who was transferred to Arkham Asylum by Jonathan Crane. Later, Zezz was seen fleeing Arkham to get the account of Rachel Dawes, but Batman arrived in time and saved his life. Darkness has been inconspicuously present, though not as Edward Nygma. Coleman Reyes, the Wayne Enterprises employee who tried to blackmail Lucius Fox and Bruce Wayne, is believed to be the version of the Riddler that Nolan wanted to show the audience, as Fox kept referring to him as Mr. Reyes, the Word of Secrets. evokes for the audience. In the end, Rhys agreed to keep Batman's identity a secret after saving his life, so while Rhys may not have been the Riddler, the joke could have paved the way for the introduction of Edward Nygma in Batman 4.

Batman 4 could have damaged the ending of The Dark Knight Rises

BingMag.com What if Bill and Nolan made a fourth Batman movie?

Although the fourth sequel A Batman movie made by Nolan and Bale could have been exciting, but it definitely wouldn't have been the best movie in the series. The film "The Dark Knight Rises" was able to finish this trilogy and give Bruce Wayne, or Batman, a happy ending to the story and allow him to leave behind all the pain related to Gotham and Batman and finally start his life. And the making of the fourth film meant discrediting all these stories.

However, if the making of the fourth "Batman" film had been approved before the completion of the "The Dark Knight Rises" script, this film could definitely have been made. Have a different ending and open the way for other adventures. However, all this does not mean that the ending of "The Dark Knight Rises" was not good or that it cannot be continued. In fact, it is impossible to imagine that this movie could have ended in a different way.

What did Nolan's Batman 4 mean for the DC cinematic universe?

BingMag.com What if Bill and Nolan made a fourth Batman movie?

The beginning of the Dark Knight trilogy had a huge impact on the wider DC Universe, but if a fourth Batman movie was made, perhaps the DC Cinematic Universe Si was not in the position it is today. The DC Cinematic Universe began in 2013 with Zack Schneider's Man of Steel. A character that showed audiences a darker and more tragic take on Superman, incorporating many of the lessons learned from Nolan's Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, and even helped expand the DC Universe. Man of Steel came out a year after The Dark Knight Rises, so if Batman 4 had been made, it would have come out after the DC Cinematic Universe was launched.

Given the tone and approach The difference between Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy and what the DC world is trying to show seems unlikely. That this film could fit into such a framework, although the story of "Batman 4" could have a different tone to become part of the DC Cinematic Universe. This means that the Batman v Superman movie would never have been made, and the Justice League lineup would not have been the way we see it now, or the movie would never have been made. In addition, "Batman 4" could have changed the direction of the DC universe and given it a more coherent tone and generally avoided all the problems that the DC universe has faced over the years.

Why did Nolan and Bale never make a fourth Batman movie?

BingMag.com What if Bill and Nolan made a fourth Batman movie?

The fourth Batman movie that It could have been made in the world of Nolan's The Dark Knight, but it never went into production because Nolan had no plans to make it. In 2019, Christian Bale stated during an interview that Nolan's thinking about the Dark Knight trilogy was very different and that he wanted to make only one film, and told Bale that if they could make three films in this regard, he would make any It will stop a movie about Batman. Bill went on to say that they rejected the idea of making another Batman movie in order to stay true to Chris' dream of making a trilogy because Nolan didn't want to continue making sequels.

Joseph Gordon Levitt In an interview in 2016, Nolan said that he sees The Dark Knight Rises as the end of the trilogy, so he never plans to continue with the third film and make a fourth sequel. Actually making a fourth Batman movie in the Dark Knight universe was never part of Christopher Nolan's plans, but if it had happened, it could have completely changed the DC Cinematic Universe. Although it was not known whether this movie would help the DC world to be better or not.

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