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Wes Anderson; The fantasy world of a strange man (Eid holidays, when to see what?)

The world of Wes Anderson's films is so fantasy that it is unlikely that you will see and love his films without default. Consider the same film last year, The French Report, which paid homage to the New Yorker Journalism and Magazine. It is unlikely that you will be caught unawares during the three episodes of the film, each of which has a fascinating thriller starring Bill Murray to Adrienne Brody and Lea Seidou and Timothy Shalmeh, unless you are familiar with the world of Wes Anderson. His most popular film in the last ten years has been The Grand Hotel Budapest. A movie that looks like a big pink cake and has a more straightforward story than the rest of Wes Anderson's films, but still retains elements of its fantasy world. They want to publish the latest issue after the death of the editor-in-chief. The film is episodic and the episodes have nothing to do with each other. Each of these episodes is one of the reports narrated by the magazine's journalists and is to be published in the last issue, and that brilliant episode is the last time when the entire editorial team came together to decide to publish this special issue. "The French Report" is a sweet movie, but it is not one of those movies that everyone likes. If you can not find the rosary thread between the black and white episode about a imprisoned artist and the brightly colored episode about the student movement, you will be confused. The rosary thread is both the world and the director's gaze.

Of course, Wes Anderson's animations can also be a good way to enter his world. "Amazing Mr. Fox" is a better choice than "Island of Dogs," and more engaging animation. An animation that, in addition to Wes Anderson, George Clooney, as a producer and voice actor, had a great influence on its creation.

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