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What changes have Marvel's new superheroes made in "Immortals"?

BingMag.com What changes have Marvel's new superheroes made in 'Immortals'?

The Immortals movie has a number of notable changes in the classic Marvel Comics character team in Phase 4. The film will be released in November 2021 and is the third film in Marvel 4 phase and is based on a group of lesser known heroes created by comic book legend and famous artist Jack Kirby in the 70's.

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    Lesser known characters of the Immortals and their lesser history than other popular Marvel heroes has left Marvel free to see how they are shown on the big screen. Some, such as Drewig (Barry Keogan) and Icaris (Richard Madden), seem to be quite similar to their comic counterparts in terms of abilities and personality traits, but many of these heroes have new changes in Immortals. But what do these confirmed changes to the comic book characters include?

    Immortals are aliens in the Marvel movie world

    BingMag.com What changes have Marvel's new superheroes made in 'Immortals'?

    The spaceship scene in the first trailer gives the impression that the immortals are alien visitors to Marvel's cinematic world, sent from a distant world by celestials, who Their descriptions behind the scenes are consistent. In comics, however, they were created by celestials through experiments on the human world and on Earth. Both the immortals and their enemies, the dualists, are the genetic branches of the native humans of the planet.

    The gender of the three immortal characters has changed

    Marvel's cinematic world is not at all unusual or unexpected, but it was a bit surprising that Marvel made this change not on one, but on three main characters. Macari (Lauren Ridloff), Sprite (Leah McHugh) and Ayak (Selma Hayek) were all male comic book heroes. Also one of them, Macari, is set to become Marvel's first deaf superhero.

    Immortals may not have some of the power of comics

    BingMag.com What changes have Marvel's new superheroes made in 'Immortals'?

    There are signs that the Immortals are supposed to be the strongest superhero team in the Marvel movie world, but still, some abilities They are taken away. When Jack Kirby created them, it became clear that the members of this team had a common set of powers. Each immortal had extraordinary powers and abilities such as flying, telepathy, deformation, throwing cosmic rays from his hands and eyes, and more. What made them unique was that some immortals used their inherent cosmic energy to enhance a particular ability. For example, Macari moves at an extraordinary speed, and Cersei can manipulate and modify matter better than other members of the same race, but in the film, immortals may have their own individual powers and some common abilities taken away from each hero. , To look more special. This explains why Icarus seems to be the only person who can emit cosmic rays from his eyes.

    Cersei has less power in Marvel's cinematic world

    It can be said that Cersei's power has drastically decreased due to these changes. In his adventures with the Avengers in the Comics, he is comparable to the likes of Scarlet Witch and Jean Gray in terms of destructive forces. When it became clear that Cersei was about to join Marvel Cinema, some thought she could be one of Marvel's most powerful movie heroes, but Jama Chan's recent remarks show that this is not true at all. According to Chan, he does not have the most effective power among the other members and is not really one of the strongest characters in the team.

    Cersei has a romantic relationship with Icarus

    Ayak is the leader of the Immortals

    BingMag.com What changes have Marvel's new superheroes made in 'Immortals'?

    In Marvel comics, immortals are led by an Odin-like character named Zoras. He was a powerful figure who was highly respected by other members and peers. He is also the father of Tina and a person who has established law and order for several millennia. However, it seems that Zoras will not be present in the Marvel movie adaptation of Immortals. Instead, the leadership reaches Ayak, who in the comics was the only immortal who was given the responsibility of communicating with the celestials. It looks like he will still be in charge, and in addition, he will take on more tasks.

    Faustus will be one of the different heroes of Marvel's cinematic world

    BingMag.com What changes have Marvel's new superheroes made in 'Immortals'?

    The comic book version of Faustus (Brian Thierry Henry) was a vengeful hunter of binoculars who hated all species. It was because the Doyans had killed his wife and children. Marvel Studios has confirmed that Faustus will appear as a different and special superhero with a unique feature in Immortals, and few Marvel movie heroes have such a feature.

    Kingo in Immortals Is not a samurai

    BingMag.com What changes have Marvel's new superheroes made in 'Immortals'?

    Kingo is an immortal associated with Japan and as a The samurai was introduced in Marvel history. In modern times, he used this experience to portray samurai characters in low-cost Japanese films. According to the trailers and the words of Kamil Nanjiani, the actor playing the role of Kingo, Marvel's cinematic world will have a different perception of this character, which has key differences. Instead of being a samurai, Kingo is portrayed as a Bollywood star in India.

    Gilgamesh and Tina form an important group

    BingMag.com What changes have Marvel's new superheroes made in 'Immortals'?

    These characters are seen together in trailers, and there are also reports that Tina (Angelina Jolie) and Gilgamesh (Dan Lee) They have a connection that is important for the storyline of both characters. This is in contrast to comic book stories, which focus very little on their relationships. Gilgamesh is always alone due to forced exile, and many of his eternal contemporaries, including Tina, do not like him. In fact, when it came time to form a team, the Immortals believed that she could not be trusted, and in the end, they did not forgive Tina for accompanying her. Advertisements and trailers have also confirmed that in Immortals, Gilgamesh and Tina will be expelled from the group together.

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