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Watch the new trailer of Nolan's "Oppenheimer" and read about 10 fan reactions

Not only the fans of Christopher Nolan, but also many audiences of the cinema world were very excited to Watch the new trailer of the movie "Oppenheimer". Although the duration of the teaser is not so long, the fans of Nolan's two fans have expressed different emotions and feelings. Since the exact release date of the movie "Oppenheimer" has been determined, the reactions are extremely spectacular.

"Oppenheimer" is a movie in the genre of biography and war, written and directed by Christopher Nolan. Nevertheless, the film "Oppenheimer" is based on a book called "American Prometheus"; A best-selling book about the life of Robert Oppenheimer, the creator of the atomic bomb, the author of this book has won several awards, such as the Pulitzer Prize. It is interesting to know that "Oppenheimer" is Nolan's first film that is not produced by Warner Brothers. According to what has been said and heard, it seems that Nolan is not cooperating with this company in this project due to the company's broadcasting strategy on the HBO Max platform. Accordingly, the movie "Oppenheimer" is going to be released by another well-known company called Universal Pictures.

  • Oppenheimer; Release date, actors and everything you need to know about Christopher Nolan's new movie We will review the top 10 reactions from Reddit users:

    10- How much of the movie "Oppenheimer" will be black and white?

    One of the very interesting points of the teaser The film "Oppenheimer" lay in this problem, showing scenes of the film that were entirely in black and white. Nolan most likely used this color technique to evoke the period of World War II, but maybe this filmmaker wanted to show that the film is completely black and white; Just like Nolan's first film called "Following" from 1998. If the movie is going to be completely black and white, this is also a question, will the explosion scenes be depicted in black and white, or will another color and visual effect like red be used?

    9- Killin Murphy, the mysterious and perhaps scary person in the story!

    Thanks to the amazing performance of Keelyn Murphy, a well-known and beloved Irish actor these days in movies like "28 Days Later" and " A Quiet Place: Part II" (A Quiet Place Part II), he has now become one of the best actors in Hollywood. Murphy previously collaborated with Christopher Nolan in the films "Batman", "Inception" and "Dunkirk" and now, after a long gap, he is going to work with this creative filmmaker again with "Oppenheimer".

    There is a scene of Killeen Murphy's performance in the teaser of the movie "Oppenheimer" where he hides his face under the flash of the cameras to some extent, and the way the camera moves in this event causes Murphy's eyes to have a scary feeling at the end. Induce the viewer. It is likely that one of the factors that persuaded Nolan to give Murphy the main role in his new film is the artist's facial expression, which is very appealing.

    8- Concern about the controversial sound mix of the film "Oppenheimer"

    There is no doubt that Christopher Nolan is one of the best movie directors since 2000, but one of the technical problems that have worried critics and fans in Nolan's recent films is sound mixing; In some scenes, although the dialogues are delivered correctly by the actors, some parts of the sentences are not heard correctly. For example, in the movie "Tenet" this issue became a disturbing factor in the movie theater. Fans have also expressed concern about this issue in the movie "Oppenheimer". It seems that this concern is due to a slight problem in the rendering of the sound effects of the film; Because the volume of sound effects such as explosions is high, which prevents the viewer from understanding the sentences and dialogues.

    7- Will Nolan direct a sequence for the Trinity explosion show?

    BingMag.com <b>Watch</b> the <b>new</b> <b>trailer</b> of <b>Nolan's</b> 'Oppenheimer' and <b>read</b> <b>about</b> 10 <b>fan</b> reactions

    Many movies and TV series have been able to depict the atomic explosion well before; Especially the Trinity Nuclear Test, which was actually the first test of this weapon by the United States of America. Oppenheimer's character was involved in this experiment. Nolan will probably take measures regarding this experiment and its effects. Although according to some fans, the best explosion of Trinity in the series "Twin Peaks" was shown in the episode "The Return: Episode 8" and no matter how hard Nolan tries, he may not be able to do better than this series directed by David Lynch. , to show this explosion in the movie "Oppenheimer".

    6- Nolan doesn't give up on time even in "Oppenheimer"!

    Nolan has been able to be very flexible in the field of filmmaking from show yourself He's directed everything from superhero movies to dramas, but one of Nolan's most popular themes is something almost fans are familiar with: time. Nolan repeatedly borrows from this element in his various works. In the movie "Memento" and "Interstellar" we can see how Nolan beautifully plays with the category of time and immerses us in the crazy world of the story.

    Since in "Oppenheimer" movie teaser There is a countdown, still the traces of time are felt in "Oppenheimer" movie. The release of the film "Oppenheimer" is scheduled for mid-July 2023, almost at the same time as the anniversary of the Trinity nuclear test. It seems that Nolan has been trying to move forward according to the time from the beginning.

    5- Nolan is in a dream

    Perhaps not everyone can be fascinated by all the cinematic works of Christopher Nolan. but in any case he is admired by many media and public. Making a very expensive product like "Oppenheimer", which is considered a biographical work, could have been difficult to sell to the producer. According to some fans, Nolan has managed to create a boundary between the production of classic films and box office films with huge budgets. We have to wait to see if "Oppenheimer" can maintain this balance or not.

    4- How historically accurate will "Oppenheimer" be?

    " I have become death; Destroyer of worlds"; This is a quote from Oppenheimer's real-life personality that has become one of the most enduring quotes in all of history. Unfortunately, some misunderstandings have been formed regarding these talks about Oppenheimer, which fans expect that there will be no mention of it in the movie "Oppenheimer". What Oppenheimer's character says in the heart of the film's story, exactly in the scene of the Trinity experiment, is entirely up to Nolan. Does this filmmaker choose historical accuracy for this work or a cinematic effect by creating new situations and sentences? Waiting to understand this matter will be extremely difficult.

    3- IMAX quality of "Oppenheimer" movie; Visual appeal beyond expectations

    BingMag.com <b>Watch</b> the <b>new</b> <b>trailer</b> of <b>Nolan's</b> 'Oppenheimer' and <b>read</b> <b>about</b> 10 <b>fan</b> reactions

    Since the quality of film equipment is extremely important to Nolan, he He uses the best expressions of cinema for directing. The movie "Oppenheimer" is no exception to this rule and it is interesting to know that the scenes of the movie are recorded in IMAX quality. This is something that will delight every movie lover.

    2- Why is there a countdown in the teaser of the movie "Oppenheimer"?

    The existence of a countdown in the promotional teaser of such a movie It's nothing strange, but the interesting thing about the "Oppenheimer" teaser is that this video is being broadcast live even now, as you read this text, on the official channel of Universal Pictures. It seems that the teaser of the film is repeated in a time loop. This happens, but actually every time, the countdown numbers are changed.

    The change of countdown has been noticed by many fans and it is really surprising how such a unique advertising scheme is played on YouTube. The efforts of the "Oppenheimer" advertising team should be congratulated for inventing this interesting technique in a movie teaser. A lot to surprise all the fans, waiting to Watch it is very difficult. Especially if we know that our favorite work will be released on the cinema screen in exactly one year. Of course, making the audience very eager to Watch a product is the main goal of the Oppenheimer advertising team, but the waiting time is too long.

    With all these interpretations, it is strange that the Oppenheimer live teaser event ", it also starts in a unique way, exactly one year before the release. Wasn't it too early for this? Does the advertising team have other plans that we don't know about? In any case, we hope that other programs, such as more screenings of the film, will be put on the agenda, so that the wait for watching will not be so painful for the fans!

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