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Top 7 Peter Bagdanovich Films; One of the first Hollywood new wave (filmmaker under a magnifying glass)

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 7 <b>Peter</b> <b>Bagdanovich</b> <b>Films;</b> <b>One</b> of the <b>first</b> <b>Hollywood</b> <b>new</b> <b>wave</b> <b>(filmmaker</b> <b>under</b> a <b>magnifying</b> glass)

If cinema was a city, Peter Bagdanovich would definitely be its mayor. The truth of his life can be summed up in One word: cinema. Peter Bagdanovich spent his whole life around the cinema and never strayed from his first love. Influenced by the new wave in France, he began writing about cinema and critique in the early 1960s, during which time he screened nearly 400 feature films a year, preparing and writing for almost everyone. At the same time, again under the influence of waves and theories of author theory, he became interested in American author filmmakers and studied their cinema and wrote books about them, and it was in this decade that he began filmmaking; Of course, still like the new wave. This is a list of his screenplays and his Top 7 films.

  • Peter Bagdanovich, One of Hollywood's first new wave directors, dies

If Jean Luke Godard and Franois Truffaut are known today as cinematographers rather than film critics because of their brilliant careers. But the recollection of their cinematic achievements goes back to something else; They turned to their previous professional valley after turning to less filmmaking. But Peter Bagdanovich was not like that. He has always been a cinema lover who examines the record of others and shares what he has with others. That's why he began writing books about the greats of cinema history, of which four are the most famous today, focusing on the cinema of Alfred Hitchcock, Fritz Lang, Howard Hawks, and John Ford.

Cinema was a city, Peter Bagdanovich was definitely its mayor. The truth of his life can be summed up in One word: cinema.

So he can also be called a cinema historian. His interest in the history of cinema and its greats was such that he even produced and directed documentaries about the lives of its greats. Two documentaries, directed by John Ford and Buster the Great: The Great Buster: a celebration, focus on the life and work of Buster Keaton, are the product of such interest.

Peter Bagdanovich He was One of the initiators of the new wave of Hollywood cinema, also known as the Hollywood Renaissance. So his name goes alongside greats like Arthur Penn, Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola or Robert Altman, and like many of them he was a student behind the late Roger Corman's film school.

Many famous quotes from great classic filmmakers The history of cinema has been taken out of their language by Peter Bagdanovich. The same sentences that seem like short sentences today. Like Howard Hawks' comments about the importance of the characters in the series or the famous sentence that John Ford says after describing Bagdanovich from the skies of his films and asks him to explain how they were filmed, and Ford reluctantly answers only: "With the camera." He was with the great Arsene Wells in the last years of his life, and after Wales asked him to complete the film The Other Side of the Wind after his death, he felt a heavy burden on him. . A film that was completed in 2018 with the efforts of Netflix and finally saw the color of the screen. To make a movie. The reason for this is due to the lesser-known works of his works compared to his contemporaries. But such a thing may be true for the general audience of cinema, but for those who, like himself, are citizens of this city of a thousand colors and glazes, such a mentality not only does not exist, but also seems ridiculous. Now, after his death, we will celebrate his achievements in Wadi Cinema.

7. It's funny that way (She's funny that way)

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 7 <b>Peter</b> <b>Bagdanovich</b> <b>Films;</b> <b>One</b> of the <b>first</b> <b>Hollywood</b> <b>new</b> <b>wave</b> <b>(filmmaker</b> <b>under</b> a <b>magnifying</b> glass)

  • Actors:
  • Product: 2014, USA
  • IMDb movie rating: 6.1 out of 10
  • Movie Ratings on Raton Tomitoz: 45.

The film is so funny, Peter Bagdanovich's latest feature film Is. He did not make a feature film until the end of his life and made a documentary in 2018 called Big Buster: A Celebration. The film is so funny, it tries to revive a dead genre: the scroll comedy genre that Bagdanovich occasionally stumbles upon from the beginning. Scrooge comedy is a film centered on love stories about a couple full of playfulness and madness, in which the two sides agree to live together in a constant arc. Of course, themes such as teasing the rich and showing the problems caused by class differences can also be seen in such films.

Peter Bagdanovich was certainly a fan of the genre. Because he loved classical cinema, and these films once drew large audiences to cinemas in the world of cinema. Great directors like Howard Hawks or Worship Sturgess have experimented in this genre, those whom Bagdanovich admired a lot.

However, the film's failure did not cause the genre to rise again. The film is so funny, although it has some brilliant moments and shows that the filmmaker is well acquainted with this genre, but it is neither well written nor in proportion to those great masterpieces of the classical era.

The film is so funny Was unveiled at the 71st Venice Film Festival. But returned empty-handed. The choice of actors in the film is One of its strengths, but as mentioned, due to the weakness of the script, none of them managed to present a brilliant play.

"A prominent Broadway theater director who is married and owns Having two children, he hires a girl as an assistant. The girl aspires to become an actress. The two secretly enter into a relationship, and in the meantime, the director tries to help the girl achieve her dreams

6. Targets

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 7 <b>Peter</b> <b>Bagdanovich</b> <b>Films;</b> <b>One</b> of the <b>first</b> <b>Hollywood</b> <b>new</b> <b>wave</b> <b>(filmmaker</b> <b>under</b> a <b>magnifying</b> glass)

  • Actors: Boris Karlov , Tim Oakley
  • Product: 1968, USA
  • IMDb movie rating: 7.4 out of 10
  • Movie rating on Raton Tomitoz: 89.

Peter Bagdanovich showed a keen interest in the history of cinema from his earliest works. In fact, it rains on his films and it can be understood that we are on the side of a cinema love. This madness and interest in cinema happened here with a religious homage to the horror film actor in the early days of cinema's speech, Boris Karlov. Not only did Bagdanovich write the film for the actor, but he also designed the story around a character who was not unrelated to his normal life; That is, the actor who is mostly in the minds of the people with horror films.

In the meantime, Peter Bagdanovich tries to establish a relationship between the current reality in society and cinematic reality, and to place cinematic reality in a higher place. He demonstrates this by portraying the current horror in society. That the real world is more terrifying than the world of horror cinema, and that One is even more secure in those films. under such circumstances, Peter Bagdanovich writes a love letter to cinema and history.

The film was directed by the great Roger Corman. Working with him taught Peter Bagdanovich that it is possible to work with the least facilities and make your own cinema. This is what Roger Corman did, and we know it was with that in mind that he trained greats like Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola. The film was also Boris Karlov's last appearance on the big screen. When that innocence and values of the past were gone and a man was in the age of skinning.

He decided to go to England and spend the last days of his life there and retire from acting; Because he thinks the world has become so scary that no One is afraid of those old horror movies anymore. In the meantime, a man commits a brutal massacre in the city and the fate of the two is intertwined

5. They all laughed

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 7 <b>Peter</b> <b>Bagdanovich</b> <b>Films;</b> <b>One</b> of the <b>first</b> <b>Hollywood</b> <b>new</b> <b>wave</b> <b>(filmmaker</b> <b>under</b> a <b>magnifying</b> glass)

  • Actors: Audrey Hepburn, Ben Gazara
  • Product: 1981, USA
  • IMDb movie rating: 6.3 out 10
  • Movie Ratings on Raton Tomitoz: 44.

Their movie is all about laughter is One of those crazy movies that tells its story with joy. They define. People here and there are bound together and their lives are thrown from One side to the other. Of course, these games and madness are the hallmarks of Scrooge comedy cinema. Peter Bagdanovich What happens to Dr. Joon after the release of the new film? And the experimental nature in this genre, he went back to this genre, and of course, by putting a stubborn character named Deborah in the drama with Patti Hanson in his drama, he also paid a clear tribute to Howard Hawks' scorpion comedy.

Audrey's choice Hepburn and Ben Gazara, both old but still attractive, are a smart choice and make the film stand out, but their film all laughed. In the end, the success of the new film fails. Repeat. Although we are on the side of a playful and attractive film, and of course the story and the actors make the audience feel good, but the final payment of the work does not have the consistency of the previous film.

This does not mean that it is good with a good film. We are not dealing. What about Dr. Joon? It raises the audience's expectation so much that they want a movie in the same format and size again so that they are not satisfied with anything less.

"A crazy comedy. A private detective named John is in charge of guarding Angela and her son. The other two detectives are in charge of caring for another young woman who is having an affair with a boy. In addition to being obsessed with a female taxi driver, John is slowly becoming interested in Angela. Both detectives lose heart for the woman under care. However, the detectives themselves are sometimes chased by the same women

4. Mask

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 7 <b>Peter</b> <b>Bagdanovich</b> <b>Films;</b> <b>One</b> of the <b>first</b> <b>Hollywood</b> <b>new</b> <b>wave</b> <b>(filmmaker</b> <b>under</b> a <b>magnifying</b> glass)

  • Cast: Sam Elliott , Evil, Laura Dern and Eric Stoltz
  • Product: 1985, USA
  • IMDb movie rating: 7.2 Out of 10
  • movie ratings on Raton Tomitoz: 93.

Mask was very auspicious for Sher and he was able to play the role The film will first receive the Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Actress and be nominated for a Gaddafi Globe Award. Peter Bagdanovich made his film inspired by the real life of Dennis, a boy whose facial skin is deformed due to a rare disease. The story of this boy was a source of much inspiration in America and Europe, and even his story went beyond the world of cinema and entered popular culture and became a great inspiration.

Peter Bagdanovich has made a hot film. The contrast between the boy's scary face and his happy heart, and the contrast between his behavior and his mother's cold heart, has been at the center of the drama, turning it into a film about the morals of a society. The story of the film is about the importance of high spirits, hope and courage. The mother has not lost hope in her son, but what has discouraged her is the ugly side of life. And the boy is an extraordinary human being who can deal with his problems. Peter Bagdanovich rightly dedicated his film to the boy's life, not to his bitter fate; Because we know that the real story about Dennis ends with his death at the age of 16.

In short, Mask's film is not about accepting failure. So it is fundamentally different from a movie like The Elephant Man, which tells the story of another deformed person. There, David Lynch ties his story to the fate of the main character and makes a bitter film that speaks of black destiny, but Peter Bagdanovich's film, whatever it is, refuses to accept destiny.

"The Mask of Life Story He is a boy who has a deformed face due to a rare disease. "We get to know his problems in society as well as his personal problems."

3. What's up, Dr. Joon? (What's up doc?)

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 7 <b>Peter</b> <b>Bagdanovich</b> <b>Films;</b> <b>One</b> of the <b>first</b> <b>Hollywood</b> <b>new</b> <b>wave</b> <b>(filmmaker</b> <b>under</b> a <b>magnifying</b> glass)

  • Actors: Barbara Streisand, Ryan O'Neill
  • Product: 1972, USA
  • IMDb movie rating: 7.7 out of 10/li>
  • Movie rating on Raton Tomitoz site: 89.

Again Peter Bagdanovich and again Scrooge comedy. Of course, this is the most important experience of Peter Bagdanovich in making this kind of films. An obvious religious homage to Howard Hawks's cinema, especially the film Bringing Up the Baby, which is not as brilliant as Hawks's masterpiece, but standing tall enough to still make you laugh after 50 years.

What's new in Dr. Joon? It's One of those crazy comedies that amazes the audience from the beginning to the end about the characters' humor and the behavior they display. Peter Bagdanovich was able to translate this madness well into the language of images, and the actors were well versed in ping-pong dialogues. Barbara Streisand in particular, where it is not known where she got all this energy and all the scenes she is present in. He shines so brightly in this role that it is impossible for the audience to face the question of where his madness comes from and is there anything called wisdom in that happy head at all?

If Peter Bagdanovich did not succeed in making the film? It's so funny, to revive the comedy genre of Scrooge in the present age, what about Dr. Joon making a new film? He succeeded in doing so in the 1970s. The film is as entertaining as the masterpieces of classical cinema, and if it can be challenged, it goes back to Ryan O'Neill's futile attempt to imitate Carrie Grant's acting style.

One of the two finalists competing for the $ 20,000 Larabi Foundation Scholarship comes to Bristol Hotel in San Francisco with his dry and soulless fianc Younis Burns. But he soon meets Judy Maxwell (Streisand), a wandering and strange woman who, upon seeing Howard, immediately decides to marry him. There are three similar suitcases in the hotel that people are trying to steal. . One of these suitcases is in Howard's possession

2. Paper Moon

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 7 <b>Peter</b> <b>Bagdanovich</b> <b>Films;</b> <b>One</b> of the <b>first</b> <b>Hollywood</b> <b>new</b> <b>wave</b> <b>(filmmaker</b> <b>under</b> a <b>magnifying</b> glass)

  • Cast: Ryan O'Neill, Madeleine Kahn and Tatum O'Neill
  • Product: 1973, USA
  • IMDb movie rating: 8.1 Out of 10
  • movie ratings on Raton Tomitoz: 93.

Peter Bagdanovich was so crazy about classic cinema and the mood and bright days of cinema history that the movie of the month Made the paper in such a way as to be as imaginative as possible; It's like watching a movie from the 1930s. From this perspective, the choice of black and white images is an aesthetic choice and goes back to a story that is supposed to be in front of the eyes of the audience.

Paper Moon is a bitter comedy. It is a time of great recession in America and people are having a hard time. Peter Bagdanovich, by choosing a person who takes advantage of this bitter situation and places him in the form of the main character of his story on the One hand and puts him in a moral/human situation, does something that this man digs into himself and with what for years Forget it and face it. Now the man is in constant conflict with himself and is on his way to salvation.

Ryan O'Neill's Tatum O'Neill's play is stunning. At just ten years old, he shone so brightly that he won the Academy Award that year and became the youngest person to steal the award. His presence is so warm and his behavior on the screen is so captivating that even his father's play against him is not visible.

Paper Moon is One of those unappreciated jewels in the history of cinema; A film that the filmmaker made with a love for cinema and history, and as always during his career, with constant references to cinema itself, has turned it into a love letter in the expression of the seventh art.

"The time of the 1930s AD and the time of the Great Depression. One day a scammer meets a young girl. He thinks that this girl may be his own daughter. A strange relationship begins between the two </</p>

1. The Last Picture Show

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 7 <b>Peter</b> <b>Bagdanovich</b> <b>Films;</b> <b>One</b> of the <b>first</b> <b>Hollywood</b> <b>new</b> <b>wave</b> <b>(filmmaker</b> <b>under</b> a <b>magnifying</b> glass)

  • Actors:
  • Product: 1971, USA
  • IMDb movie rating: 8 out of 10
  • Movie ratings on Raton Tomitoz: 100%

The latest movie screening is not only Peter Bagdanovich's most famous movie, but also It is also his best film. The making of this film promised the presence of a director whose main concern was cinema and its magic, and everything was summed up for him in being in a cinema chair and drowning in the story he saw on the screen. This is One of those bitter films that is about nostalgia without falling into the abyss of sentimentality. Nostalgia for a lost era that could be linked to the love of cinema to the love of life, and the man was so innocent that the last chance to release a film is still considered an important event for him.

From this perspective, the film can be the last He considered the screening of the film as a regret of a bygone era. An era in which euphoria ends, and this end of an era is associated with the completion of a cinema and the beginning of the age of television. It's a new time, and people have to do something new. To tell all this, Peter Bagdanovich cleverly puts a few teenagers at the center of his story to link the end of childhood innocence to the beginning of adult life and responsibility. It is as if this innocence is the innocence of a society that has disappeared with the outbreak of the Vietnam War and the tragedies of the late 1960s and early 1970s, and has left another leaf in the life history of the people of a land.

So certainly in dealing with The film The last screening of the film, we are facing a bitter effect. But there is still a hall in the corner to play a movie and immerse oneself in a dream for a few mornings. The citizens of that city may have lost their last refuge after this, but I and the audience are still happy that we still have this last dream excuse to escape the hardships of life. If this is not the biggest and most beautiful love letter from a lover to his beloved, the cinema, then what other film could it be?

Here again, Peter Bagdanovich declares his interest in Howard Hawks cinema. The movie, which is being released in theaters, is Howard Hawks' Red River.

"The story of teenagers in a small town in Texas.

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