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5 unanswered questions of the 13th season of "Doctor Who" series

BingMag.com 5 <b>unanswered</b> <b>questions</b> of the <b>13th</b> <b>season</b> of 'Doctor Who' series

The "Doctor Who" series recently ended its thirteenth season with its thirteenth doctor (Judy Whitaker), and it is safe to say that this season is the most ambitious. Chris Chibnall has been the series' lead creator ever. Like other good narratives, Dr. Hu introduced new characters, brought familiar monsters back to the screen, traveled to distant alien landscapes, explored historical events, and finally left the fate of the world undecided.

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Many interesting ideas came up during these six episodes. This chapter introduces the Division, a time-governing organization headed by the doctor's stepmother, Tecton (Barbara Flynn), with the expansion of The Timeless Child (in which the Doctor is an infinite creature with an infinite number of copies). But the other villains of the season, the Destroyers, killed Tecton before he could answer any more questions, and then the Destroyers themselves disappeared from time to time.

It left many story lines undecided. Some of these will probably be revealed in the final three episodes, especially of Whitaker as Dr. Hu. Probably one of these is the Chekov rifle, which is, in fact, a watch that contains memories of the doctor's past life and possibly thousands of copies of the character himself that have been erased from his mind. (Chapter 13 in its final section, instead of clarifying the issue, postpones it to the future by highlighting the issue of Tardis.)

But will those memoirs answer the questions in Chapter 13 and the rest of its ambiguity? Did you In the following, we will evaluate five unanswered questions in the last part of the thirteenth chapter.

1. What were the consequences of the current event on the universe?

BingMag.com 5 <b>unanswered</b> <b>questions</b> of the <b>13th</b> <b>season</b> of 'Doctor Who' series

First of all, we have to ask, is the world going well? Yes, the doctor stopped the final event of the flow (Side note: Is the doctor's solution and the accidental launch of three different races of alien enemies into the flow a genocide?). However, at that point in time, the current had caused a great deal of destruction in space. Bell (Tadia Graham) traveled the world in search of Winder (Jacob Anderson), and at the same time we witnessed the destruction of empty planets and the growing number of refugees. In addition, the World Map of the Division's Guard Officer's headquarters showed a world much smaller than it is today.

However, Dr. Hu saved the world from the final event of the current, and none of those plans Will not be implemented. It is not clear whether this action reversed all previous harms or whether future special plans have their own consequences. Of course, the Division apparently had human seeds that could help the world's population grow again.

2. What happened to Division?

This chapter began with the doctor's research on Division, which led to Division (led by Tecton) responding to curiosity. Doctor, start the flow event. He did not understand much about the organization after all the trouble, but it was clear that they were extremely powerful and had been in control of the world for a long time. If the doctor finally gets access to his Phoebe clock and his old memories, we will probably know more about this organization. However, we do not know what happened to the Division after the incident. In the latest images, their leader was killed and their headquarters was burning in the presence of a guard officer.

Is the organization still active? Did they pursue their plan to enter the next world without Tecton, or was the whole organization destroyed? What happened to the rest of the organization (which, as far as we saw, included Judon's forces and an army of weeping angels)? Will we see them again in the present or just in the doctor's memoirs?

3. Where is the doctor's main world?

BingMag.com 5 <b>unanswered</b> <b>questions</b> of the <b>13th</b> <b>season</b> of 'Doctor Who' series

Talking about the next world, according to Tecton, the Division's gateway to the world was the same wormhole under which the "timeless child" was found thousands of years ago, which most likely leads to the doctor's main world. So if the FOB clock contains all of the doctor's erased memories, we'll finally know exactly where the doctor came from (probably from a completely different world right next to the original world).

The doctor may invite Tecton to go to He has rejected his original universe to save the earth (and the galaxy around him), but now that he knows his original universe is near and seemingly accessible, he must definitely go there. Recovering thousands of years of memory is the beginning of the puzzle, but understanding where the doctor came from and why the "timeless child" has been left alone in our world will be the final mystery of the story.

4. What happened between the doctor and the caravanista?

BingMag.com 5 <b>unanswered</b> <b>questions</b> of the <b>13th</b> <b>season</b> of 'Doctor Who' series

Chapter 13 was full of faces from the doctor's mysterious past. We still do not even know the root cause of the animosity between the doctor and the destroyers (and why the Azure was hidden in the guise of a human in the Arctic?). It is more ambiguous than the above. In the third part of season 13, "Once Upon a Time", we find out that Lopari, who had a dog-like face, was one of the agents of the division who was with the doctor in the main siege of Atropus. In the final episode, the doctor guesses that Lopari has been with him before. Lopari also confirms that he used to accompany the doctor in everything he did, but the doctor disappointed him in some way, and now he does not want to be with the doctor at all. Unfortunately, the Division put a chip in Lopari's head that would kill him immediately if he revealed anything else. So he literally could not answer any of the doctor's questions.

It seemed unusual for the doctor to leave him, but after they stopped the flow, the doctor, Caravanista (who now Was the last survivor of his species) left alone with Bell and Winder. Why doesn't the doctor try to remove that chip from his brain? What happened between them that made them so hostile that Lopari tried to kill him at the beginning of the season? Will Lopari return in special episodes, and if so, will we see Bell and Winder again?

5. What is the story behind the planet of time?

BingMag.com 5 <b>unanswered</b> <b>questions</b> of the <b>13th</b> <b>season</b> of 'Doctor Who' series

The great revelation of the season was that "time" was not just an unstable concept, but a physical and planetary place where the Temple of Atropus was located. Murray had a mission there to control the flow of time, which, if left unchecked, could turn into a dangerous and destructive force. This was proved when Bell witnessed the decay of time force particles in a flow event. The devastating harassment of Murray also affected Tardis, disrupting the ship's operation.

One day, the doctor managed to bring Murray back. Of course, the destroyers had caused a lot of damage to him and the ship. In the final episode, Swam (Sam Sproll) and Azure (Rochenda Sandel) take the doctor back to the planet and present him as a victim to time. Apart from being a concept and place, time is also apparently a sentient being. Time destroys the destroyers and gives a sinister warning to the doctor. But many questions remain for viewers. The flow event could not free time, but given that he is a physical being, has Murray also been destroyed? The doctor, as a division officer, wasted time, so why not kill him? Was the Division's decision to keep time in prison right, or are they seeking to abuse its power? And will time return to the series?

It takes a lot of effort to answer these questions in Whitaker's final three special episodes as Dr. Hu. We will see together how many of these questions will really be resolved and how many of them will remain undecided.

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