Watch the superhero series “Boys” to find out what’s going on in America these days

Expressing the claim that to understand a country as big and complex as America, it is better to watch a superhero series, maybe a little kindness towards America or a lot of kindness to the series. comment But the series "The Boys" is not an ordinary superhero series. This series offers a deep insight into the state of America and many of its domestic and foreign policies in a satirical envelope of superhero works that have conquered popular culture these days, which is rare among many other works, even realistic works. Watch the superhero series “Boys” to find out what’s going on in America these days

Expressing the claim that to understand a country as big and complex as America, it is better to watch a superhero series, maybe a little kindness towards America or a lot of kindness to the series. comment But the series "The Boys" is not an ordinary superhero series. This series offers a deep insight into the state of America and many of its domestic and foreign policies in a satirical envelope of superhero works that have conquered popular culture these days, which is rare among many other works, even realistic works.

If you follow American news, you're probably aware of the culture war going on there between the right and the left, a culture war that has reached its peak since Trump's presidency and has created so many different tensions that many people are close to whispering. to start another civil war in America.

The reason for the emergence of this tension is the emergence of a new mentality among the American people, which had been expressed for decades in academic and intellectual circles - or from the words of America's enemies. And finally, during the last decade, it has made its way into the mainstream discourse inside America itself. That mentality is that we Americans are not as good as we think. We have interfered in the affairs of other countries. We supported groups and organizations that were either nefarious or later became our enemies to fight our enemies. We have oppressed racial and sexual minorities within the borders of our own country. How can we play the role of the world's police, when our own record is so black? Naturally, on the other side of the debate are those who believe that we Americans are very good and that this anti-Americanism that has started is a conspiracy of the enemies.

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De Boise series is written with a conscious approach to this culture war. Even though the actors of the series are on the front of the leftists, like many of those who work in the field of media and entertainment in America these days, they are unexpectedly aware of all the artificial and hypocritical aspects of their own movement and satirize it mercilessly. For example, one of the biggest targets of satire and criticism of the series are celebrities who are morally bankrupt in their personal lives, but they constantly try to show themselves concerned and aware in the media and social networks, and their efforts appear very clumsy. Seth Rogen, one of the series' executive producers who helped create it, is in the real world exactly the kind of celebrity that the series mercilessly criticizes. I wonder if he himself is aware of this issue?!

The factor that made De Bois successful compared to similar works in satirizing the current state of America is that its creators have a deep understanding of They have the power to work, and their job is not only to refer to historical events, but to analyze them in the context of the series; They are aware of the fact that the ego and psychology of powerful individuals were involved in the creation of the current state of America, as well as the media and super-corporations in which the individuality of individuals has been dissolved.

For example, the main villain of the series, Homelander is a good example of this duality. Homelander is a very sick and cruel person, and his ugliness largely controls the relationships between the characters in the story. But he is strangely a slave to the media and to Vought, the super company he works for. Watch the superhero series “Boys” to find out what’s going on in America these days

One of the main themes of the first three seasons of the series is Homelander's relationship with the media and Watt. At first, Homelander is a slave to these two powerful institutions. It's true that he does his own dirty work behind the scenes when no cameras are on him, but he thinks that all the comfort, freedom and popularity he has is all about the show he puts on for the media, the show he puts on for the media. Watt pays dividends.

During the second season of the series, he meets Stormfront, a superhero who seems to have a deeper insight into the workings of the media. Unlike Homelander, which is content to put on boring, artificial shows for the media, Stormfront knows that these gimmicks are getting old for the public. People know that these advertising campaigns in which everything looks clean and beautiful and perfect are artificial, because people have reached a level of self-awareness that they did not have access to thirty or forty years ago.

That is why Stormfront uses tactics Advertising is happening that the new generation is comfortable with: using memes, criticizing the hypocrisy of others, presenting a pure and earthy image of yourself and creating the impression that "yes, I am one of you".

In At first, Homelander is angry with Stormfront, thinking that he is trying to usurp his popularity. But Stormfront takes his heart by expressing his interest in him and transfers his mentality to Homelander. In a memorable dialogue, Stormfront tells Homelander:

You spent $273 million on that stupid "Save America" ad campaign, but I'll beat you with five dudes making memes on a laptop. I actually pay them with Arby's gift cards. You can no longer keep the whole country in love with you. No one can. So what are you trying for? You don't need fifty million people to love you. You just need five million people to be angry. Buyers have feelings. The buyer is angry. you have fans I have a soldier.

In the following, it turns out that Stormfront was a high-ranking member of the German Nazi Party in the past, and only because of being a superhero, he was able to stay young despite his age. Stormfront still adheres to the ideas of Nazism, and in fact, the reason for his interest in Homelander is that he sees him as a perfect manifestation of the ideal of the "superior race". Watch the superhero series “Boys” to find out what’s going on in America these days

The revelation of this plot point is an example of a deep satire of the present. Stormfront is a character who speaks through the media and using modern methods such as memes, which is pleasing to many people in America. These words are inspired by the positions of the real American rightists (and especially the Alt-Right), which played an important role in Trump's rise to the presidency. It is true that Stormfront does not support racism directly, but practically if you go into the heart of his words and hints (for example, the extinction of the white race), you will not get an impression other than racism and self-aggrandizement of the white race.

In other words, By updating its propaganda and argumentation methods, Stormfront succeeded in mainstreaming all the positions of the Nazi Party in America, without making any direct reference to Nazism. As he himself says: "People agree with what I say. They just don't like the word 'Nazi'.''

The storyline about Stormfront in the second season was kind of a satire of all the tricks that the American right-wing used to insert their controversial ideas into the mainstream discourse. One of these methods was the use of memes. By creating racist, misogynistic, and anti-Semitic memes and distributing them on Fortune (4chan)which is also mentioned by name in the seriesalt-right followers played an effective role in planting these ideas among the new generation. Because not only were many of these memes clever, but if anyone objected to them, they would be accused of being insensitive. And misogyny has been advocating, many such ideas have been hidden behind defensive (rather than offensive) arguments. That is, instead of saying that we whites are a superior race and have the right to surround ourselves with lower-level races, the argument was raised that the birth rate of whites is decreasing, and if this situation continues, whites will become a minority in their own countries in the next few decades. becomes. Instead of saying that men are superior to women and should surround them and control their bodies and sexual behavior, the argument was made that sexual freedom has caused many men to be unwittingly single and without a partner, because women mainly attract 20%. Men become the top level of the society and the other 80% remain without hats. Even once, when Stormfront is expressing his racist views to his son Ryan, his expression becomes contorted; It's like he's thinking that I like this woman, but like he's taking his nonsense too seriously. In this sense, Homelander represents another face of right-wing in America. He represents Americans who don't necessarily have a particular conflict with history and ideology and argument, but simply want to be the most powerful bully in the room.

It is quite clear that Homelander is supposed to represent Trump. He has the intelligence and intelligence to know the people around him and knows how to keep them loyal to him through threats and enticement, but he does not follow a specific ideology and his words do not have a specific intellectual depth. As long as he is in power and feels that he receives enough love and respect from others, that is enough for him. Homelander's ideology does not go beyond selfishness. Watch the superhero series “Boys” to find out what’s going on in America these days

In some ways, Homelander is a better person compared to Stormfront. He is racist, anti-feminist and anti-minority, but none of his prejudices have deep and ideological roots. Unlike Stormfront, who treats someone like A-Train with disgust simply because he is black, Homelander is not too concerned with the gender and race of others, and maybe only if he personally dislikes someone, his race and gender in the form of a momentary insult against him. he use But this lack of depth of thought makes him very vulnerable to the tricks of someone like Stormfront.

If we want to look at the relationship between Stormfront and Let's look at Homelander, Homelander is a kind of representative of the mass of the American people; People who value national strength and pride and see individual strength and pride as a representative of it, but they don't have an ideological mindset and just want to be happy with themselves. Stormfront represents a group of intellectuals and theoreticians (such as those involved in Breitbart) who are trying to use the authoritarian, patriarchal and self-centered spirit of the American people in line with their ideological interests and by inciting the anger of the people whose language violence was never meant to be. become physical violence, make them soldiers. It all starts with a joke and a meme at the beginning.

At the end of the second season, Stormfront is defeated and his identity as a real Nazi is revealed, but the mark he left on Homelander remains on him. Because of being with Stormfront, he understands that he doesn't have to be so much a slave to public opinion and media headlines. At the beginning of the third season, Watt forces him to constantly appear in the media and apologize for his close association with the Nazi Stormfront. Every time he makes one of these apologies, you can tell by the look on his face that a part of his soul is being ripped out of him. He doesn't regret anything, but he has to participate in this media circus, until he gets fed up and breaks out in a brilliant scene, revealing his true colors in front of a live camera: he says he's sorry for nothing, He thinks he's the best and the strongest, he's tired of being controlled by the media and Watt, and he's his own real hero, not the people (referring to his slogan: You're the real hero.)

This Kaos is the personality arc that Homelander goes through in the first three seasons of the series:

Season 1 completely a slave to the media and megacorporations

Season 2 still a slave to the media and megacorporations, but as a controlled rebel

Chapter 3 Released from the shackles of the media and super-corporations Watch the superhero series “Boys” to find out what’s going on in America these days

Homelander who is freed from the shackles of the media And megacorporations are left alone and can be themselves, it's very scary. At the end of the third season, he lasers a liberal who insultingly throws something at his son in front of his fans. This was something that was unthinkable for Homelander to do in the first season of the series, but now he feels so independent that he has the courage to do such a thing in front of people. His fans look at this scene in shock for a few moments, but then start cheering for Homelander. Homelander begins to smile hesitantly. This is a very valuable moment for him: he is finally accepted, but not by acting, but by showing his true self.

Also, this scene from the series reflects one of Trump's strange quotes. "I can stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody without losing any of my voters, OK?" he said during a 2016 campaign rally. Trump probably meant by this quote to admire his fans for their loyalty, but in the series we see a face of this fandom, and this loyalty appears very dangerous and crazy.

Other than Homelander, many other characters of the series and Their character arc is somehow tied to real events in contemporary American history.

For example, Eyre is the most representative of successful black celebrities who have somehow forgotten their true roots. During the series, by losing his power, he remembers these roots again, but he has made so many jokes that he no longer has a fighting identity. In his own words: "I am Michael Jordan." I'm not Malcolm X." Every effort he makes to make the situation better only leads to a worse situation.

For example, in the third season there is a story line where Etrin finds out that one of the multi-watt superheroes named Blue Hawk Hawk) kills black people for no reason in the black neighborhood where his brother lives. This storyline is specifically related to movements such as Black Lives Matter and their complaints about excessive police brutality against black people. Shahin forces Blue Hawk to come to his neighborhood and personally apologize to the black people. The Blue Hawk reluctantly agrees, shows up, and makes the blacks even more angry with an awful, fake apology (in which he uses the lame "I have black friends" argument). When black people challenge him about his violence, he initially says, "Statistically, black neighborhoods have higher crime rates." And when he sees that these words are only making people more angry, he shows his true face and starts beating the audience with violence and disgust and even causes the leg of Etrin's brother to be paralyzed.

This scene It shows a good example of the root of the problems related to police brutality against black people. Someone like Blue Hawk is not racist enough to show it in all situations. For example, he is aware that Eitrin has a higher position compared to him and shows him the appropriate respect. He is acutely aware of power hierarchies and reveals his inner racism only to black people who are easy targets. Also, from this scene, we realize that people like Blue Hawk suffer from lack of control over their anger, and undoubtedly the combination of racism and explosive anger caused them to hurt black people. This scene illustrates why the dilemma between police and blacks seems so intractable: on the one hand, many police officers feel an insatiable hatred of blacks from deep within, which manifests itself in the strongest possible way in tense situations; But under normal conditions, they are able to hide it; On the other hand, the blacks are not willing to accept the apologies and excuses of the police officers, and by emphasizing this injustice more and more, they arouse this anger against themselves more and more. In another episode of the series, a case is mentioned that shows the unfairness of this behavior even more, and that is that in the eighties, the CIA organization sent drugs between neighborhoods to provide money to equip and support Nicaraguan right-wing fighters. Fakirneshin distributed and emphasized that these drugs should stay away from the neighborhoods inhabited by whites. In other words, the CIA deliberately made black neighborhoods sink deeper and deeper into poverty, addiction, and crime, just to prevent a small country in Central America from having a socialist government. With such a contemptuous view of the government towards its non-white citizens, even if black neighborhoods are mired in crime, is it really their fault? Watch the superhero series “Boys” to find out what’s going on in America these days

The number of examples of events in the series that are representative of real-world events is many:

  • Taking into the #MeToo movement by subverting the sexual harassment of The Deep. To Starlight
  • Satire Scientology by subtly joining Deep's Church of the Collective
  • Satire media and corporate efforts to control celebrities through shaming and redeeming Making them by subplotting Deep's redemption arc (which is also very funny)
  • Dealing with such secret Hollywood parties in the episode Herogasm
  • Satire the artificial social concern of mega-corporations and celebrities from Through Ashley's character, Watt's policies to make Queen Maeve look lesbian (when she is bisexual), Watt's opposition to Etrin's concerns about being black, and his desire to return to Ray His African interests (although his self-concern is ridiculous)
  • Addressing the covert relationship between the US Congress and mega-corporations and building a controlled opposition led to behind-the-scenes ties between Stan Edgar, Watt's CEO, and Victoria Newman. (Victoria Neuman), a superhero with a secret identity who works for the US government and, for example, his job is to fight rogue superheroes, but in practice he only hires low-level superheroes who have no effect on anything.
  • Payment to America's relationship with terrorists and the country's need to make enemies for itself. In the first season, we learn that a group of Syrian terrorists have obtained Compound V, a substance that turns ordinary people into superheroes, and this has caused great concern, because the United States now has to deal with a series of terrorist supervillains. slow At the end of the first season, we find out that the Watt company deliberately provided this material to the terrorists in order to make the presence of its superheroes more necessary. This subplot is a clever reference to America's efforts to arm its enemies around the world in order to justify its enormous military budget by instilling fear and intimidation towards its "enemies".

In general. Such examples abound, and if you've watched the series, you'll probably notice many of its subtle and gross references to contemporary American history. In this sense, the series is a continuation of the Watchmen comic, a comic in the style of parallel history that, by involving superheroes in the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, provided a new perspective on this great historical event and the politics behind it. p>

Of course, some people might argue that the series is too involved with what is happening in the present moment, and this issue makes its expiration date come to an early end. For me personally, who watched the show when it aired, this is not a weakness at all, and it makes the humor even stronger, but I really wonder if in ten years, when many of its references will be obscure, Whether or not this feature of the show makes it look old fashioned.

Regardless of how the show is going to be seen in the future, the viewing experience for those watching it now is unparalleled. Maybe America is the only country in the world that can provide a deep political and social insight by using superheroes. Perhaps the reason is that superheroes are a perfect symbol of the image that America has of itself: an incredibly powerful country that sees itself as the savior of the world and therefore makes an exception for itself in many areas and sees itself as an isolated taffeta (this way of thinking even It has also been ideologized in the form of the term American Exceptionalism). Therefore, the idea of a super powerful being whose job it is to save others is in line with the American spirit. But from time to time works such as Wachman and De Bois are published that criticize and review these ideas in the most cruel way; And the result is always a sight to behold. : Karl Urban, Anthony Starr, Jack Quaid, Erin Moriarty and...
Story summary: A group of rebels are trying to fight corrupt superheroes who are abusing their superpowers.
The third season: 77/100

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