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Was "Final Game" the last Avengers movie? (Why another movie is inevitable)

BingMag.com Was 'Final Game' the <b>last</b> <b>Avengers</b> <b>movie?</b> <b>(Why</b> <b>another</b> <b>movie</b> is inevitable)

The Avengers: The Final Game seemed to be the last Avengers story, but their return to the movies with Avengers 5 is inevitable. "The Final Game" and "Avengers: Eternal War" were Marvel's culmination and the highest-grossing films of the first three stages of Marvel's cinematic world, collectively known as Infinity Epic. The epic began with "Iron Man" and provided the cinematic background of several superheroes. These heroes unite as Avengers and try to stop Tanus (Josh Brolin) and defeat him in an attempt to capture all the infinite gems and use them to destroy half the world's population.>

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Tanus was a resounding success in Avengers: Eternal War. Using his special gloves and using the power of all the infinite stones, he broke one and half of the world's population disappeared. The surviving Avengers then retaliated in "Avengers: The Final Game" and, by time travel and a clever robbery and the collection of infinite gems, recaptured half of the world's population and then defeated Tanus. The Avengers were successful in their plot, but the "Final Game" was not devoid of tragedy.

This film ends the story of many infinite characters and seems to be the definitive end of the story of the most powerful heroes on earth. Many fans of the franchise may even be skeptical of their interest in the Avengers' return and maintaining Marvel's flawless ending in the "Final Game." In fact, this story may remain so for a while, but the return of the Avengers seems inevitable, and their other stories will probably be told before the events of the "Final Game".

Kevin Faigy said that the "Final Game" of the film The end is the Avengers (what does that mean)

BingMag.com Was 'Final Game' the <b>last</b> <b>Avengers</b> <b>movie?</b> <b>(Why</b> <b>another</b> <b>movie</b> is inevitable)

Certainly after the remarks of the President Marvel Studios Kevin Feigy We must believe that the Avengers as a group will not return to Marvel's cinematic world. Faigi refers to "The Final Game" as "the last Avengers movie" and his comments indicate that this is the last time the Avengers are seen together as a team in Marvel's cinematic world. Aside from the decisive nature of "The Final Game," Faigy's remarks indicate that there is currently no news of the Avengers' fifth film.

In fact, the end of a series of 22 films called Epic is Infinite. His words should perhaps be interpreted simply as the film is the end of an infinite epic. In fact, the series of films that started with "Iron Man" is now over. As fans know, the "Final Game" may be the end of the Avengers, but the possibility of the re-emergence of the most powerful heroes on earth remains. The Avengers movie is not planned at this stage, but that does not mean it will not happen.

The "Final Game" was a great ending for the Avengers team

BingMag.com Was 'Final Game' the <b>last</b> <b>Avengers</b> <b>movie?</b> <b>(Why</b> <b>another</b> <b>movie</b> is inevitable)

It is difficult to make the fifth episode of Avengers, as it may destroy the good ending effect of the "Final game". The film had the best ending for Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and Captain America (Chris Evans). Iron Man, the superhero who began the Infinite Epic with Tony Stark's root story and selfish and selfish temperament, took the opportunity to change his narrative and sacrifice his life to save the world.

Captain America also says goodbye to the audience as he returns the infinite gems to the moment the Avengers stole them and prevents the occurrence of alternating realities. He decides not to go back to the present and instead lives on as Steve Rogers. The end of the "Final Game" gives Captain America a chance to make up for the life he lost. In this movie, Hockey (Jeremy Renner) returns to his family and sacrifices his black widow (Scarlett Johansson) to reach the ghost, thus "Avengers: The Final Game" is not only the end of the infinite action epic, but also the end of his superhero characters.

However, this result seems to be limited to the Avengers movie in general, and the plot for Marvel's next movie, Spider-Man: Away from Home, is partly about confronting Peter Parker. (Tom Holland) With the death of his teacher, it was Stark. So it may be the "Final Game" instead of the ending Avengers, in a way, represents the change and revenge of the Avengers. This movie marked a great ending for the main Avengers, but it may be a new beginning for the next generation of Earth's most powerful heroes.

Why Avengers 5 strong> inevitable and of course good

BingMag.com Was 'Final Game' the <b>last</b> <b>Avengers</b> <b>movie?</b> <b>(Why</b> <b>another</b> <b>movie</b> is inevitable)

"Avengers 5" can draw conclusions without neutralizing and The final game is made and screened, and therefore, its production seems inevitable. The Avengers is Marvel's biggest franchise in the world of cinema, and it is unlikely that Marvel will use that brand again. "Avengers 5" is basically a $ 2 billion guaranteed movie, and the unpredictability of the sequel to "Final Game" is likely to contribute to its popularity and box office sales.

Some also believe that Marvel should do more with This franchise will work. The story seems to end only for the main avengers, and it is strange not to look at the future of the next generation. The Avengers are designed as a special team that is prone to change and growth. "Avengers 5" could be the place to introduce new heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Phase 4 multiplayer storyline, especially "Spider-Man: There's No Way Home" and "Dr. Strange in the Multi-World Madness." Stopping the Avengers movie production process at a time when Marvel's cinematic world is at its peak is definitely unusual and perhaps even a big mistake.

Avengers 5 strong> When is it narrated? Why we need a little break

BingMag.com Was 'Final Game' the <b>last</b> <b>Avengers</b> <b>movie?</b> <b>(Why</b> <b>another</b> <b>movie</b> is inevitable)

The Avengers four years after Iron Man Was released, and so one would expect a similar timeline for "Avengers 5" to be fully considered. The story of "Avengers 5" may take even longer than that, because it takes more time to match the results of the "Final Game" with other storylines. Marvel Cinematic World has several projects that will be released from now until the end of 2023. At that time, four years have passed since the release of "Avengers: The Final Game" in 2019, and given the greatness of the "Avengers 5" project, more time is needed to coordinate.

This time is not just for The project has to stay away from the "Final Game" for a long time, but it is also necessary for Marvel's cinematic world to set the story in the best possible way. Given the current complexity of Marvel's cinematic plot, the status of many of its characters may not yet be clear to The Avengers 5. The film must also take an inherent risk. The sequel to The Avengers franchise has never been explicitly rejected by Marvel movie executives, but Nevertheless Avengers 5 must revive a franchise that seemed to end in the best way possible with Avengers: The Final Game. p>

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