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"Westworld" series theory; Is Dolores trapped in a world of her own making?

BingMag.com 'Westworld' <b>series</b> <b>theory;</b> Is <b>Dolores</b> <b>trapped</b> in a <b>world</b> of <b>her</b> <b>own</b> making?

The fourth season of the "Westworld" series brings Delores back to her old ways and by giving her a new identity, she makes Dolores the creator of all the miseries in the world. And his people do.

During the previous three seasons of the "Westworld" series, Dolores has gone through fundamental transformations many times. The first season of "Westworld" showed us Dolores slowly and steadily moving towards self-awareness, took us many times to Dolores' past and showed us the winding path she took to reach "The Maze". Is; "Hazarto" is the name that Arnold, the creator of Parks and The Hosts, gave to the stages of reaching consciousness and emotions. When Dolores regains consciousness, the game of guest and host in the parks is over. Dolores turns into a killing machine and executes Ford. Dolores tries to escape from the park by leading a violent rebellion, and at the same time, the archive absorbs the information of all the users (guests of the parks), information that she uses well in the third season of "Westworld" to achieve her ultimate goal, which is to free robots like The fate of Dolores was unclear at the end of the third season of "The Western World". Because Dolores sacrifices herself to enter a virus into a god-like machine called Rehoboam, and transfers access to the machine to Caleb Nichols. But when season four begins, we find Dolores in a strange, uncharted town, with brown hair and a new name: Christina. "Christina" doesn't know anything about her past, she doesn't know that she was Dolores once, thousands of troubles were brought to her in the West world Park, she fought, shed blood, died many times and after leaving the parks, what plans did she have to free the robots. Cristina thinks that she is human like all the people she sees and knows. The only thing that makes Cristina doubt and makes her understand that something is not right about her is a strange feeling she gets while working. Now what Christina's job is makes sense: Christina works at a gaming company called Olympiad Entertainment. Where some people create an unreal world and force the creatures in the game to do anything to please humans... something that is familiar to Dolores! Of course, if he remembers that it is actually Dolores and not Cristina. His work is usually limited to background characters, characters that players may only interact with for a few moments, even fleetingly. Dolores explains to her companion how carefully she does her work and how important these characters are to her (which, of course, if we look at her subconscious, all this makes sense, because Dolores herself was one of the background characters in Westworld Park). . Dolores even tells one of the stories she wrote for these characters; The story of a young man who "loses everything, drowns his sorrows and searches for a girl", just before "everyone dies". Dolores' story is a sad one in itself, but the fact that it's actually going to happen makes it even sadder. He annoys her by calling. The intruder on the phone is none other than Peter, a man who tells Dolores to quit because the play he wrote is ruining her life. At the end of the first episode, Peter is found in his head and attacks Dolores with a knife; An attack that fails due to the unexpected appearance of an unknown savior. Both Naji and Peter disappear moments later without introduction. Dolores is confused enough about these things and doesn't know what to do, but the very next morning Peter returns and asks Dolores why she wrote her story in his game. After asking this question, Peter throws himself off the roof and dies. Now Peter is confused by Dolores' suicide.

From all the strange experiences that Dolores is going through, only one conclusion can be drawn: Dolores is in a new park! Several different parts of the first episode of the fourth season have a direct reference to the first episode of "Westworld" and are intended to remind the audience of the beginning of the series. The scenes that show Dolores waking up are almost no different from the similar scenes in the first episode of the first season. When Dolores's roommate asks her, "Which one would you choose, white or black?" The series is directly referring to cowboy hats and Dolores' past life. Dolores even finds a chalk sketch of Hazarto on her balcony. Peter's strange and intangible behavior also shows that he is a host who has recently gained self-awareness and is trying his best to break the cycle of the park.

BingMag.com 'Westworld' <b>series</b> <b>theory;</b> Is <b>Dolores</b> <b>trapped</b> in a <b>world</b> of <b>her</b> <b>own</b> making?

If all the evidence mentioned is not enough and good evidence to prove this hypothesis, we should mention the scene in which Delores meets a group of guests. Those who excitedly say: "This boy is fighting!" And even one of them can't believe that this is the first time their friend comes here. These behaviors are exactly similar to the behaviors we have seen from rich people in the previous parks, people who enjoy the facilities of the parks and hosts to have a good time. Now Dolores is once again locked in a prison where she can't even see its bars; The bars surrounding him, an invisible cage. The only difference here for Dolores is that now she is one of those who unknowingly imposes the fate of the hosts on them and locks them in violent and senseless cycles, destinies that are as bitter and cruel as her original fate. /p>

Why Dolores got here and how, is a question that we have to find an answer to in the rest of the series, but so far, the "Western World" series has proven to us that it is wrong to underestimate Dolores and her abilities. It is not too late when Dolores realizes the prison she is inside, but the question is, what path will she take and how will she react to this new role she found in the park? Is another massacre coming?

Source: CBR

Source: CBR

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