What do critics say about the “Sandman” series?

Reviews of Netflix's 'Sandman' series all agree on one thing: The series has largely succeeded.

BingMag.com What do critics say about the “Sandman” series?

Reviews of Netflix's 'Sandman' series all agree on one thing: The series has largely succeeded.

The stories of Neil Gaiman, the famous writer of fantasy literature, have been well received so far and many of them have been successfully adapted. including Caroline, American Gods and Good Omens. But the transformation of "The Sandman" comic series into a film or series was a dream that fans of Duatisheh and followers of these comics did not see as possible. So, as soon as Netflix announced that it was going to make the "Sandman" series, many fans were excited and happy, and it is natural that others waited for the series with skepticism and curiosity. Now, with the release of this long-awaited series, numerous reviews have been written on its various aspects, and it seems that all the reviews agree on one thing: the series has been successful to a good extent. The Sandman series brings one of DC's best titles to life. The source of the adaptation of the series is the comic series that Neil Gaiman wrote from 1989 to 1996.

  • Neil Gaiman, the rock star of literature

The story is about an immortal being who appeared is a dream; Roya (or Morpheus), played by Tom Sturridge, was captured by some people during a summoning ceremony during the First World War and remains their prisoner until now. When he is freed, nothing is more important to him than taking back his dream realm and his kingdom. "Dream" is one of the seven eternal beings that are the manifestation of non-physical concepts and are called infinites. These siblings are Destiny, Desire (played by Mason Alexander Park), Despair (played by Donna Preston), Destruction, Delirium, and Death (played by Kirby). Howell Baptiste).

The first season of "Sandman" also features Boyd Holbrook as a fugitive nightmare (from the realm of dreams) named "Corinthian", Vivienne Acheampong in Starring Lucien, a librarian with supernatural powers, Patton Oswalt as Matthew the Raven, Dream's sidekick, David Thewlis as John Day, and Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer Morningstar. Of course, the mentioned characters are not the only characters of the series. "Sandman" series is full of different characters. Including mortal and ordinary people who are affected by these immortal beings. A bunch of serial killers who are going to hold their assembly and... even Mark Hamill has an honorable presence in the series in the role of a janitor named Mervyn Pumpkinhead. The first season of "Sandman" series has 10 episodes and its directors are: Mike Barker, Jamie Childs, Mairzee Almas (Mairzee Almas), Andres Baez, Louise Hopper and "Revenge" director Coralie Fargate.

Policies Netflix is in such a way that it often does not allow reviews to be published before the release of the series and prefers that the reviews be read at the same time or after the release of the series. Therefore, right now, after the release of the "Sandman" series, we can go to the published reviews and notes and see what the creators of "Sandman" Netflix have done to us and examine the series from different aspects and by different critics. Currently, many reviews from different media have been written on "Sandman". Critics disagree on many different points; Like how much Sturridge's role as the main character of the series influenced its success, or how faithful the "Sandman" series was to the comics and whether it was considered a good adaptation or not. But on the whole, all critics say that the series (or at least half of it) is worth watching and that it copes well with the challenges of such an adaptation. So, as it seems, the Netflix series has firmly established itself and especially in the last five episodes of the first season, it has shown everyone that it deserves the name "Sandman".

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BingMag.com What do critics say about the “Sandman” series?

A selection of critics' reviews of the "Sandman" series

Alexander Harrison's review of Screen Rant

Those who watch the series to the end will be rewarded with a stronger story in the second half of the first season; But "Sandman" series has a long way to do justice to its source of adaptation (comics). If the creators of the series in the second season do the same creative, form-oriented and risk-taking work that Neil Gaiman did in the comics, the series will also have the features that made the comics special and attractive.

Sam Barsanti of AV Club

It's a deadpan definition, but Netflix's Sandman is just like Zack Snyder's Watchmen; One of those adaptations where you say to yourself, "It couldn't have been made more faithful and closer to the original story." The Sandman series follows the comic's storyline very well and recreates all the good moments from the comic, so at least it's a decent and good version of the story. Narrated Sandman. And the story of Sandman in itself, without any special additions or changes, is a good and interesting story. But there is one problem, and that is that changing the format of the story from comics and becoming a series, does not show us anything new about the story of Sandman and its characters, and does not reveal any new aspects. "Sandman" doesn't add anything new from Morpheus (Dream) or his immortal brothers and sisters, or their view of mortals and their lives, and it doesn't convince the audience why they should come and watch the series instead of reading the comics. .

Hoai-Tran Bui from SlashFilm

Netflix's Sandman is like those moments when you wake up and everything is a little fuzzy. And everyone is dressed like characters from Final Fantasy (a popular video game franchise) without knowing why. "Sandman" is a story where all possibilities seem probable. Something just like... well, just like a dream.

Amelia Emberwing of IGN

It's the duty of a series like Sandman to respect its source material and At the same time, introduce new and fresh fans to a story that they will hopefully fall in love with. That being said, I don't know how much the Sandman series is going to appeal to this audience, as the dream saga jumps from one story line to another so quickly. In this one case the show just doesn't do a good job at all, which is exactly why I'm not giving Netflix's Sandman a full 10 out of 10, even though this one particular case aside, The Sandman could be a masterpiece. "Sandman" is full of beauty, it is magnificent and rich, and in a word, "Sandman" is a unique series. When it comes to the dream and its siblings, The Sandman is exactly what fans have been waiting for for years.

Inkoo Kang of the Washington Post:

Results The whole thing is rough and sloppy. The characters and events that came from the comics to the series have little effect on the story of the series, and finally, the reason why the "Sandman" series should have been made is not very convincing. If they didn't make the series, we wouldn't be missing anything.

Richard Newby of Empire

Sandman, with its attention to its source material, its stellar cast and extensive world-building that spans more seasons. It needs to be, the Netflix series is absolutely a dream come true.

David Opie from Digital Spy

Just a few minutes into the series, you will be screaming and seeing a more beautiful scene and More catchy than ever, and the trend continues, by the time you get to the end of the second episode, your voice will be scratched. But you'll keep watching The Sandman anyway, because each episode ends with a strange event that draws you so powerfully to the next episode and the rest of the story.

Alan Spinwall of Rolling Stone

Parts of the Sandman series work well, especially when the story isn't centered around a dream.

Robert Brian Taylor of Collider

The sixth episode of "Sandman" series is very impressive in terms of emotions and is tangible for the audience in a way that we have often seen in comics. The rest of the episodes of the series are different from this point of view, but the quality level of the series never drops so much that one questions the quality of the whole series. In any case, "Sandman" is worth watching for the special two hours it is.

NPR's Glenn Weldon

Don't worry, it won't blow your mind. It took a long time to get to the Sandman series, there were a few failed attempts, but finally Netflix did the hard work and made an adaptation of this amazing comic book series. And it must be said that this series... really works.

So far, Rotten Tomatoes has collected 33 different reviews for the first season of "Sandman", and thus the average The score of the series has reached 88. Definitely, in the future, more reviews will be added to these 33 reviews and the score will go up and down a little, but if "Sandman" can keep its score at this level, it will be recognized as a worthy series (by the said site). "Sandman" scores so far have been significantly better than Netflix's recent live-action adaptations. For example, the series "Cowboy Bebop" (Cowboy Bebop), which was immediately canceled and with a score of 46, is considered a bad failure for Netflix. And of course, if we go further back, there is the live-action movie "Death Note", which received a score of 37.

It seems very unlikely that the score of "Sandman" will fall this far (if at all). be less) and reach these two low and awful points. The score of "Sandman" announces its good future and the continuation of the series. "Cowboy Bebop" was canceled right after the first season and "Death Note" did not get the sequel it was supposed to have. But "Sandman" will not suffer the fate of these two projects. "Sandman" can not only become a long series, but it has so many stories and characters and different worlds that it can become a huge thing on Netflix and have successive successes ahead.


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