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Watch the animated trailer of "Strange World", the latest Disney product

The popular Disney company has once again produced a new product that will be shown this fall, combining all the possible and impossible wonders of its boundless world. The "Strange World" animation will enter our world on November 23, 2022 (December 2, 1401). Sercher, who is a kind of separate weave of his family, chooses a very different path from the rest. Coming from a large family of brave and courageous explorers, Sarcher instead decides to take a different path in his life and turn to agricultural life. But in "Strange World", Sarcher has to unite with his family to help them and accomplish an extremely dangerous mission. As Searcher leaves his safe zone, he is amazed by the unknown alien world that surrounds him.
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The released trailer shows that the family of this legendary explorer, the Keys, is embarking on an exciting and tumultuous journey. The teaser, which begins in black and white, prepares the scene for a strange and unknown world. A large space of color spreads rapidly across the screen, and we begin to see some imaginative, vibrant, and beautiful creatures from the planets of the "Strange world." The keys, which are full of adventure, reach the farthest depths of space and time and are difficult to escape from danger.

BingMag.com <b>Watch</b> the <b>animated</b> <b>trailer</b> of 'Strange World', the <b>latest</b> <b>Disney</b> product

Done with him, will cooperate. Gyllenhaal is the only revealed name to have joined the film so far, and more news will be released in the coming days. Roy Conley, producer of "Six Great Heroes" and "Tangled," will produce the animation. Watch the first teaser of Tim Burton's "Venus"

"Strange World" is a great action and adventure movie that is suitable for everyone and at any age. "Strange World" takes viewers to magical and unknown places with a new and exciting story combination and a beautiful animation known as Walt Disney Studios.

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