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Watch the official teaser of season 2 of the "Combined Game" series

The new teaser of the second season of the "Combined Game" series confirms the return of this popular series to Netflix. Netflix's hugely popular "Combined Game" series is back for a second season, and the streaming giant has recently confirmed the news with a terrifying teaser. Rumors and rumors about the second season of "Composite Game" have been circulating for some time, and the Netflix CEO has unofficially confirmed the return of the series, but this is the first green light the project has received and fans are excited to hear it.

  • Everything we know about the second season of "Composite Game"

By sharing this news on social media, Netflix released a short video clip of the doll Giant Animatronics has released part 1 of "Composite Game". The video focuses on the doll's eyes, which sings the Korean song "Green Light, Red Light" from the popular children's game. As he completes his song, instead of laser shooting, the number "2" appears on the eye and the symbol of the "compound Game" appears in the form of a circle, triangle and square at the bottom of the screen. The subtitled logo of Netflix also confirms that "Composite Game is officially back for season 2." He refers to the second season as "a whole new round" and confirms the return of Sung Gye-han, played by Lee Jong-jae, and Huang In-ho, played by Lee Byung-hoon, nicknamed "The Leader." Fans saw for the last time that Guy-Hang abandoned his flight and vowed to return to a secret island to end these deadly games once and for all. Next season is expected to follow his adventure once again, perhaps once again as a participant or even as a manager and observer.

Dong Hyuk also revealed in the statement that fans "with They will meet Yang Hee's boyfriend, Cheol Soo. Yang Hee is the name of an animatronic doll based on the Korean fictional character of the same name. As he detects the players' movements and kills anyone who moves during the "red light, green light" game, it remains to be seen what his counterpart plans to do to destroy the players. Dong Hyuk also alluded to the return of the mysterious Gong Yu character, and will likely invite more people to the games after a few rounds of Dedakji.

BingMag.com <b>Watch</b> the <b>official</b> <b>teaser</b> of <b>season</b> 2 of the 'Combined Game' series

Statement by Dong Hyuk, writer and director of" Composite Game "

less than a month after airing The first episode of the series on Netflix, "Combined Game" became the largest series offered by this streaming service. Dong Hyuk acknowledged this success in a statement, revealing that while "it took 12 years for the first season of Composite Game to air," it only took "12 days for Composite Game to become Netflix's most popular series." He thanked the fans for their support and "for loving the series." Although fans knew that another season was coming, the official confirmation would make them excited about the return of some of their favorite characters from the first season and be ready for the exciting events of this season.

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