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What effects does Immortals have on Marvel's storyline?

BingMag.com What effects does Immortals have on Marvel's storyline?

The movie Immortals will have a wave effect throughout the fourth phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Producer Nate Moore has sarcastically said that the film, thanks to its story and powerful characters, will have a ripple effect throughout the fourth phase of Marvel's cinematic world. Marvel also joked that How Immortals will have a wave effect in the fourth phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Despite the lack of detailed information on Immortals, when Marvel Studios introduced the film in 2019, the excitement for the film has increased significantly since then. This is partly thanks to the joining of Oscar-winning director Chloe Zhao to lead the project, an all-star cast, and the kind of mythical look and mood that sets Immortals apart from other Marvel movies.

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Even most superhero movie fans around the world are still unfamiliar with the film Immortals (a group of superhumans created by extraterrestrials). Marvel is expected to allow them to be the focus of their own stories. This is the third film in the fourth phase after the end of the game from the Avengers series, but there is no approved program to use the story overlap of the big characters.

As in Shang Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings It can be seen that such cases can always be surprising. However, the film Immortals can follow a similar model, which can have a significant impact on the next path of Marvel cinematic world.

BingMag.com What effects does Immortals have on Marvel's storyline?

During a visit to the Immortals series at Pinewood Studios in January 2020, producer Nate Moore stated that the film will have a tremendous impact on the entire fourth phase. Moore spoke about the film's impact and what is to come in Marvel's cinematic world as part of an interview with the news site Screen Rent. He noted that the ripple effect is felt not only in the protagonists of the film Immortals but also in the extraterrestrials and evil forces.

"Certainly this film has an impact," he said. And it will have paths that I hope will be amazing, but when you are dealing with characters like the film's protagonists, extraterrestrials, and even evil forces, it is clear that the effect of the wave is beyond this film. So we have ideas for how to do this, which can be the backbone of the fourth phase, but we will always have innovations in the film and inform about it like any other film. "The growing nature of Marvel's cinematic world means that any new film or TV series will have an impact on the storyline in some way, so the idea that Immortals contains designs or characters that will influence future projects is not a new surprise." p>

However, it may be worth noting that Immortals is still an important part of Marvel's cinematic world, even if it does not have a large narrative overlap. It is interesting to see where and how this wave effect will be felt, as none of the characters in the film have appeared in another project so far. This point could be tied to the apocalyptic event of the films.

There are also many theories about what Immortals can do to expand the fourth phase of Marvel's cinematic world. One of these prominent theories points out that Marvel in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever marks the first fall of Atlantis.

Fans have long speculated The film Immortals will feature a collection of X-Men, as Immortals and Mutants are both extraterrestrial creations in comic books. If even one of these theories is correct, the effects of the immortals will go far beyond the fourth phase.

Source: screenrant

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