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Watch the top 10 dance sequences of the animations

BingMag.com <b>Watch</b> the <b>top</b> 10 <b>dance</b> <b>sequences</b> of the animations

Music and dance are undoubtedly integral elements of animation. From pop and classical melodies and calm and tango dances in early animations such as "Cinderella" and "Sleeping Beauty" to hip-hop and rap music and dances and choreography (dance design) in newer animations such as "Khoshgadam" and "Madagas" This part of the animation always formed the turning points of the story. In this article, we have prepared the top 10 dance sequences of the animations (regardless of the specific company or year of production) that you can watch.

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In animation (cartoon animation as we know it), dance and the rhythmic movements that accompany music in general are as old as the genre itself. The Skeleton Dance, the first work in Walt Disney's 75-episode "Stupid Symphony," was a prime example of the composition, with music by Carl Staling. Since then, it has been difficult to imagine an animation without music and dance (albeit small).

dance seems to have a specific mission in each animation. Sometimes we see characters who, after going through many hardships and challenges, now dance freely and happily with a group of friends and companions. Or in some animations, dance is responsible for narrating an important part of the story. Or even dancing and dancing can be the only way to bring the two lovers together to give a sweet and heartwarming end to the viewer and can even be seen in the form of a battle and boasting of two important characters in an animated film.

dance is one of the cultural manifestations of any society and country, and a good option to introduce the culture and art of a nation or ethnicity to other peoples of the world. Let's not go too far, the animation "Encanto", which also won the Oscar for Best Animation this year, is a good example of the use of music and dance from a different culture that will surely remain in the collective memory of animation lovers for a long time and maybe forever.

After all, isn't it interesting to see talking animals that move with our familiar music and sometimes have funny and subtle movements? Can dance be the lifeline of a mediocre or weak animation? Do not miss the rest of the article to answer these questions.

.10. Dancing Lemurs in the Jungle in Madagascar Animation

  • Director: Eric Darnell
  • Product: 2005 <//>

The "Madagascar" animation is about a group of New York Zoo animals that inadvertently escape from the islands and forests of Madagascar. This more or less stupid group, which includes a lion, giraffe, hippo and zebra, has problems because they have lived in the zoo all their lives and are not used to living in the (real!) Wildlife. Adventure shapes them in this animation.

"Madagascar", like most animations, is not without its musical moments, but the short sequence chosen, not only because of the interesting movements of the animals (especially the head of the lemurs who love It is more of a party than a selection of music.

In this sequence, we see the uninvited guests of the island of Madagascar who hear and think from behind the leaves and trees of the party. They come across civilized people and humans, but as they move forward, they notice a large group of lemurs dancing. Reel 2 Real is the seventh music on the Billboard top Ten in the 90's, and in this animation with the voice of the head of the Lemurs, namely Sasha is called Baron Cohen. The movements of this lemur and the encouragement of the rest of the audience to dance with this energetic music make the uninvited guests shake too!

9. Seven Dwarfs dance sequence in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs animation

  • mp4
  • Director: David India, William Cottrell, Wilfred Jackson
  • Product: 1938

Emma Disney And a classic animation and familiar letter. "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" is one of the most beautiful and memorable Disney animations, and it is not bad to know that it is the first feature-length animation that inspires the brilliant and charming works of this popular company.

Disney classic animations are all common story elements and They have the same. A beautiful girl (usually a princess) who is waiting for a prince with a white horse, a witch or an evil character who is always trying to disrupt the happiness of the protagonists, fairies and kind angels who gave just in time The heroes and beauties of the story arrive and many small and large points that are used in all these animations in different ways.

The story of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" has the same elements. Snow White is a princess who is attacked by her stepmother, an evil queen, and takes refuge in the forest for fear of her life. He goes to the hut of the seven dwarves and befriends them and they take care of him until the evil queen finds his place.

In this sequence of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" we see the dwarves and Snow White is dancing and dancing and singing and playing an instrument. This sequence, in addition to having one of the most memorable and at the same time funniest dances in the world of animation, is remarkable in that it was reused in similar animations for similar sequences.

Disney to save Time and money (since all these images were created manually) and with only changes in characters, songs and music, he used repetitive images and movements for his animations for a long time. You can see a similar example of this snow white dance and the seven dwarfs in the animations "Robin Hood", "Aristocratic Cats" and a few other animations.

8. Bruno Sequence in Encanto Animation

  • mp4
  • Director: Byron Howard, Jared Bush
  • Product: 2021

The "Enchantment" animation, both for its depiction of a different culture and its instructive story It was a very musical film full of colorful scenes and full of music, and many parts of this film are narrated with songs.

One of the best songs and sequences of "Charm" "We Are Not Talking About Bruno" is the part where Mirabel tries to figure out a riddle that had already been predicted by his uncle, Bruno, but because Bruno was an unlucky person (and, according to members of a bad Yemeni family) a member of the family. Rejected, it is forbidden to even mention his name.

We hear a niece and we see a beautiful Latin dance that is a unique combination of salsa, comba, champpa and several different styles that you may be interested to know that all the details of the movements of these characters are choreographed by software and based on the real movements of professional dancers in 3D. Has been translated.

7. "Sleeping Beauty" sequence in Sleeping Beauty

  • mp4
  • Director: Wolfgang Riderman, Clyde Jerome, Erim Larson, Los Clark
  • Product: 1959

"Sleeping Beauty" Familiar to both adults and children, the story is one of Disney's most nostalgic works, and even inspired the film fic Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie as the villainous witch. This animation also has all the usual elements of Disney classic movies. A witch curses a newborn princess to die on her 16th birthday. However, a kind fairy changes the curse and allows the princess to survive by going to a deep sleep that can be broken by a kiss of true love.

Sequence from the animation "Sleeping Beauty" The choice we make relates to the time when the beautiful Aurora, now grown up and embodying her dream wife, dances and whispers the beautiful song "One Day in a Dream" with the help of her friends; Unaware that the prince of his dreams is secretly watching him and in a clever move he changes his place with Aurora's friends and accompanies him in dance and song, and this sequence that takes place next to a pond and in a dream forest is a symbolic sequence and At the same time, it turns comics.

6. The final sequence of Shrek 2 animation

  • mp4
  • Director: Andrew Adamson, Conrad Vernan, Kelly Azbari
  • Product: 2004

"Shrek" animation, the first part of which was released in 2001 , In the early days of release with new characters and different stories was able to attract the attention of audiences and of course critics and be selected for the first release at the Cannes Film Festival. "Shrek" is the story of a green giant who lives in the forest and has strange habits and friends. After the events and adventures that happen to him, he marries a princess who turns into a giant in the middle of the night. "Shrek" received the Oscar for best animation, and then 3 more episodes of the fate of this green giant And his life was made, and he got a lot of spin-offs. The second of this animation is "Shrek 2". In "Shrek 2" Madame Fiona (the same princess we talked about) and Shrek are married and have now returned from their honeymoon, which awaits them at the invitation of the king to the palace.

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At the end of the movie, a dance party is held for Fiona to return to the shape of a giant and return to polytheism. They make a fuss in it. The strong point of this sequence goes back to Ricky Martin's selection of music for his song "Livin la vida loca", which was a huge success for him in 1999 (from being at the top of the billboards to winning numerous awards for his song , Music video, dance, etc.) as far as most fans of this singer remember him with this song.

In this sequence, we see each of the characters who show rhythmic movements in their own way; Like the Shrek and Fiona dances, the Michael Jackson Pinocchio dance, and the booted cat, which, in addition to performing a foot dance in which he specializes and imitates Ricky Martin himself, also performs part of "Flashdance" on stage. Which gives more credibility to this sensational sequence.

5. Puss in Boots dance duel sequence

  • mp4
  • Director: Chris Miller
  • Product: 2011

Now that talk of "polytheism" and the interesting dance of the booted cat is not bad for animation Let's take a look at this exclusive and at the same time melodic cat. "The Puss in Boots" is a spin-off of the "Shrek" animation, the second part of which will be released this year. This animation tells the story of the life of a booted cat from birth to making friends with a golden egg and finally that made him a criminal, and finally tells the story of his booted cat.

If you have seen the animation "The booted cat" Be, you know how confident and ambitious this cat is. In this sequence, he is challenged by a black-clad cat with his face covered. Our pretentious cat, who does not see a competitor for himself, invites a black-clad man to a dance duel by pointing to one of his newcomers. The foot dance of these two cats with Spanish music that is played bit by bit by the spectators of this battle and with everything they see around them, promises the audience a classic duel with music that may be found in less animation like it.

4. Ballet Hall Sequence in Beauty and the Beast animation

  • mp4
  • Director: Gary Truzidell, Kirk Weiss
  • Product: 1991

The claim that the most beautiful and subtle dance sequences are related to animation It becomes Disney, it is not out of place. It is true that for years the stories of this company had similar elements, but the creativity of the creators of each of them can not be ignored. The story of "Demon and Beloved" is also an evil creature, a young and beautiful lady who gets into trouble and has magical characters, but the story is different.

Bell, a young and beautiful girl, in exchange for freedom His abducted father agrees to live with a monster. Soon, Bell realizes that the terrified demon he has captured is in fact a spell prince. Bell kindly tries to establish a close relationship with the demon, and in the sequence you see, he teaches her how to eat, how to dress like a distinctive man, and even how to dance.

Everything after that Sweet duet dancing changes, even the paintings on the hall ceiling! And little by little we see the ominous spell that has turned the prince into a demon. Most of the beauty of this sequence goes back to the song "Demon and Sweetheart" with the voice of Angela Lansbury, who voiced Ms. Ghori's character.

3. Digits battle sequence in Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation animation

  • mp4
  • Director: Gandhi Tartakovsky
  • Product: 2018

Good dance and music as a way out or good dance and music as the only way out! This is probably the best definition we can give for this sequence.

It is no exaggeration to say that Sony Pictures's "Hotel Transylvania" is one of the most popular and popular animations of the era. Fascinating story, familiar and lovable characters who should be scary but more funny and stupid, carbald voice actors and exciting events and moments full of humor and comics have all made this animation a popular movie.

Story Hotel Transylvania is about a vampire who, after the death of his wife, builds a hotel for monsters that no human has the right to enter. But a young boy named Jonathan, who does not know what the subject of the hotel is about, and this is where the exciting and funny stories of this film begin. This animation has been shown in four parts so far, for which we have chosen the DJ sequence from the third part.

In the third part, Kenneth Dracula (our own Lulukhan) while leaving his hotel for The monsters rule, and now that his daughter is married, he feels lonely and depressed. To provide him with a good time, his family reserves a luxurious leisure trip exclusively for the monsters. At the end of the voyage, they reach a place called the Lost City of Atlantis, which hosts a lavish party as the last resort for cruise ship guests.

There lives a huge monster whose only control is music! The evil monster hunter Dr. Wen Helsing intends to exploit this hornless giant to destroy all the monsters. Jonathan, realizing the effect of music on this animal (and since he is also a DJ), tries to take control of the monster with different music. After several pieces of music that temporarily calm the monster down, Lulu Khan finally asks Jonathan to play his "worst" music. This is where the Spanish dance music "Macarna" turns the page in favor of our friends.

This music, composed by the Spanish dance group The Del Rios and sung by many artists, topped the Billboard for fourteen weeks. It had many successes, including 84th out of the top 100 dance songs of 2000, the hit music of 2002, and was selected by Cleveland Magazine as the top music of the 90's in 2020.

The charm of this sequence Undoubtedly, it refers to the music and funny movements and interesting dances of the characters.

2. "I Will Survive" Sequence in The Addams Family 2 Animation

  • mp4
  • Director: Conrad Vernon, Greg Tyrenn
  • Product: 2021

"Adams Family 2" Fascinating animation A relatively successful animated sequel of the same name, it is based on the classic 1991 horror film and film of the same name. The story of this animation is about a different family that has unusual interests and lifestyle, and in the first part of the film, more attention was paid to how they should interact with other ordinary people in the society and how people accept them.

If you have seen this animation and you remember its characters, you know that Lorch always and everywhere takes care of the family girl and closes him in some way. In the sequence in which Venzendi and Lorch arrive on the way to a caf, which is usually a hangout for violent and bullying motorcyclists and do not accept anyone among themselves, Lorch is a Frankenstein and does not utter a word except for a few almost scary sounds, at Wenzed's command (which of course Issued for litigation) must "show what his cold, dead hands are capable of."

Lorch, an emotional Frankenstein! And he is kind (again, of course to those he loves, not everyone!) He misunderstands the words and sits behind the piano and sings the song "I Will Survive" in a low voice!

This full sequence It's a funny paradox; Giant Lorch with a thin voice and pleasant songs "I will live" - which is really funny to hear from a moving dead - and a group of violent motorcyclists who show rhythmic movements (in the most subtle way possible)! It may not be unreasonable to consider this sequence as the only positive point and strength of the "Adams Family 2." It has been made so far and is as fresh and audible as its first performance to date. The song reached the number one spot on the Billboard in 1979 after receiving a lot of attention from the audience, which was performed in all clubs and ceremonies. Has taken.

1. Ballroom Sequence in Anastasia Animation

  • mp4
  • Director: Dan Blatt, Gary Goldman
  • Product: 1997

And finally the last animation and the last dance. Is there anyone who, after seeing this animation, does not want a box of music with that pleasant and memorable melody? Or does he not whisper this song to himself long after watching the movie?

Anastasia's beautiful and unappreciated animation can still melt the hearts of the audience. With its exciting and fascinating story, its stunning images and animation, and finally the captivating music of "One of the Days of December" with the voice of Liz Calloway. The film tells a symbolic story of the situation in Tsarist Russia in 1916 and tells the story of the Romanov family, who, at a party marking the 300th anniversary of the dynasty's rise to power, are enchanted by a long-imagined character named Rasputin. There was something wrong with her between this family and the Russian people.

Anastasia focuses on a girl of the same name who barely survives when her family is killed. Later, with vague memories of his past, and the only mark left to him by his grandmother, he travels to Paris with two crooks who want to make her a real princess and win an award.

dance sequence in the hall that Anastasia recounts her childhood memories in her dream and with nostalgia, and sings the song that her grandmother always sings to her and the melody of which is repeated in her favorite music box, and in her dream she dances with her father while squeezing the viewer's heart. And that's the strength of an animation that will never be forgotten. Infinite animations are hard work. Cinderella and Prince Charming dance in "Cinderella" animation, chickens in "Chicken Run" animation, Ellie and Carl 's short and double dance in "Up", magic lamp giant in "Aladdin", monkeys In The Jungle Book, there are penguins in Happy Feet and Baz and Jesse in Toy Story, and dozens of other fun and spectacular dances and animations that could Have a place in this article. Readers of DJ Kala Mag must remember many parts that are worth noting and reminding. Which animations are left and which animation do you think is the best dance sequence?

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