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Travel to Japan with books, movies and music (art suggestions for the weekend)

BingMag.com <b>Travel</b> to <b>Japan</b> with <b>books,</b> <b>movies</b> and <b>music</b> <b>(art</b> <b>suggestions</b> for the weekend)

Have a good week or not, spend the last days of this week in Japanese! This week, in the seventh week of BingMag's artistic offerings, we turned to Japanese movies, books, and music. We have all been familiar with Japanese cartoons, movies, and legends in various forms since childhood. You may recall the legend of the woodcutter who lived in the forest with his wife and had no children. Or the cartoon of Miti's commune, and at the top of all the popular cartoons of football players, and in the field of movies and series, the popular series "Years Away from Home", which we all remember as Oshin. Speaking of anime, or reminiscing about letters like Miyazaki and Kurosawa, Kensaburo Oe and Kubo Abe and their original works, requires a lot of detail and agreement.

I think I made suggestions this week (and I hope so). It may be fun for you too), watching a movie, reading a book or listening to music from another country and culture can be reminiscent of a trip to that land. Although Japanese cultural and artistic works - as I mentioned at the beginning of the article - are not strange and unfamiliar to us, read on to introduce one of the most creative Japanese artists in the field of visual arts along with books, films and music.

What to see?

BingMag.com <b>Travel</b> to <b>Japan</b> with <b>books,</b> <b>movies</b> and <b>music</b> <b>(art</b> <b>suggestions</b> for the weekend)

Japanese culture is full of diverse legends and stories that There are many horror stories and legends among them. The movie I suggest you watch this week is "Kwaidan", a dazzling and engaging movie for lovers of folklore. Although this movie is categorized as a horror genre, you should not expect much to be afraid of. You are actually dealing with ghost stories that may not present the elements of horror in the way you always expected. "Quidan", which literally means "ghost story", depicts four separate stories adapted from Japanese folk tales, each of which deals in some way with ghosts and death.

This film is directed by Masaki. Kobayashi and the 1964 product, with its unique dream images and unique filmmaking style and minimal music and dialogue, will surely amaze you. At first glance, the four stories depicted in this film may seem separate, but they all have common themes (apart from the thematic theme of ghosts that are present in all of them), such as the inevitability of punishment and the importance of breaking the covenant. Staying on the covenant.

The four stories "Black Hair", "Snow Woman", "The Man Without Ears" and "In a Cup of Tea" are the titles you will see in "Quidan". Watching this movie for almost three hours will fascinate you just as much as reading four legendary stories or watching Japanese paintings.

Quaidan Movie ID

  • Director: Masaki Kobayashi
  • Writer: Yoko Mizuki
  • Actors: Rentaro Mikoni, Kiko Kishi, Michio Aratama
  • Product: 1964
  • Genre: Horror/Fantasy
  • strong Raton Tomitoz Score: 91 out of 100
  • IMDb Movie Score: 8 out of 10

What to Listen to?/h2>

BingMag.com <b>Travel</b> to <b>Japan</b> with <b>books,</b> <b>movies</b> and <b>music</b> <b>(art</b> <b>suggestions</b> for the weekend)

"Paradise and Earth" is the name of a dreamy and lyrical piece by Kitaro, the famous Japanese composer for a film of the same name. (Heaven & Earth) Directed by Oliver Stone and starring Tommy Lee Jones in 1993. The piece, which, like most of Kitaro's work, combines traditional and indigenous Japanese instruments with Western classical instruments, won the Golden Globe Award for Best Soundtrack that year.

Is that even if you have not followed his works, or you are not very familiar with him, you have heard his music. From the music between TV shows to the exhibitions in which his pieces are performed, and most importantly, the documentary The Silk Road, which somehow made his name on the tongues, have all given us a strange acquaintance with his art. Maybe we generally know in our subconscious without knowing the name of the creator of those works.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the piece you hear is the soundtrack to "Heaven and Earth", which is actually after "Road" Silk is Kitaro's second major success. Of course, he has been nominated for a Grammy Award many times for his music albums. Combining this instrument with other musical instruments in which he is proficient, such as the gang (or gong percussion instrument) and taiko (a type of Japanese percussion instrument) and synthesizer, along with the violin, flute, piano and generally the orchestra that can be heard in this piece. , Like other guitar works, instills a good sense of life in the listener.

In all of his works, he incorporates the folk melodies of his homeland and somehow combines them with the international language of classical music and technique, and finds his own language to depict the beauties within him. Kitaro held a concert in Iran and of course in Tehran in 2014, which was also very well received.

Identity card Heaven and Earth Kitaro

  • Composer: Kitaro
  • Style: New Age
  • Made in: 1993
  • Used Instruments: Japanese Flute, Gang, Synthesizer, Taiko and Orchestra

Source: screenrant

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