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West Side Story Hardly Grabbed the Top of the Charm (Box Office of the Week)

BingMag.com <b>West</b> <b>Side</b> <b>Story</b> <b>Hardly</b> <b>Grabbed</b> the <b>Top</b> of the <b>Charm</b> (Box <b>Office</b> of the Week)

Steven Spielberg's "West Side Story" still tops the box Office despite its disappointing performance over the weekend Has won the office.

This year does not seem to be the year of great and famous directors at the box office! Steven Spielberg's new work will suffer the same fate after the failure of two films, "The Last Duel" and "The Gucci Family", directed by Ridley Scott. The film premiered in 2,820 theaters in the United States during its first weekend and grossed $ 10.5 million, grossing $ 4.4 million worldwide, bringing its total revenue to $ 14.9 million after three days. Reach. The West Side Story was expected to sell for at least $ 25 million in its opening days.

  • Hollywood's Top 10 Musical Films West Side Story 2 Long is the Story of a musical of the same name that was staged in 1957. The Story of the play was inspired by the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, and Spielberg's adaptation remains more faithful to the theatrical play than the previous one. In the late summer of 1957, on the streets of Manhattan, two groups of immigrants decide to show their strength to each other at their last meeting; In the struggle between dance and power, something happens that is beyond the power of both groups. have taken. In Ratnatomitosis and Metacritic for the West Side Story so far, based on 250 and 57 reviews, 93 out of 100 and 86 out of 100, respectively, have been recorded. "There are scenes in Spielberg's version that turn you upside down; The moments when your pulse will beat faster and in those moments you can understand and enjoy the spiritual greatness of this film. "

    BingMag.com <b>West</b> <b>Side</b> <b>Story</b> <b>Hardly</b> <b>Grabbed</b> the <b>Top</b> of the <b>Charm</b> (Box <b>Office</b> of the Week)

    The animation" Charm "finally lost the Top of the best-selling movies in the United States after two weeks. Charm sold $ 9.9 million in the United States last week, topping $ 152 million in the last 19 days, including $ 80.5 million in international markets. The animation tells the Story of a family and a small community, each of which has its own characteristics and abilities, but a young Colombian girl named Mirabel has no unique powers and is therefore underestimated by others. But a few unexpected events change Mirabel's life, and the situation is different.

    It has been recorded, which shows that we are facing considerable animation. IGN critic Andrea Towers summed up Walt Disney's new creation in a memoir for Fascination, calling it a vibrant work that could visually impress its audience. It has dropped 31 percent over the past week, finishing third in 3815 theaters and grossing $ 7.1 million at the box office. "Soul Hunters: Life After Death" also sold $ 52.7 million in international markets after 24 days, bringing its total revenue to $ 164.7 million.

    "Soul Hunters: Life After Death" Directed by Jason Wrightman and starring Carrie Koon, Finn Wolfhardt, Macina Grace and Paul Rudd, it is a sequel to the 1984 films Ghostbusters and 1989: Ghostbusters 2, which tells the Story of a single mother and her two children. After moving to a small town, they find out about their connection to the original soul hunters and the secret legacy left by their grandfather. Sold to be in fourth place, down one rung from last weekend. The Gucci family has sold $ 52.5 million in international markets over the past 19 days, and the Mojo box Office has reported total revenue of $ 93.6 million to date. In Metacritic and Ratnatomitosis, based on 55 and 173 reviews, 95 out of 100 and 61 out of 100, respectively, have been recorded for Ridley Scott's latest production.

    Let's take a look at the world of fashion and get a little acquainted with the secrets behind the Gucci company during the presidency of Patricia Rajiani, the ex-wife of Maurizio Gucci. Scott's new film is an adaptation of Sarah Guy Forden's Gucci House: A Sensitive Story of Crime, Madness, Charm, and Greed, which tells the Story of the murder of Gucci's granddaughter, the famous Italian designer, by his wife.

    Family Gucci will be Lady Gaga's first acting career after the hit movie "Born Stars." Lady Gaga's performance in the film attracted the attention of many moviegoers, for which she was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the 92nd Academy Awards. In its sixth week of release in the United States, it sold $ 3.1 million, bringing its total sales to $ 395 million in 38 days, including $ 234.1 million at the box Office by Monday.

    Immortals Unlike His good performance at the box Office has not garnered much critical and critical acclaim. For this superhero film, it has so far received a rating of 40 out of 100 and 52 out of 100, according to 297 and 60 reviews of Ratnatomitosis and Metacritic, respectively, making it the 26th Marvel movie to be the weakest of critics to date. Immortals is Marvel's first film to garner less than 60% positive reviews. The company's worst film in the history of critics was "Thor: The Dark World," which scored 66 out of 100 on Raton Tomitoz.

    BingMag.com <b>West</b> <b>Side</b> <b>Story</b> <b>Hardly</b> <b>Grabbed</b> the <b>Top</b> of the <b>Charm</b> (Box <b>Office</b> of the Week)

    Variety critic Owen Gleiberman wrote in a part of his critique of the Immortals:" Klui Zhao is not the first director Which has moved from a passionate, medium-budget independent cinema to large studios and the directorial chair of a superhero film. However, when confronted with the Immortals, I was most curious as to whether Zhao, who had defined his filmmaking style in a unique poetic way in the land of the displaced and the rider, would transmit traces of that state to the world of blockbusters. No. Immortals do not have any of those characteristics. It is clear that Zhao, by participating in this project, decided to abandon his very expressive and special style and put Marvel's very conventional and straightforward explanatory and descriptive methods of filmmaking at the forefront. This is frustrating in some ways, yet Zhao's sensitivity is somewhat in the simple humanity of the characters, the flow of irony, the struggles and the passions (sometimes with romantic elements), the beauty of the visuals, and the simple way in which Zhao uses those logistical skills. "Five thousand years ago, ten humanoid superheroes, known as the Eternals, were created by Celestial Hair from their planet, Olympia." They are sent to earth to protect humanity from their evil counterparts, the Deviants. For thousands of years, immortals have protected humans from the dangers posed by these creatures, but they have not been allowed to interfere in the growth of the world's population. After the last deviant is killed in 1500, a rift develops within the group of immortals; Because their views on their responsibility to the people are different. "Once again, the survival of humanity is tied to the immortal group, and this is the beginning of the exciting events of the story." . According to critics and viewers of "Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City", Johannes Roberts's many attempts to revive the "Resident Evil" film series have not been successful, and the Story of this film is not very coherent, and the events of the film can scare the viewer. . Ryan Ebert's website critic Brian Talrico, in a critique of Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, said: "

    This horror film sold only $ 1.6 million in the United States last weekend, which is much lower than expected. "Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City" started 19 days ago in the world markets, and according to Mojo box Office statistics, its share of European and Asian cinemas was only $ 14.9 million, bringing its total sales to A disappointing $ 30.7 million.

    Resident Evil is written and directed by Johannes Roberts. The forty-four-year-old filmmaker, best known for "47 Meters Down," recently spoke about his interest in the Resident Evil series of games, noting that the Resident Evil reboot production team intends to While adhering to the Resident Evil series of games, they are adding new hints and characters to the Story to reveal the secrets of the dreaded Spencer Mansion and Raccoon City. Roberts also says that Resident Evil's new film was inspired by John Carpenter's "Assault on Precinct 13." She eats. Much of the Story takes place in one night, which can be considered a fateful night and a constant attempt to escape from the people who have been turned into monsters by the T-virus. The main characters in the Story are Claire Redfield and Lian Scott Kennedy, and the traces of "Resident Evil 2" will be seen in the story.

    The comedy-adventure film "Clifford the Big Red Dog" directed by Clifford the Big Red Dog Walt Becker sold as well as in previous weeks, and the teen-friendly film grossed $ 1.3 million at 2,840 theaters, making it the seventh best-selling film in the United States. The film recently opened in international markets and grossed $ 14.3 million in European and Middle Eastern cinemas. David Allen Greer and Russell Wang are based on Norman Bridwell's collection of children's books of the same name. A young girl's great love for a little puppy named Clifford has made her grow so much that Clifford becomes a giant dog! For Clifford the Great Red Dog in Metacritic and Ratnatomitosis, based on 17 and 55, respectively, a score of 55 out of 100 and 49 out of 100, which shows that this film is not very significant, at least in the eyes of critics.

    The religious "Christmas with the Chosen: Messengers", directed by Dallas Jenkins, premiered in 1,450 theaters over the weekend and sold $ 1.2 million to finish eighth this week. This film is based on the series "Amrzideh" and deals with a part of the life of Hazrat Maryam and Hazrat Jesus (AS). "Christmas with the Chosen: The Messengers" has yet to hit the international market. With one step down, he has reached the ninth place in the table. The film sold $ 870,000 in 948 theaters in the United States last week, and the Mojo box Office grossed $ 283.7 million in international markets to date, bringing its total sales to $ 389 million after 52 days. Which is a good number considering the simultaneous online showing of the film on HBO Max with the screening in theaters and the coronavirus world.

    BingMag.com <b>West</b> <b>Side</b> <b>Story</b> <b>Hardly</b> <b>Grabbed</b> the <b>Top</b> of the <b>Charm</b> (Box <b>Office</b> of the Week)

    The film" Telemasse "has received generally positive feedback from moviegoers and critics so far. For this film, Metacritic and Ratnatomitosis have been rated 74 out of 100 and 83 out of 100, respectively, based on 62 and 337 reviews, which shows that Danny Villeneuve's new work is acceptable and good for critics. Rodrigo Perez, a playwright, wrote in a note to Villeneuve's new work: "The Dune is not a film that changes Danny Villeneuve's opponents' views on his style; People who consider him a hypocritical, dry and overly serious director. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post, but this is not a concern for Warner Bros. Rather, we have to deal with the high quality and undeniable magic of the first part of the dune. Aesthetically, the dune is very large and complex. "Hans Zimmer's music is very audible, and the filming style of Greek Fraser is amazing." It sold 768 thousand dollars and has reached the tenth place with a step up compared to the previous week. "Venom: Let Carnegie Come" also sold well in European countries, and according to the Mojo box office, the superhero sold $ 281.3 million after 73 days in international markets, bringing its total revenue to $ 493.2 million.

    The Story of Venom 2 takes place three years after the events of the first part. When Eddie Brock is trying to make a name for himself again by reporting on a psychic serial killer named Coltus Cassidy who is on death row. Since Kasdie sees Eddie as a reflection of himself, he refuses to interview anyone other than him. During the conversation, Cassidy incites Eddie Brock to attack and bite his hand, swallowing a symbiote of Venom. Meanwhile, Detective Mulligan, unable to find the remains of Cassidy's victims, asks Eddie for help, and this is the beginning of the film's exciting events.

    IMDb has a score of 47 out of 100, 59 out of 100 and 66 out of 100, respectively. "The movie Venom: Let Carnegie Come," tells the Story of a bold, fast-paced superhero, unlike other Hollywood blockbusters made in the genre. Venom 2 can summarize all its many events in an hour and a half, and it does not seem like it should have been longer. "I think we need more films like this superhero." But Johnny Aleksinski, a well-known New York Post critic who did not like Venom 2 at all, wrote about Tom Hardy's new film: "Watching Venom 2 is full of suffering; I do not recommend watching it, unless you are a die-hard fan of this character. "
    Encanto 3 9.9 71.9 Ghost Hunters: Life After Death
    Ghostbusters: Afterlife 4 7.1 112 Gucci House
    House of Gucci 3 4.1 41.08 Immortals
    Eternals 6 3.1 161.2 Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City
    Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City 3 1.6 15.8 Clifford the Big Red Dog 5
    1.3 47.6 Christmas with the Chosen: The Messengers
    Christmas with the Chosen: The Messengers 2 1.2 13.3 The Dune
    Venom: Let There Be Carnage 11 0.7 211.9

    * Sales are based on millions of dollars.

Source: BoxOfficeMojo

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