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What do critics say about last night in Soho? An exciting and spectacular horror film (Venice Film Festival 2021)

BingMag.com What do critics say about last night in Soho? An exciting and spectacular horror film (Venice Film Festival 2021)

"Last Night in Soho" directed by Edgar Wright and starring Anya Taylor-Joy in the out-of-competition section of the festival Venice went on to win the approval of most critics and moviegoers alike. Wright is best known for working with two friends, Simon Peg and Nick Frost, as well as making the trilogy "Three Flavors of Corinth," but his new film, Last Night in Soho, has the potential to be the director's best and most popular work. Become a Forty-Seven-Year-Old Englishman. It depicts that he is strangely able to travel through time and go back to the 1960s. In those years, Alois became acquainted with a beautiful and extraordinary singer named Cindy, but gradually the story takes on a melancholy color and smell, and the good old dreams and the beauties of nostalgia fade away, and scary and violent things happen.

The cast includes Thomasine McKenzie, Anya Taylor-Joy, Matt Smith, Rita Tashingham, Terence Stump and Diana Rigg. Last night's screenplay in Soho was co-written by Edgard Wright and Christy Wilson, and the music and filming were done by Steven Price and Chong Chong Hoon, respectively. Scheduled for Screening in Soho last night (October 29th). Has been recorded.

Excerpts from last night's film review in Soho

David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter

  • Score: 90 out of 100

Last night in Soho is an incredibly enjoyable movie that enjoys playing with the genre; Wright's new film transforms from a fantasy of time travel into a dark legend. A mysterious story that gives way to a terrible nightmare. Last night in Soho shows a terrific picture of 1960s Britain.

The Guardian's Jean Brooks

  • Score: 80 out of 100

British writer and director Edgar Wright removes many of the elements and features of the 1960s, colors them, and works to make all the elements of the film act as he pleases (dance to his instrument). Last night in Soho is a completely silly and at the same time very enjoyable movie.

Last night in Soho, with all its wonders and ups and downs, shows us that you can do creative and new things in an old style. Wright has not yet shown all his abilities as a filmmaker, but it is gratifying to see him strive to progress.

Consider Woody Allen's anti-nostalgic magical realism "Midnight in Paris" Combine that with Bergman's female psychoanalysts in Persona, and finally add the color palettes of the Jalo movies * throughout the work to get to Wright's new trailer and action movie, Soho Last Night.

* Explanation: Giallo is a type of trailer or horror work in twentieth-century Italian literature and cinema that incorporates elements of the genres of crime, slasher, mystery, psychological trailer, and psychological horror.

Guy Lodge from Variety

  • Score: 50 out of 100

Throughout Edgar Wright's interest in B-movies, the aggressive spirit of the British people And the small, forgotten neighborhoods of London are evident. But these elements have no special function in the film and are not properly combined in the script. Also, the supernatural story of the work does not have much depth.

The 78th Venice Film Festival starts on Wednesday and will continue until September 11th (September 11th). Important and interesting films such as "Parallel Mothers" directed by Pedro Almodvar and "Dog Power" by Jane Campion will compete in the main competition for the Golden Lion, but the most anticipated films such as "Dune" and "Last Night" in Soho will also compete in The out-of-competition section of the 2021 Venice Film Festival will be screened to make this year's Venice Film Festival one of the best film events of recent years.

Source: Metacritic

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