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What happens in the final season of the popular Anatomy series?

BingMag.com What happens in the final season of the popular Anatomy series?

Although the 18th season of the Anatomy TV series will be the source of the return of important characters, the vacancy of some of the characters will definitely discourage fans. In the previous season of this medical drama series, popular characters such as Derek, Mark, Lexi and George returned to the series in a sequence from Meredith's dream, which was a complication of his illness with Covid 19. The presence of the popular characters of the previous seasons, although not much information is available about the subject of the new season of the series, but will undoubtedly be very exciting for the fans.

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The history of two decades of airing this TV series has had a profound effect on its members. In fact, even death does not prevent the characters from returning to Gary Sloan Memorial Hospital. Recently, many questions have arisen about how Alice Gray returned to the eighteenth season, her presence has had a great impact on the life and career of Meredith. Old-fashioned audiences for the series have doubly enjoyed the storyline that revolved around the relationship between a girl's mother. Despite these lovable and important characters, especially Addison, whose high popularity led to the creation of a spin-off called Private Practice, the audience is demanding the return of the main interns of the early episodes, including Christina Young, Alex Caro and even Easy Stevens. .

BingMag.com What happens in the final season of the popular Anatomy series?

With the return of these characters, which heralds the end of the anatomy series, the old audience hopes It is the reunion of the interns that started the story of the series. But it seems that the planning process of the series will be based on the return of some characters. There is no doubt that Christina is the most influential figure in Meredith's life after Ellis's death; Shanda Reims emphasizes the narrative of this series based on the love and affection of these two characters. Relationships while competing; It has support, and in the form of friendship, two women help each other to succeed in work and life without a man or a romantic relationship.

Meredith's friendship with Christina is, in fact, beyond role . After the decision of Sandra Oh, the actress who plays Christina Young, to leave the series, Ellen Pompeo had a lot of doubts about playing her role without Sandra. While the seventeenth season was a confirmation of Christina Young's absence in the new season, her character will appear in the form of dialogues in the form of text in the series. Alex and Easy will be even less likely to return in the 18th season than Christina. Both characters left the series in seasons six and sixteen, respectively.

Katherine Heigl's departure was largely due to her differences with Reims behind the scenes. Justin Chambers's departure was seemingly more peaceful than Hagel, but the suddenness and impossibility of pursuing the cause shows that something happened behind the scenes. At the end of the series, only Alex's voice was present on the scene. Appearance shows that the series tries to use the last season to return and then logically leave the characters from the series.

Since the eighteenth season will be the last season, this series can best bring together the characters again. It may provide the audience with the desired ending.

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