Unanswered questions of the first season of “Sandman” series

After more than 30 years of struggle, the long-awaited adaptation of the story of Sandman directed by Neil Gaiman and broadcast in the form of a TV series on Netflix

BingMag.com Unanswered questions of the first season of “Sandman” series

After more than 30 years of struggle, the long-awaited adaptation of the story of Sandman directed by Neil Gaiman and broadcast in the form of a TV series on Netflix

This series creates a world that sometimes feels like the pages of Sandman comics themselves. The series follows Dream/Morpheus (Tom Sturridge), the master of dreams, whom Roderick Burgess (Charles Dance) enlists as a believer in magic to help bring his son back to life. The dream realm begins to collapse over a period of time, and humanity suffers from encephalitis and lethargy, or so-called sleeping sickness.

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Warning : In this text, the story of the Sandman series is revealed

Chapter 1 describes the first two volumes of this acclaimed graphic novel: Volume 1, Prequels and Nights, and Volume 2, A Doll's House. The narrative of this chapter is relatively clear, but there are still some unknown issues that have important implications for chapter 2 and beyond.

Is Corinthian really gone?

BingMag.com Unanswered questions of the first season of “Sandman” series

Corinthian, played by Boyd Holbrook, is made to disappear by the dream to finish what he had already started. to finish He turns into a small skull, ironically made by Roya and Lucien (Vivian Achampang). Corinthian is gone for now, but he could logically return again. Maybe he will come back to fight in the upcoming war against Lucifer.

In an interview with Collider, when asked if he would like to appear in the series again in the future, Achampang expressed his interest in his character. And he said: "Yes, I definitely like it, but for now, I will leave this matter in the hands of fate." For now, however, the skull with the eye-toothed Corinthian will likely be in the Palace of Dreams for a while.

What's next for Johanna Constantine?

BingMag.com Unanswered questions of the first season of “Sandman” series

Johanna Constantine (Jenna Coleman) is introduced in episode 3, "Dream a Little of My Dream." A flashback sequence retells the traditional legends of John Constantine and Johanna and the story of the Newcastle incident and Astra Lug (Nina Galano) being sent to Hell. After preparing a sandbag for Roya, Johanna continues her adventure. Due to her personal experiences in the demon realm, Johanna could be a key element in the upcoming battle against Lucifer's army in the upcoming season.

Like other characters in the DC Comics universe and the Archer universe, she has almost every conversation. And interactively in the story, it reveals hints of its difficult and fascinating past. The writers intentionally leave things unresolved in the episode he is in so that his storyline can continue later. In this sense, The Sandman 3 acts as a pilot episode to set things up for a potential Johanna Constantine spin-off (which Neil Gaiman himself has confirmed).

Final Plot What is a wish?

BingMag.com Unanswered questions of the first season of “Sandman” series

In the final part of season 1, it is revealed that the mastermind and architect Behind Rose Walker (Vanso Samoniai) is Arzoo (Park Mason Alexander). They create problems for Unity Kincaid (Sandra James Jung), who suffers from sleeping sickness, to force Roya to kill one of their own and deal with the consequences. However, what is the root of Dream and Desire's sibling rivalry?

A common element throughout Sandman's universe is the dysfunctional nature of the "endless" family. Dream and Death (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) get along well, but Desire and Lucifer (Gwendoline Christie) seem like lone wolves. The first half of the first season shows humanity's imprisonment of the dream, and the second half depicts the family drama "Endless". Arzoo's motivation and plot is unclear and gets lost in a range of petty family disputes.

However, don't expect this character's storyline to get any simpler. "Desire is always tied to something, and you have to consider both sides," explained Mason Alexander Park. He has good and wonderful and at the same time bitter and dark elements in his character.

Why did Green Fiddler leave the dreamland?>BingMag.com Unanswered questions of the first season of “Sandman” series

In episode 10, "Lost Hearts", it is revealed that Gilbert (Steven Frye) is the Green Fiddler, the third rogue Dreamer that lands The dream follows it. The Green Fiddler is a dream destination made human by Gilbert. Stephen Fry's whimsical performance as Gilbert (The Green Fiddler) evokes green meadows, refreshing and relaxing, and a beautiful landscape. Green Fiddler seems to be of equal importance to Corinthian, as the dream establishes his position as a It describes "appointed position".

Corinthian was made for humans to face the dark and bitter aspects of their humanity through nightmares, and Green Fiddler was also made for humans to see the beauty of the world and nature in their dreams. to experience His background and past are revealed through brief dialogues, but several key points are still unknown. Why did he decide to leave the dreamland and live as a human?

Did he do it just for an easier life or did he have a bigger plan in mind? Where exactly is he in the dreamland hierarchy? We hope that these questions will be examined in future chapters. For now, Green Fiddler's return to dreamland is likely to be a glorious sequence that evokes the bliss of a carefree stroll through the meadows.

What is Gregory's backstory?

BingMag.com Unanswered questions of the first season of “Sandman” series

One of the most heart-wrenching scenes of the first season was where the dream of Gregory's animal Cain (Sanjiv Bhaskar) and Abel (Asim Chadori) used to rebuild the dreamland. The dream had to absorb something unblemished and pure that still held remnants of his power. It is later revealed that Cain and Abel have been living in the dreamland since the beginning, and that the dream had given them Gregory a long time ago and had originally created him as a nightmare. However, several issues remain unclear. Why are Cain and Abel living in a dream?

What made the dream give them such a gift and why did the dream turn Gregory from a nightmare into a dream? The dream gave Cain and Abel a new egg that hatched from a gutter called Goldie (or Irving, depending on your perspective on the story), but it's possible that we'll see Gregory return again in flashbacks in future seasons. . The importance of Cain and Abel to Sandman's overall narrative will likely lead to a more complete exploration of their history and past in the sequel to this television adaptation.

Is Baby Lita safe?

BingMag.com Unanswered questions of the first season of “Sandman” series

Unity Kincaid sacrificed herself so that Rose could live, after which the vortex closed and the balance returned to Dreamland. coming back. However, there is still a certain threat, and Roya believes that Lita's (Razaneh Jamal) dream about the soul of her husband, Hector, will have devastating effects on the world. At the end of Season 1, Roya is busy rebuilding Dreamland.

The series focuses on Lita's joy over the birth of her son and, at least temporarily, does not focus on Roya's efforts to distance her from her son. It's possible that Lita's son is a vortex-like paradox, and this could cause another imbalance in Dreamland at some point in the future. Layla and Rose's son, who were both born in the land of dreams, have high knowledge of this realm, which will become more clear in the future.

Will we continue to see the land without sun?

BingMag.com Unanswered questions of the first season of “Sandman” series

The dream in episode 6 takes some souls to the "sunless land" on a typical workday. . Expressing shame at the resistance of humans to death, Roya states that "death is as natural as birth". Resistance to death is partly what motivates Hector to stay in Dreamland with Lyta. The Sunless Land is a separate place from the dreamland that the comics have not explicitly explored.

The narrative of the series leaves the exact definition of the Sunless Land to the interpretation of the audience. However, this TV adaptation could finally give viewers a glimpse into this nebulous concept of the afterlife. "The Sound of His Wings" creates interesting puzzles and ambiguity about the nature of death and keeps the audience curious about what the sunless land looks like.

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