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5 Unanswered Questions The Matrix Resurrection movie

BingMag.com 5 <b>Unanswered</b> <b>Questions</b> The <b>Matrix</b> <b>Resurrection</b> movie

When it comes to Matrix movies, we need to know that Questions and puzzles are going to be created in our minds rather than answers and unraveling. Like Neo, we eat the red pill and go deep into the rabbit's nest to learn the bitter, shocking, and sometimes disturbing truths of this world, and to be left in a maze of Unanswered questions.

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Almost 20 years after the first revolutionary Matrix film was made in action and science fiction cinema, its sequel, The Resurrection of the Matrix, was released to the public after a long wait. Was located, and almost everyone was disappointed and disappointed. In this new matrix, we see Thomas Anderson once again caught in the loop and loop of repetition of everyday life, caught up in office work, but constantly bothered by something, as if he knows that real life is boring somewhere outside of this loop of repetition, and again Morpheus (who is different this time in a sad and humiliating way) comes to his aid to save him from this empty and imaginary life.

Come on, we still feel like we have a lot of Questions left Unanswered in the movie. That's why in this article we have compiled a comprehensive list of these Questions so that we can use it to understand some of the unresolved nodes in the matrix.

Why does Morpheus look different?

BingMag.com 5 <b>Unanswered</b> <b>Questions</b> The <b>Matrix</b> <b>Resurrection</b> movie

The question is really good, but the Matrix Resurrection movie for unknown reasons He avoids answering it and never explains it to the viewer or the characters in the story, even though it does not seem strange to Neo why his old friend and mentor appears with a different appearance in his secret codes.

Matrix fans realized there news fishburne in fourth episode, they were upset. course, we do not want to deny efforts yahya abdul matin ii new but one can replace idea morpheus has now become a computer program based on characteristics real agent smith is rejected many. p>

Of course, in the real world and beyond, we have heard more about this. "I was not invited to star in this film, which is not a problem," Fishburne said in a 2020 interview. "I hope this one is amazing and spectacular, and that people and audiences will fall in love with it." "In this episode, we get to know a completely different version of Morpheus," he said in an interview in October 2021. I play a character who is familiar with the complete history of the Matrix and knows everything about Morpheus. He is a character who comes to a new knowledge of himself during the various adventures of the film. Much of our film's story is about growing and finding each person's path. Morpheus is no exception.

In one of the key scenes in the film, Naubi (Jida Pinkett Smith) shows a statue of Neo that bears a striking resemblance to the original version of Morpheus. Naubi explains that after the adventures of the first trilogy, Morpheus was elected chairman of the Supreme Council, but it seems that something happened that led to his death. But the world of the Matrix is not a world of definite facts, and we still do not know what the real and real destiny of Morpheus was.

I realized that he wanted to take the story and the film world in a different direction, and this new version of Morpheus was in the same direction. "" The Matrix story evolved in Lana's mind. There were a lot of changes, and we came here as actors to capture the ideas in his mind. But apart from these issues, Morpheus's appearance change probably has more logical reasons in the story. As we understand it, Neo himself created this version of Morpheus to remind him of the real world when he was immersed in the world of the Matrix. Therefore, it makes sense for him to design a different look for him so that the machines and agents do not realize his true identity. In the very first minutes, we notice that a simulated version of the Matrix has been created within the matrix. Thomas Anderson, who is a successful game developer in this version of the story and, for example, created the first trilogy in the form of a computer game, subconsciously hid the simulation inside the Matrix and put the new Morpheus inside to look for him.

2. What is the flow of Agent Smith?

BingMag.com 5 <b>Unanswered</b> <b>Questions</b> The <b>Matrix</b> <b>Resurrection</b> movie

This question is similar to the previous one, because Agent Smith plays Hugo Weaving He also played a key role in the main trilogy and has now been replaced by a younger actor, like Morpheus and Lawrence Fishburne. Now, in this film, we are dealing with a completely different agent, Smith, who also shows strange behaviors.

But Hugo Weaving's case is a little different from Lawrence Fishburne. He was reportedly asked to appear in the fourth film of The Matrix, but was involved in a theatrical performance and could not arrange his plans to appear in The Fourth Matrix. "I thought I could do both. We planned for a few weeks so that there would be no interference and I could work on two projects. But in the end, Lana Wachowski came to the conclusion that our plans did not fit together and we could not work together. That's why they did it without me.

In the early minutes of The Matrix Resurrection, we learn that Thomas Anderson is working for a young, complacent boss played by Jonathan Graf, who tells him he has to follow. Build a Matrix for computer games. When the border between the two neo-worlds blurs and a shooting takes place in the middle of the same office, this boss finally reveals his true identity and we realize that he is actually Agent Smith.

But this apparent change for Agent Smith seems more rational than Morpheus. From the second Matrix movie, we learned that Agent Smith and his codes changed after dealing with Neo. Now, in the fourth part, we see that he has advanced more than before and reached undiscovered powers, and even like before, he is not an absolute evil.

The fact that Agent Smith and Neo are two sides of the same coin is one of them. It was the main theme of the Matrix trilogy, and it has a strong presence here as well. Oracle (the prophet) told Neo somewhere in the third part that Smith was his opponent and was practically the opposite of him. In this part, it is explicitly mentioned that Smith, along with Morpheus, is the character who played the most important role in the formation of Neo, and that is why they designed the new Morpheus by combining the characteristics of the two.

3. Why is Naubi so old? If you do not do it immediately, you are right. Lana Wachowski herself is aware of this, and for this reason she brings a brief flashback from the young Naubi to remind the audience that this old woman is the same Naubi. But Naubi tells Neo that 20 years have passed in the Matrix and 60 years in the real world. That's why Roland's granddaughter, Lexi, is the former captain of the Millennium. Hannover). After 60 years of struggling and exhausting life, everyone who was a naive place became bitter and serious.

But this difference between 20 years and 60 years may have a hidden meaning. As we know, twenty years have passed in our world, from the main trilogy of The Matrix to the release of its fourth part. In The Resurrection of the Matrix, we hear that this twenty-year period was in the world of the Matrix and not in the real world. Did Lana Wachowski want to say that we and the whole world live in a Matrix and our eyes are not yet open to the real world?

What does Christina Ritchie do in The Resurrection of the Matrix?

BingMag.com 5 <b>Unanswered</b> <b>Questions</b> The <b>Matrix</b> <b>Resurrection</b> movie

Christina Ritchie is a veteran actress He has starred in a wide variety of films to date, from popular blockbusters to family and independent films. So why is his presence in The Resurrection of The Matrix so limited and transient? White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane Complete, we see several sessions in which various people give their ideas about this sequel. In this way, Lana Wachowski makes a funny joke about the silly process that Hollywood goes through for embroidering and sequencing, and brings together a handful of low-minded and superficial people to inject their not-so-attractive ideas into a popular work. One of the people present at these meetings is Christina Ritchie. Elsewhere, when we see a flashback to Thomas Anderson and his attempt to jump off the edge of the tower, Christina Ritchie is still present.>

Perhaps the only logical reason for the actor's presence is to plan to build the next Matrix sequel. It is possible that Lana Wachowski also thought about the fourth and fifth parts of The Matrix and considered this character for that time. The name of the character that Ritchie plays is "Guinea Dior", a strange and unusual name that seems to be unreasonable for a marginal and black character.

Another reason for this is that Ritchie is She has just had a baby, and sometimes there are unexpected events in her life that disrupt our plans.

The third and most likely explanation is that most of her scenes have been removed from editing. After the second half of the story, and when Thomas Anderson rejoins, there is no justification for Ritchie's presence. The character Ritchie plays probably has the most references to the real world. Gwyneth Dover works for Warner Bros. (the same company that makes the Matrix). Perhaps one of Warner Bros. senior executives took the character seriously and felt that they wanted to take him away, saying that they should remove his scenes.

Whatever the reason for this, the presence of Christina Ritchie is extremely limited. He is and maybe even after watching the movie we will remember that he was in this movie. If sequels are made for the film, Ritchie may play a bigger role.

Will more sequels be made?

BingMag.com 5 <b>Unanswered</b> <b>Questions</b> The <b>Matrix</b> <b>Resurrection</b> movie

There are many hints and signs at the end of the Matrix Resurrection that Gives a sequel and prepares the audience to continue the story. From the reappearance of the analyst (Neil Patrick Harris) to the idea that Neo and Trinity want to make a new, more enjoyable and beautiful version of the Matrix world. Finds and can fly like a neo. Maybe in the next section we will explore more of these powers and see a completely new version of Trinity. Characters like Saty (Priyanka Chopra) may have a bigger role in the next sequel because she was not so present in The Matrix Resurrection. Or perhaps more aspects of the analyst and his actions over the last few years will be revealed, such as how he used Neo and Trinity to build a more powerful matrix.

  • It is not possible

but if they do not make a sequel to it, the Resurrection of the Matrix itself has a relatively complete story and ends with a happy ending, and we realize that we are now going to have a happy and pleasant matrix. . In any case, it is the audience feedback and sales of this film that determine the fate of its sequels. So much so that the feedback has been overwhelmingly negative, and the vast majority of Matrix fans are not happy with it and feel that such a film should not have been made in the first place. However, a very positive outlook for the future of this film series can not be considered.

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