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The Walking Dead - The Garden (Lasting Episodes of the Series)

BingMag.com The <b>Walking</b> <b>Dead</b> - The <b>Garden</b> <b>(Lasting</b> <b>Episodes</b> of the Series)

The Walking Dead : Season Four, Episode 14 - Garden

Watching "The Walking Dead" is a great regret. The series started with a whole lot of interesting and spectacular ideas and many enduring characters, and now, after eleven seasons, it has ended in an endless ordinary work that many, even its actors, prefer to end sooner! But "The Walking Dead" was a brilliant work in its early seasons, telling stories and sub-stories that are hard to find in other series. One of the unappreciated and spectacular Episodes of this series was the fourteenth episode of the fourth season, called "Garden". Keep in mind that in this article, key story information from this series will be revealed.

In the fourth season of the series, there was a relatively slight decline. At the time, we did not know what a "nightmare" the "moving dead" would become in later seasons, and this slight decline had worried us. The series was recurring and predictable events had taken place. But in the same season and with the episode "Garden", a huge shock came to the audience at once. The "garden" looks like a detour in the overall storyline of this season. Like a breath. Something like the "Flies" episode of "Unrestrained" that we will definitely go to later.

The story of "The Garden" takes place after the events of the prison and the arrival of the zombies. Group members fall into several categories. Carl, Tyrese, and Lizzie and Micah stand side by side and walk along the railroad tracks. Judith, Rick's baby girl, is with them. Along the way, they come across a great villa in the heart of a beautiful garden, a house with full facilities and general food. Everything is ready for a long stay. That's why the group decides to stay home.

The main problem for Carl and Tyrese are the two teenage sisters, especially Lizzie, who are their main concern. He has not yet been able to understand these moving Dead (or zombies). He thinks they are as human and alive as they are. He can neither kill them nor be afraid of them. Every time a member of the group kills one of these zombies, he is deeply shocked and upset. Carl's attempts to justify him also seem futile.

Finally, in the middle of this episode, one of the most terrifying events in the entire "animated" series and perhaps the entire history of television series takes place. When Carl and Tyrese return from a trip to collect food and ammunition, they find out that Lizzie has stabbed Mika to death. But according to him, he has not damaged his brain and is waiting for him to become a zombie. By turning zombies into mica, Lisa wants to prove to Tyrese and Carl that killing zombies is not an easy task and we can not ignore our dependence on them. Eventually, Carl, realizing Lizzie's dangerous psychological breakdown, has no choice but to kill her. In this way, in a few days, the two teenage girls in the film disappear just as easily.

"The Garden" is exactly what an apocalyptic work should be: terrifying, shocking, serious and bitter. This episode illustrates well what an apocalypse will look like in the true sense of the word. It is no longer a matter of trying to build a civilization and a family and hoping to return to life before the outbreak of the virus. The "garden" is a true depiction of the apocalypse, in the true sense of the word. Where children like Lizzie and Mika are doomed to destruction. That biting and bitter tone of "The Garden" can hardly be found in the other Episodes of "The Walking Dead." But in none of them is this as calculated and planned as Lizzie and Mica in the Garden. There is no news of a dangerous villain, nor of a zombie raid and the casualties that result from these attacks. Four healthy adults enter a house and at the end of the story, two of them return. In "The Garden", the nature of the apocalypse is beautifully displayed by these four people. The "garden" shows well that even if a cure is found for the virus, and even if the surviving humans return to their former lives, the situation will never be as normal as before. The nightmares that these people have gone through will always stay with them and will eventually take their place. How can Carl forget the nightmare of burying two teenage girls for the rest of his life?

The most complex character in this episode is undoubtedly Lizzie. For the most part, he is silent and immersed in his thoughts. But even in his few dialogues, one can find signs of terrifying and incomprehensible thoughts. To her teen's mind, what is happening around her is more terrifying and cruel than she can comprehend. Everything passes through the filter of his innocent mentality. He thinks zombies and humans are no different. Even though he feels the danger many times, still He tries to convince himself that zombies are harmless creatures and can be made friends with. That horrific scene of Mica's murder is also an attempt to explain this fact to Carl and Tyrese. She looks like a normal girl, her only problem is that she has not yet been able to understand the events around her. But no one expects Lizzie to commit such a crime in the end. And another strong point of this episode is that Carl (killing Lizzie) also seems logical to the audience. It really does not seem like we can get along well with Lizzie and be tolerant of her. He seems to be a dangerous nut, and from now on anything can happen on his part. They know the "moving dead." This section has a brilliant score of 9.2 out of 10 on the ImediBey website, out of 16,000 votes, which is not a small number at all, and it indicates the wide acceptance of this section by the audience.

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