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Watch the first trailer for Joel Cohen's Macbeth tragedy; Sophisticated, mysterious and ambitious

The first trailer for The Tragedy of MacBeth, directed and written by Joel Cohen, looks stunning. has taken. The two brothers have co-directed and written their films throughout their careers, which is why the Macbeth tragedy is a curious film; Because many moviegoers are waiting to see Joel perform without the presence of his constant companion. Joel Cohen's 26th directorial role has an interesting atmosphere, and the 3: 4 aspect ratio, the actors' cover and behavior, along with the dialogues that are heard, signal the formation of a special world in this black-and-white film. In one scene we see Lord Macbeth (played by Denzel Washington) crossing foggy battlefields and dark castles, and in the next we see Lady Macbeth (played by Francis McDormand) standing by a window and possibly a map. Plans the murder. The Three Wizards trailer is also portrayed as one of the most iconic parts of Macbeth's play. William Shakespeare's immortal work to make a tragic, ironic, and somewhat symbolic film. The A24 company will release the Macbeth tragedy in US and European cinemas from January 4 (December 25), and from January 24 (January 14, 2022) Joel Cohen's new work will be available to users of Apple TV Plus online service. In 2006, Total Magazine ranked the Coins as the third highest-grossing filmmaker, ranking them 19th on the list of Best Filmmakers of All Time. "The Song of Buster Scrooge" is the last collaboration between the two brothers to date, which was released in 2018 and met with mediocre feedback.

Source: Polygon

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