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The "Walking Dead" series finally explained the origin of the zombie virus outbreak

BingMag.com The 'Walking Dead' <b>series</b> <b>finally</b> <b>explained</b> the <b>origin</b> of the <b>zombie</b> <b>virus</b> outbreak

The TV series "The Walking Dead" has kept the origins of the zombie virus secret for a decade. But now the post-circulation scene of "The Walking Dead: Beyond the World" explains how the virus began. Despite avoiding revealing this secret for the past 10 years, the origin of the virus in this series has finally been revealed.

Warning: In this article, the risk of leaking There is a story in "The Walking Dead: Beyond the World"

Robert Kirkman, while writing his series, deliberately decided not to reveal the origin of the "Walking Dead" virus and never kept it a secret throughout the story. Did not mention. The AMC television network used Robert's philosophy in this television adaptation and avoided presenting the reason for the virus to its audience. In fact, the only time the series revealed a truth was about an episode in the first season that Kirkman later regretted.

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But this series is also a victim of time. Despite the end of the original series in season 11, this live-action franchise is moving further away from Kirkman's original content. The closing sequence of the second season of "The Walking Dead: Beyond the World" answers a question that viewers have been asking for more than a decade. How did the zombie virus spread?

The scene after the filming of "The Walking Dead: Beyond the World" takes place at a medical center in France, where the zombie virus appears to have originated. A former laboratory researcher, despite leaving the center long ago, returns to the laboratory hoping to continue his work to discover a cure, but encounters an unknown survivor who is smoking. When the scientist talks about his goodwill to end the zombie apocalypse, the unknown person replies: "Will you end it? "This is something you started yourself." On the wall, there is a relatively sinister message to France: "Zombies are born here." So far we know everything about the origin of the mobile dead virus.

How did the mobile dead virus start to spread?

BingMag.com The 'Walking Dead' <b>series</b> <b>finally</b> <b>explained</b> the <b>origin</b> of the <b>zombie</b> <b>virus</b> outbreak

From these two great clues, we come to only one conclusion that the virus originated in a laboratory in France. According to the unidentified man, the center worked with several teams (as he points to the Violet and Primers teams) on the projects, which eventually led to the production of the virus. Since the Primers team moved to the United States shortly before the outbreak, other countries other than France may be involved in the study.

In addition, the film addresses this issue. The researchers did not intend to spread the virus and infect the world, and the virus accidentally got out. While the unidentified man blames the Violet and Primers teams for spreading the virus, the scientist vaguely blames himself: "When [the outbreak] happened, when you did something you should not have done."

virus before the first season of "The Walking Dead" and attacked the center, but accidentally caused it to spread. Were. So both sides are to blame.

Robert Kirkman believed that the series would do better by keeping the cause of the outbreak a secret, so it was interesting for the series' creators to follow this fundamental principle. Is. But since "The Walking Dead" seeks to go beyond its original parameters and increase the scope of Rick Grimes' cinematic adventures, it seems impossible to avoid revealing it. Now that Kirkman is done, the search for virus production (and how to stop it) will be a logical topic for writing the next "The Walking Dead" story.

Destroys the charm of the puzzle? It does, but it's not necessarily bad for the longest zombie-themed TV series. Although viewers still disagree on whether this was the right choice to end "The Walking Dead: Beyond the World", there is always talk of breaking one of the old zombie genre traditions of keeping zombie roots secret. There are. Although this revelation is not intended by the creators of "The Walking Dead", this risk seems necessary because we will see several spin-off movies and series from this franchise in the coming years. Revealing the biggest mystery of the series only opens the way for new puzzles that make it possible to continue making the series. Riddles like why did the French make such a self-destructive pathogen?

virus Man-made "Walking Dead" was just one part of a complex puzzle, and more in spin-offs such as the undisclosed Drill Dixon series, the Isle of the Dead series starring Negan and Maggie, and the movie "The Walking Dead: Rick Grimes" will be revealed. The content of these series will be about sacrifices and moral dilemmas during a global catastrophe.

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