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Uncharted film; According to the signs of the trailer, what are the changes compared to the video game?

BingMag.com Uncharted film; According to the signs of the trailer, what are the changes compared to the video game?

The Uncharted movie finally shows the story of this series of successful video games in cinemas, but the first trailer of the movie showed that it also brings big changes. . Directed by Reuben Fleischer, Tom Holland as Nathan Drake, Mark Wahlberg as Victor Sullivan and Sophia Taylor Ali as Kidney Fraser, as well as supporting actors such as Tati Gabriel and Antonio Banderas. Uncharted will be released on February 18, 2022.

Hollywood does not have a brilliant history of adapting video games. One of the main reasons for the failure of many such projects is that the creators change the main story of their games too much, which leads to the production of films that are not very attractive to new audiences or fans of the original version. Of course, to transfer video games to the big screen, some things have to change, but it is difficult to strike a balance between change and resource conservation.

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Unfortunately, the new trailer for Uncharted shows The film may not have struck a balance. There are a number of obvious changes, both in terms of character depiction and in terms of the franchise's overall timing, that can be seen throughout the images. This does not necessarily mean that the film will fail, but it is not pleasant for those who are looking to rebuild loyalty to the games. But what are the biggest changes in Uncharted movie compared to games?

Uncharted movie changes the way Nate and Solly meet

BingMag.com Uncharted film; According to the signs of the trailer, what are the changes compared to the video game?

In Uncharted video games, Nathan Drake meets Sully at the age of 15. At that time, Nate is in the middle of his travels around the world and in Colombia, trying to steal a ring belonging to a famous pirate named Sir Francis Drake, and ironically, Solly is looking for the same ring. The two characters collide in an attempt to obtain the ring, and eventually begin a beautiful, lifelong relationship and friendship, but in the film Uncharted, Nathan Drake meets Soli in a completely different way, playing Holland./p>

The Uncharted trailer begins with a scene in which Nate works as a bartender in a upscale lounge in New York City. He meets Souli here. At this point in the story, it looks like Drake, who plays Holland, is about 20 years old and maybe even a little older. This change not only changes the way the intentions meet and how their relationship begins, but also greatly affects all the events of Uncharted 3, which directly depend on the issue of the robbery and their close relationship. This shows that Uncharted is a completely different form of games.

Uncharted changes Sam Drake's disappearance

BingMag.com Uncharted film; According to the signs of the trailer, what are the changes compared to the video game?

Nathan Drake's brother, Sam is not seen in the Uncharted trailer but is mentioned several times. According to the dialogue from Solly in the trailer, it seems that Ferdinand Magellan's treasure, which Nitt and Solly are looking for, is also related to Sam's disappearance. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. In any case, this version of Sam's story is very different from Uncharted video games.

In games, Sam gets lost when he and Nate are both adults. In fact, he seemed to be dead until proven otherwise in Uncharted 3. Early in his life, Sam had a long history of disappearing while working, but he always came back. In the movie Uncharted, it seems that Nathan has been missing his brother for some time, but the situation is different. This change is not very big, but considering the past importance of poison and intention in games, if a sequel is produced for Uncharted movie, it can have bigger consequences.

Solo changes in Uncharted movie >

BingMag.com Uncharted film; According to the signs of the trailer, what are the changes compared to the video game?

Anchartd movie trailer shows big changes in Solly's character compared to his character in games . In the games, Solly is a person like Paul Newman, grumpy, smoker, bad-mouthed, grumpy, with a mustache. He is a strong and distinctive character who adds a lot of energy to the world of Uncharted. Unfortunately, the cinematic version of Solly in Anchartd does not seem to have many of the defining characteristics of this character. Solly Wahlberg does not have a mustache, does not smoke, speaks in a gentle tone, and has less distinctive and large aspects of personality. He is different in every way. These changes do not inherently make him a bad character, but when the main character is very rich and attractive and with symbolic behaviors that are not seen in the Uncharted trailer, it can be imagined that these changes will be to the detriment of the film as a whole. p>

Nathan Drake's changes in the movie Uncharted

BingMag.com Uncharted film; According to the signs of the trailer, what are the changes compared to the video game?

Sony has also made major changes to Nathan Drake's character in Uncharted's lineup, which are not limited to the character's age. Because the film is set in an older timeline than Anchartd's games, the intent is younger than what viewers expect, but other characteristics of the character have changed in his transfer to the cinema. His cinematic version is more calm, humble, and naive, and in many ways more like the naive Dutch Spider-Man in Marvel Cinematic Universe than Nathan in Anchartd's video games. These changes are not necessarily the fault of the actor, but essentially reflect Sony's overall orientation towards the film, which seems to have preferred audience attraction to loyalty to the source content.

Even in teen flashbacks This character in Anchartd games, the intention is always a stubborn, intelligent and independent person. In the movie trailer, Nathan Drake, who plays Holland in Dialogue, says that he has dreamed about these things since he was a child, which shows that this is his first real adventure in the field of treasure hunting. In the games he had already participated in several adventures and traveled around the world with his brother and was familiar with the rules of doing so. In general, the film seems to change Nathan Drake's character traits in favor of his actor traits. This may seem like a small change, but since Anchartd is a story inspired by the Indiana Jones franchise, omitting stories and traits that make the main characters unique is a big mistake.

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