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From the top Spider-Man to the scariest Harry Potter cannibals; The best of art and cinema

BingMag.com <b>From</b> the <b>top</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> to the <b>scariest</b> <b>Harry</b> <b>Potter</b> <b>cannibals;</b> The <b>best</b> of <b>art</b> and cinema

If you do not have the opportunity to read important news, literary, artistic and cinematic articles, you can get a collection of the most important news and the best articles and videos in the world of film and serial Find books, music and visual arts at BingMag. In the series of the best articles in art, cinema and literature, every Monday, we provide you with 10 articles, interesting and popular news and videos of the past week in a collection together.

9 Peter Parker (Spider-Man) top cinema From Worst to best

BingMag.com <b>From</b> the <b>top</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> to the <b>scariest</b> <b>Harry</b> <b>Potter</b> <b>cannibals;</b> The <b>best</b> of <b>art</b> and cinema

Spider-Man From the 60s Miladi has emerged and has appeared in various fields such as live action, animation and video games since he started his career in comics until today. There were many Spider-Man characters who wore their own costumes, but for many, Spider-Man is still Peter Parker. Almost every version of him has special and important elements (personal life concerns, humor, motivation to do good deeds), but with each re-representation and re-launch, a new version of this character emerges and a new actor portrays him. Makes minor changes to his characterization. Peter Parker faces different threats and confronts them in different ways. Some of them are more symbolic than others and show Peter Parker and Spider-Man in the best possible way.

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Tom Holland's films From worst to best ( In the presence of Spider-Man: There is no way home)

BingMag.com <b>From</b> the <b>top</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> to the <b>scariest</b> <b>Harry</b> <b>Potter</b> <b>cannibals;</b> The <b>best</b> of <b>art</b> and cinema

Tom Holland's work on stage and He began his theatrical career, and in his first performance, he played one of the characters of the musical theater "Billy Elliott" in West London, but he eventually turned to cinema. He rose to worldwide fame as Peter Parker in the Marvel movie world, but his early roles were not the usual path of a young actor who is growing and developing.

Stuck in the sea, played by a monk and personal secretary Thomas Edison. In each of these performances, he has a very important character, despite the fact that his character is removed From the center of the story. It was in 2017 that Holland became known as a leading actor with the huge success of "Spider-Man: Homecoming". He is now preparing to enter the next stage of his career and can use his popularity to help projects be seen. So it is not bad to take a look at Dutch films and evaluate them. This list focuses on all the major Dutch maps. His voice acting in the British dubbed version of the anime "Ariti", his role in the Billy Elliott Musical Theater, as well as his two short films, "Moments" and "Tweets", are not included in this list.

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The weakest evil characters in the Marvel movie world

BingMag.com <b>From</b> the <b>top</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> to the <b>scariest</b> <b>Harry</b> <b>Potter</b> <b>cannibals;</b> The <b>best</b> of <b>art</b> and cinema

Marvel Cinematic Superheroes are very powerful and beautiful in appearance, and the interesting thing is that evil people are not like that at all. You watch the struggles and struggles of these characters, and at the same time, you know who will win in the end. However, Marvel's cinematic world must strive to step up to its villains as much as it values its heroes. The villains of Marvel's cinematic world, with the exception of Tanus and Loki, are mostly ordinary, fleeting people. In this world, the best dictators are ultimately and in most cases short-sighted people. Marvel's cinematic world has a variety of villains on its list who are by no means among the strongest characters.

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BingMag.com <b>From</b> the <b>top</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> to the <b>scariest</b> <b>Harry</b> <b>Potter</b> <b>cannibals;</b> The <b>best</b> of <b>art</b> and cinema

Sam Remy has been in cinema works, and over the years it has moved into any genre you can think of. Although he has made best-selling blockbusters to date, he is still not known as a studio director, and From time to time he pursues more personal and complex projects. When we look at Sam Remy's repertoire, we see both horror and superhero movies.

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BingMag.com <b>From</b> the <b>top</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> to the <b>scariest</b> <b>Harry</b> <b>Potter</b> <b>cannibals;</b> The <b>best</b> of <b>art</b> and cinema

Although many characters who are only in one scene are played by famous actors, they should not be Confused with an honorary presence, and most of the time, the whole scene revolves around them. These characters have remained in the minds of viewers for a long time after the end of the film, and in some cases they are the most prominent point of the film.

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BingMag.com <b>From</b> the <b>top</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> to the <b>scariest</b> <b>Harry</b> <b>Potter</b> <b>cannibals;</b> The <b>best</b> of <b>art</b> and cinema

Under the influence of the corona world, the importance of television as a very influential media is once again highlighted . In the last days of this year, we will take a look at the top 10 series of the year From the point of view of the critics of the prestigious magazine & Sound magazine, which were recently selected in a poll. The critically acclaimed series of this film magazine cover a relatively wide range of television experiences; From superhero series to crime and social drama. At the top of the list is "It's a Sin," which specifically deals with the AIDS crisis in Britain in the 1980s and its social consequences.

Read more, top 10 Series of 2021 From the point of view of critics and filmmakers, we will take a closer look at Site & Sound magazine.

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Harry Potter; 10 Evil Death Eaters in Order of Evil

BingMag.com <b>From</b> the <b>top</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> to the <b>scariest</b> <b>Harry</b> <b>Potter</b> <b>cannibals;</b> The <b>best</b> of <b>art</b> and cinema

Fewer Evil Characters Like Lord Voldemort and His Terrible and Evil Followers Death Eaters It turns out, dangerous men and women who create chaos in the world of Harry Potter and want nothing but death and destruction. Decades of conspiracy to assassinate Harry Potter and the rule of racism in the world of witchcraft, so that only those who have the true blood of witchcraft have the right to learn magic and hard life for those of non-witch parents. And impose suffering. That is why they are both terrible and threatening, as well as disgusting and cruel. When we see their rise to power in the last two Harry Potter films, we see why Dumbledore and the rest of the Phoenix Circle were willing to make the hardest sacrifices to save the world From these creatures.

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Is "Look Up" movie scientifically possible?

BingMag.com <b>From</b> the <b>top</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> to the <b>scariest</b> <b>Harry</b> <b>Potter</b> <b>cannibals;</b> The <b>best</b> of <b>art</b> and cinema

Do not Look Above It has received mixed reviews. They are effective. Regardless of the critics' comments and ratings, the film addresses a number of important issues, including how we will react to the end and possible extinction of our species, and more importantly, whether this is likely or even imminent. ?

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"Wolf" movies From the worst to the best

BingMag.com <b>From</b> the <b>top</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> to the <b>scariest</b> <b>Harry</b> <b>Potter</b> <b>cannibals;</b> The <b>best</b> of <b>art</b> and cinema

When Stephanie Meyer published her first book, Gregory, in 2005, no one could have imagined how the story would become famous later.

More than a decade after the release of the first installment of the series, the question arises as to whether the wolf series was really as bad as it was ridiculed. In my opinion, film critics and actors have exaggerated too much in this regard, and many audiences can be entertained with a trivial love story. Therefore, under the series of wolf films, they are listed From the worst to the best in order to get a general understanding of the concepts and stories of these films.

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12 films like salvation A must-see in Shawshank

BingMag.com <b>From</b> the <b>top</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> to the <b>scariest</b> <b>Harry</b> <b>Potter</b> <b>cannibals;</b> The <b>best</b> of <b>art</b> and cinema

"Shawshank Redemption" is one of It is the best film of all time and after its initial release in 1994 and critical acclaim, it has continued to attract many fans in the post-release years. In this article, we have named 12 films similar to "Salvation in Shawshank" that are equally inspiring and influential.

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